Crazy Kart Add-On (Beta)

Dreaming a racing kart in minecraft? 

Well this add-on perfect for you.!

Have and experience the first racing kart in this AddOn.

More karts will be added in this addon in the feature , so be sure to check my page for latest updates.

More features will come in this add-on.

So follow and subscribe in my channel.

To get the Crazy Kart , you must set your game mode to ” Creative ” , then type in the search bar the word ” Crazy Kart “.

Just interact in the kart or try to tap it to ride.

To exit in the kart ,  just jump to unride.

You can also summon the kart in survival by typing this command in survival.

/summon rio:crazy_kart

Just like that 🙂

Have fun and be sure to check my page for latest updates!.

Wanna talk about my works and skills and etc?

Contact me @:

Discord: rioeyo23 #5405


Twitter: RioEyo23

Thank You 🙂 


Just double click the file once you download if your using windows 10 it will be automatically imported.

If your using android  , open the file by app then select minecraft and it will  automatically imported.


Supported Minecraft versions


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4 Responses

4 / 5 (4 votes)
  1. dorlonkho says:

    This car model very good.
    I think you should make more cars, that way you famous

  2. WearyGuy says:

    I would love to try this addon but the resource pack does not import ?

  3. minecraft is my Iife says:

    I can’t use the mod because there’s no resource pack for it so that’s kinda disappointing.

  4. Very good Addon, as always. ❤❤

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