Crazy PvP Minecraft World (95% Done)

This is a semi-professional Kit pvp server. In this kit pvp server world you will have many things. you will have a starter kit, 8 levels of parkour, a giant pvp arena, a unfinished but basically done boss fight arena, 2 kit shops (1 kit shop is cheap kits, the other kit shop is more expensive kits), a sell area (there are generators in the map, they spawn in emeralds and diamonds, sell those for in game cash),  a regular shop with shields bows etc, and finally, a haked item shop. Enjoy! 

This is my old Kit pvp map, its filled with complicated commands. commands include: Money System, N0-player offline. kit buying. boss arena. parkour area. supply crates. lag clearing. selling areaand HACKED items. 

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1 ) added new extension to the roof

2) added new action-bar title to the game

3 ) diamond gen speed decreased from 165 ticks to 200 ticks 

i changed the description so it gives more information on the map  


-This is how you install and play the map.

1 ) Download the File (link below
2 ) it will take you to ad fly, skip the ad and wait about 20 seconds to be brought to media fire
3 ) download the map


Supported Minecraft versions

1.14 1.6 1.7 1.8

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  1. Guest-7212387471 says:

    Yeet looks cool

  2. Guest-6594244115 says:

    Very great map but how dose the money work I can’t see it on the screen.

  3. Guest-5763790973 says:

    Cool. But a Question what texture pack do you use for the Screenshots?

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