Creator Packs-Vertical Slabs (v1.3.2&v1.3.3 Update!)



By LPaicen

        There are 46 brand-new blocks in this addon!The addon now supports the latest material:copper.(Only 39 types of vertical slabs have been added in the previous version)

        Every vertical slab has the corresponding slab in the game.You can use these vertical slabs in your game to build more beautiful buildings.


-Vertical Slabs-

Updates on New Materials

        1.3.3 version of the addon contains a total of seven types of copper vertical slabs,which contains four types of vertical cut copper slabs and three types of vertical waxed copper slabs.They have almost the same characteristics as the copper items in the original game:

        1.They can be oxidized,and this process takes 50 to 82 days in mcbe.

        2.It will not continue to oxidize after waxing.[1]

        3.The player will have a crisp metallic sound when placing them or moving on them.

Method of Obtaining

        1.You can place three raw materials vertically on the crafting table to get them, as demonstrated in the picture below.


        2.Put the raw materials into the stonecutter to get them.


        3.Type “/function give_slabs”,”/function give_slabs2″ or “/give” in the chat box to get them.[2][3]


Effect in MCBE

        1.Each vertical slab has four orientations, which are related to the player’s perspective when placed.[4]

        2.Click this vertical slab again with the vertical slab of the same material to merge them together.[5]

        3.Wooden blocks can be ignited and burned.[6][7]

        4.Their collection box is only half the size of a block.[8]

        5.Their texture fits perfectly with the corresponding blocks in the original game,and they fit any texture packs.(Except vertical smooth stone slabs)

Known Bugs

[1]:Vertical cut copper slabs cannot be waxed through the dispenser.

[2]:They cannot be found in the inventory of creative mode

[3]:When using this addon in games below version,the number of items will be deducted normally when the player uses the block in the creative mode.

[4]:Currently this addon can’t judge the direction of the vertical slab by clicking on a surface of the block.

[5]:We have not considered what tools to use to mine more efficiently.

[6]:Wooden vertical slabs will not be ignited by lava.

[7]:Wooden vertical slabs cannot be used as fuel.

[8]:Adhesive block like torch and redstone wire can be placed on the vertical slabs,but vertical slabs cannot contain water.

(The above problems cannot be solved temporarily, but will continue to be optimized in future updates.)


        You cannot publish this addon on any other platform in your own name.

        Without our permission, you cannot modify and publish this addon without authorization.

        You can ONLY modify the content for your OWN use.


Thank you for your support.

Changelog View more


-Now the two vertical slabs can be placed together
-Fixed a bug where Vertical Red Sandstone Slab could not be crafted on the stonecutter
-Now you can place two identical vertical slabs together only by clicking on the incomplete side of the vertical slabs
-Added double vertical slab loot table
-Optimized some of the code
-Removed the Copper Blocks and Vertical Cut Copper Slabs
-Added functions:give_slabs


-Now the two vertical slabs can be placed together
-Fixed a bug where Vertical Red Sandstone Slab could not be crafted on the stonecutter
-Now you can place two identical vertical slabs together only by clicking on the incomplete side of the vertical slabs
-Vertical Copper slabs are now weathered as well
-Added double vertical slab loot table
-Added the names of Vertical Cut Copper Slabs
-Optimized some of the code
-Removed the Copper Blocks
-Added functions:give_slabs/give_slabs2


-Added Copper Block(Some will be removed later)

-Added Copper Recips(Some will be removed later)

-Added Copper Textures(Will be removed later)

-Copper will be weathered, except for the copper vertical slabs


This add-on only supports / and higher!


Supported Minecraft versions

1.16.200 1.16.201 1.16.210 (beta)

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  1. HiNikImNoodles says:

    Can i use this is a video if i give credit?

  2. amongcreft says:

    Bro I thought and may be this addon slab is to work on 1.16.2O1 beta or official?

  3. amongcreft says:

    Bro, I went to download, the first link, ”1.16.2OO.52” and type it so low the texture so that the behavior does not, I do not know if it is because I have a lot addons ,but I think that’s not I was wondering if you know, what could be this, blz?

  4. JalTheDude says:

    You got a UUID error in the packs, don’t reuse the same UUIDs in both packs, it causes the game to think they’re both the same and it confuses it. I changed the UUIDs in the code and it suddenly worked again, by the time I troubleshooted and fixed the issue, the hype for this add-on died off and I had less fun than anticipated.

  5. amongcreft says:

    So the addon works, for 1.16.2O1? because I downloaded from the first link and the texture was the only one I got in my minecraft texture, minus the behavior.

  6. My stepmom says:

    Why Why not current version and not Beta, is there something in the beta that allows such things to work?

  7. Stuleo says:

    Hi, great mod 🙂

    It is filling a big void in minecraft.
    But her is my BUT 😀

    If i have Raytracing active there are random blocks in my world highlighted like all the light is shining directly on the surface.
    These spots only appear when I place a vertical slan in my world.

    Could you fix this? (If i track something down to solve this, I will write here again)

    Thank you

  8. Great Addon. I have a permission can i use this for my map and sometimes i post my map in mcpedl and i promise i will put the credit.

  9. yCelasBr says:

    You’re the best. Would you please make more with all colors from concrete and to use without beta version? Please! It’s for a project and I need it! <3

  10. JonnyBoyGr says:

    I have a suggestion: If you do on the blocks “minecraft:on_interact” with a specific item (that being the each and every V-slab) you can make the block turn into double slab and then when destroyed to drop 2 slabs as every double slab… I’m sure it’s possible but haven’t figure it out yet. Contact me if you need help! 🙂

    • JonnyBoyGr says:

      “minecraft:on_interact”: {
      “condition”: “query.get_equipped_item_name == ‘(the slab type) “,
      “event”: “slabs:turn_double”,
      “target”: “self”


      “events”: { “slabs:turn_double”: { “play_sound”: { “sound”: “wood”, “target”: “other” },
      “set_block”: { “slabs:(the slab type but double)” } },

      //The code here is not perfect and im sure you can optimize it

    • JonnyBoyGr says:

      also, if you have the time and patience, you can make mixed double slabs so we can have inside and outside for walls on the same block (I know that’s really hard if its not done on the same block type)

    • LPaicen says:

      Thank you for your advice. I’ve been working on this idea, and I’ll definitely update it in the future

  11. OctalPenguin says:


  12. ItsDiscoCreeper says:

    For some reason i can’t get it to work. when i add the resource and the behaviors i can’t get the blocks at all, not with commands or in the crafting interface. is there something important i’m supposed to be doing?

  13. ItzEclipzez says:

    I really love you’re addon it’s perfect for my house, but i have a suggestion, can you add copper slab and vertical slab… Please Reply…

  14. ItsDiscoCreeper says:

    Is the hitboxes for the vertical slabs full blocks? Or does it actually have a hitbox of where it is visually?

  15. Rockythemaster says:

    Cool but mod but cursed!!

  16. STEVE PH says:

    Cool but I have a request can you make a concrete slab and stairs even vertical concrete slab please

  17. I think I’ve seen it in some group.

  18. MONTH says:

    Hi, could you do 1.14, please?

  19. You made a great job on this BP i actually don’t want vertical slabs to minecraft but this BP is a great pack for builds and much much more!

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