Creeperzilla Addon

Hi Everyone, Long time no submits🤗 Today i updated this Creeperzilla The Mother Of Creepers Addon to give you very hard or just hard defeating her, Have some tips to not sacrifice your life from Creeperzilla.

Creator : Me, @CoolMarvinGamer and @xDeckades

#Creeperzilla | Hard Mode😈

•Creeperzilla Model by CoolMarvinGamer (@CoolMarvinGamer)

•Health : 2460

•Attack : 100

•Ranged Attack : 200

•Can break any blocks

•When she is charged, it means she is Ranged and Summoning

•Summons Charged Creeper

•She was a Spawn Egg | Added Creeperzilla Star

•When you spawn her, She spawns lightning bolt on every mob when you detect on grass

#Charged Creeper | No Updated

•No spawn egg

•Has no summonable

•No boss tag

•Has always Charged

•Health : 40

•Attack : 5

•Ranged Attack : 10

•Cannot break any blocks

#Creeperzilla Star | Crafting Recipes

• Look at this image that you will see the recipes

•How to do with this item :v | Well, It is the item that you can spawn creeperzilla again using click

• Thx for Dewdimpple (@Dewdimpple) for the player codes that using click

#Creeperzilla Death | When you hit -2460 damage

•That’s the Creeperzilla’s Sacrifice that you cannot hit -1 damage that will be selfdestruct in 30 seconds | Duration Codes

• Her Explosion that made by RafatAr32 (@Ar32Rafat) the original Godzilla Atomic Explosion, He agree to use his Atomic Explosion, Thx a lot 🙂

• Creperzilla Death Model is Creeperzilla Model too

•This is a testing, Cute right😊

Special Thx for all of my credits and creator like CoolMarvinGamer, xDeckades, RafatAr32 and Dewdimpple

Creators : Me, CoolMarvinGamer and xDeckades

Credits : RafatAr32 and Dewdimpple

Thumbnail by xDeckades (@xDeckades)

Follow us on twitter for more addons😉😊

I’m a Pilipino Gamer😉😊

Enjoy the addon and God bless😉🙏🙏🙏

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This addon only works with Minecraft version 1.14 or later

This addon only works with Minecraft version 1.14 or later


•Download the mcaddon

•Activate both behavior and resource in your world settings


Supported Minecraft versions

1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16

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19 Responses

4.8 / 5 (5 votes)
  1. ryxtell says:

    I had a good time with this addon, it is very good but the bad thing is that it has many creepers and it gives a little delay. fix that. nice complement

  2. Guest-6717667882 says:

    Cool addon! Not logged in, but 5/5

  3. Guest-4879170495 says:

    Yes, its so cool, !!please make a endermitezilla!! With minions please.

  4. Guest-4179676841 says:


  5. Guest-4710856535 says:

    Fix your god dam english ok

  6. Guest-4202698488 says:

    No se ve el creeper

  7. Guest-6192961368 says:

    Thank you for making a mob that is actually killable. An infinite health wither storm. People don’t know it starts at 300. This is a very fun boss, maybe add a small explosion, but I can see why you wouldn’t do that. Maybe make it be a survival boss and make it be summoned with 4 tnt blocks and 3 creeper heads. Yes you can get creeper heads in survival I say you do that!

  8. Guest-9778113416 says:

    This addon reminds me of the creeper titan.

  9. This add-on is amazing!

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