Creeper Gauntlet PE Mod

The Creeper Gauntlet is an item in this mod which can be charged with the use of a creeper. Once charged the gauntlet can be used on any type of mobs to make them explode similar to how creepers explode.

It’s an effecient and quick way to force mobs to explode and get whatever items they drop. Besides that it’s also an easy way to quickly get rid of creepers closing in on you.

Creators: Ported by Kingbudderjr, Twitter Account. Originally created by RebelKeith for Minecraft on PC.

Item IDs & Crafting Recipes

  • Ender Pearl (415) – dropped by endermen
  • Creeper Gauntlet (327) – 5 ender pearls + 1 gunpowder

How does it work?

The Creeper Gauntlet can be used on any type of mob to make it explode similar to how a creeper explodes when it gets near you.

Begin by crafting the Creeper Gauntlet with 5 ender eyes and 1 gunpowder.

Next you will need to charge the gauntlet by tapping on a creeper with it. When you do that the gauntlet will be charged and the creeper will disappear.

Now when the Creeper Gauntlet is charged can you use it on any type of mob to force it to explode.


As you can see it’s a quite effective way to kill mobs and get all their loot in an instant.



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