Creepers are probably one of the most scary mobs you can stumble upon in Minecraft. The reason being is that they are explosive and you never know when they are coming up creeping behind you.

If you are looking for an option to add more difficulty to Minecraft then Creeper+ is the perfect remedy. The mod adds a total of 11 new types of creepers. Each Creeper leaves its own personal mark after exploding, e.g. lava, fire and so on.


  • /creeper spawners – gets you the spawners
  • /randomspawn [on/off] – random creeper spawning

Creator: minecrave79

Below you can see the exact outcome after an explosion of each new creeper.

At the point a Water Creeper is killed it will explode and behind it leaves a huge water fountain. Drops: Water


When you kill a Fire Creeper it will set the surrounding 5 blocks on fire. Be quick to put out the fire before it spreads! Drops: Fire
c2Charged Creeper creates a greater explosion than a normal creeper. Drops: Gunpowder
c3During the time a Glowstone Creeper is alive it will drop chunks of Glowstone blocks wherever it walks. As soon it is killed it will leave a 5 chunks wide “temple” like creation. Drops: 30 Glowstone Dust

If you find a Gravel Creeper and kill it you will be able to collect 25 Flint items. The area of where it was killed will get surrounded by blocks of Gravel.
c5The Lava Creeper is considered one of the most dangerous creepers as it will quickly create a large fountain of lava at the place where it gets killed. So be quick to get out of there unless you enjoy hot lava touching your feet. Drops: Lava
c6When you kill a Nether Creeper it will create a Nether Reactor at where it was killed. Drops: Netherrack


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