Crazy Craft Custom Terrain + Structures!

Bored of the plain old Minecraft terrain? Wanting something fresh and new full of crazy places to explore? No problem as now as the Amazing terrain of Crazy craft on Minecraft bedrock edition is here to fix those problems!

Featuring Custom terrain Custom Structures and more to enrich your Minecraft experience!

Inspired by the Java Edition Mod Pack Crazy Craft, this map holds Enhanced Biomes, Enhanced Cave systems and even CUSTOM structures inspired by the likes of Rouge like dungeons and many more!

Would love to hear feedback so I can make good improvements for version 2!

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Official Public Release of the crazy craft custom terrain map!


Simply open the .mcworld and BOOM you got it!


Supported Minecraft versions

1.10 1.11 1.12 1.13 (beta) 1.9

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37 Responses

4.37 / 5 (19 votes)
  1. Shae says:

    Could you possibly give the download for just the shaded/textures? Super awesome mod btw 🙂

  2. proslayer32 says:

    can i get the shader pls its very nice

  3. Devin says:

    Love this map but I’m looking for maps for my survival series. This map doesn’t have ores hopefully this will change sooner or later. 👍

  4. Nakiria says:

    Holy- ok I love this map. The shaders- WORKS on Xbox, Android, and windows 10. but not IOS weirdly. But.. having shaders on Xbox with such a beautiful Biomes map- it’s amazing! The loot in the towers was- not the best sadly- 3 wood and a bookshelf for a chest for defeating two spawners really was disappointing but- going onto creative and putting new stuff in the chests for when I use this world for survival. It is way better! For advise for v2, maybe make the map blend out into vanilla landscapes more smoothly and not as- Obvious? Is that the word? It just makes the immersion slightly more- hard. But it doesn’t make this less amazing then it is! And maybe making the chests a little better would be nice, like- at the top of the towers put maybe enchantment books, emeralds, enchanted items (not like sharpness V or anything OP, just something to feel rewarded with!) and as the tower progressively gets higher and higher maybe put better and better loot? As in, the bottom having like- iron, coal. Iron tools/stone. Then the middle having maybe gold, food, and maybe even just rails or even golden carrots? Then at the top, as I said. Enchanted items and some misc things that make you feel rewarded! Hmm.. the village was dead when downloading so maybe just adding some bells and adding beds in the houses so then other players can instantly have villagers would be nice! But overall- best map I have seen for MCPE! And definitely if there is a v2, it will become a VERY popular map as the biomes are just BEAUTIFUL! Using faithful and the shaders pack plus the amazing terrain just makes MCPE feel like your playing Java! Continue with the amazing work!

  5. A person says:

    I think its really good, but you should make different versions of the custom terrain, sort of like seeds.

  6. Anonymous says:


  7. Anonymous says:

    This is super duper sick

  8. Anonymous says:

    This is sick

  9. Minecraft 4 life says:

    I loved it especially the mob towers

  10. James says:

    I didn’t find a place like in the photos,can someone help me ?? 🙁
    Please help mee

  11. ItsZeus says:

    No point in adding the two resource packs as you have already created the world and can’t enable experimental gameplay

  12. Guybear123 says:

    Can you make a special add-on that adds lots of new blocks, biomes, mobs, world generation, weapons, ores , and more for this map and add dungeons, lakes, new structures, biome in nether and end.

  13. TheUnknown says:

    Ummm the download isn’t working for me and there is no zip file so u can’t even do the tutorial listed if u could fix this then I would be so happy because this world looks so amazing Nd I bet it would be so fun to play…..
    Thank you,
    Hope u fix it

  14. YES says:

    did you create this with worldpainter?

  15. daftbum says:

    Hey i like the shaders and the texture pack you used in this world, can anyone identify the shaders and the texture pack used in this world? (i think the texture pack is faithful 256x but idk whats the shaders)

  16. Liam says:

    Is there a guide anywhere for installing mods for xbox one?

  17. Anonymous says:

    Does this work for xbox

  18. DiamondDice says:

    It doesn’t show up in my addons. I will rate this 1 star until you fix this problem. It’s a shame. 😫 also, do the dungeons generate crazy craft mobs and items? Or is that in another update?

  19. Anonymous says:

    Is the shader included?

  20. Elijah Turnbough says:

    Is there custom mobs

  21. kd gamer says:

    it wont work any tips I’m on windows 1o

  22. Blyat man says:

    WHere are the coustom terrain areas?

  23. GenArt says:

    Yes MCPE runs the Bedrock engine…

  24. James Beno says:


  25. Frost GamerYt says:

    will dis work in PE

  26. JHON WICK says:


  27. Plum says:

    U should add the Youtubers statues and more dungeons and More and if u can for IOS or Android, Add Crazy Craft Mod/OreSpawn

  28. Discord96 says:

    Not a bad looking biome pack. Some of the biomes and structures in the pics I have seen before are in the huge Biome Bundle on Java… If you are able to replicate that god-tier biome add-on, then this would be the best add-on for biomes to date

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