Published on August 24, 2022

Creeper to Pig | 4 Textures

Like the title above, this texture pack changes the creeper to a pig, why pig?Creeper first appeared when Notch failed to make a model for a pig in Minecraft. that's why I turned the creeper into a pigThis texture has 4 new variants of creepers that turn into pigs, these will spawn randomly in your world!You can use this texture pack to troll your friends and they'll think it's a pig, but it turns out to be a creeperI hope you like it and have fun with this texture pack :3 the creeper's voice also changes to the sound of a pigCreeper = Pig

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exelente, tal vez una opción para solo tener al cerdo con tnt encima sería bueno, sucede que no me gustan las demás texturas
I didn't know I needed this texture until now :]