Creepypasta Herobrine Addon

I will be making minecraft’s creepypastas based off their origins and sighting videos. So I’m starting off with Herobrine. Herobrine is an old legend that was said to stalk you everywhere you go and when you approach him, he dissapears. He also leaves strange things as trees with no leaves, 2×2 tunnels, sand pyramids, etc. So this addon is based around this version of Herobrine.

Herobrine will show up in the night and stares at you and when you walk towards him, he vanishes into thin air

After the night is over, you may see trees that are missing their leaves and strange, perfect sand pyramids in the desert.

And In the caves, you might come across long 2×2 tunnels and tunnels lit up with redstone torches. You might even see his glowing eyes down those tunnels if he hasn’t teleported. 

That’s all for now. Sorry I didn’t make the doors open and torches breaking in this small update. I’ve had a lot of online school and couldn’t figure out how to make these things yet so I’ve sent out a small update which fixes a few errors from the previous version.

Changelog View more

* changed featured image

* changed Herobrine's skin

* changed Herobrine's spawn egg color

* Herobrine is now immune to fire

* He now vanishes when you get close to him therefore he won't be killed by melee attacks

* Changed Herobrine's health value so he won't die from projectiles (arrows, snowballs, etc.)

* Iron and snow golems will no longer attack Herobrine

* Added redstone torches. They appear in caves

* both redstone torch tunnels and 2x2 tunnels spawn less frequently

* Herobrine spawns less frequently and only spawns in the night now

*changed feature image

*changed Herobrine's skin back to normal

*changed Spawn egg color

🌟changed the vanish feature from looking at him to going near him to prevent him from being attacked

🌟boosted his health so he won't die from projectiles

🌟he spawns less frequently and only in the night

*added random single redstone torches in caves

*Cave sounds will play when he vanishes (1.16 only)

*Herobrine is fire immune

* Lowered spawn rate of tunnels

*golems will no longer attack him

-Sorry to disappoint you for waiting over a month for a small update. In the next update, I'll try to have doors open at night, torches breaking in caves, and lightning striking during clear weather. Just fixed some things

*Fixed Featured Image..

*Fixed Herobrine's Texture and color of his spawn egg


* click the mediafire link for the .zip or .mcaddon

* for .mcaddon, after you download it, open it with minecraft

* For .zip, you extract the resource and behavior files and put them in the resource and behavior folders then open minecraft

-Experimental Gameplay is not required


Supported Minecraft versions

1.16 (beta)

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313 Responses

4.7 / 5 (80 votes)
  1. Guest-5686025046 says:

    Hello, when is the next update?

    Could you add Ghast sounds when he attacks you, these sounds when Ghast gets player damage and random sounds whether it’s caves or for example kicking so that the player thinks he is kicking somewhere and yet e.g. that Herobrine runs short distances to the player with a pickaxe but doesn’t attack that the player gets scared and some chat information written from behind

  2. Guest-8117493371 says:

    what program do you use to change the folder file to mcaddon?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  3. Guest-1833394141 says:

    what program do you use to change the folder file to mcaddon?

  4. Guest-9384243989 says:

    I don’t understand some people, this Addon is perfect, it does exactly what it says but people still leave 1 stars because they can’t get it to work on their device, that is not the creators fault, that is YOUR devices fault. I’ve used the Addon , I think it’s great and it was fun to annoy my friends with ☺️

  5. Guest-4609777510 says:

    A suggestion: you should add cave sounds but not the usual ones, I mean footfall sounds or breaking blocks that give the feeling that you are not alone. your complement is great !!! I like that he is not a powerful boss with 9999 hp

  6. What the hell did I get myself into? 🤦‍♂️

  7. Guest-7667367552 says:

    Your mean shut up it’s real your the one who’s a noob🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

  8. Guest-3073141134 says:

    im sorry, corrupted_inferno, for the people who are rude about your mod. You don’t deserve to be treated like that. This is a great mod, AND I HOPE ALL OF YOU MEANIES WILL BE NICE TO THE CREATOR!!!

  9. Guest-8837053515 says:

    no I have seen stories about blood showing up on the home screen

    • Guest-4908264449 says:

      That are just fake!!!😡😡😡😡🔫🔫
      Noob minecrafter if you really look at fake stuffs you are a noob minecrafter pro Minecraft does not even care!

  10. Guest-7203781951 says:

    To:Guest-3858607059 There is no blood in Minecraft it is family friendly dude it is never Good to lie!

  11. Guest-8220246523 says:

    woah, dude! that’s kinda scary!

  12. Guest-3858607059 says:

    I have a story. It’s weird, because I downloaded this, but I created a new world without the mod activated. In the world, I cut down some trees, and made wooden tools. I went into a cave, and in there I found a NATURAL 2×2 tunnel. (No mod installed). I gathered some stone, and made stone tools. I made a small house in the desert, and found a small sand pyramid. It had a chest, but when I tried to open it, I died! When I respawned, I was in a obsidian tunnel. At the end, you won’t believe it, but HE was there. Then the game crashed. I was like, shocked because it was a single player game. When I went into Minecraft, the screen was filled with blood, and all my worlds were gone, except the survival one. I went in, and immediately, I was greeted with a picture of herobrine. My computer crashed, and he literally came through the screen. I ran away, out of my home, and never saw him again. Now I am telling this on my iPad. Please help!

  13. Diamondknight97 says:

    Hey c0rrupted_InfernØ one question, When Entity 303 comes out, Can herobrine and entity 303 be active at the same time? cause if so, Then i will scare them with entity 303 being in my world, And herobrine in my world. And possibly null coming out soon prob can also be active with herobrine and entity 303 which will be enven more freaky :>

    Respond If You See This :>

  14. Guest-3159942569 says:

    You know what I suggest, I suggest watching dark corners’s video 10 sings of herobrine and add the signs of herobrine I know its a bit hard for you to add them but I believe in you

  15. Entity 303 progress video:

    You can also be able to switch from the original and detailed texture

  16. Diamondknight97 says:

    What App did you use to make this kind of addon??

  17. Orestisgames07 says:

    Sorry I didn’t notice that you added cave sounds.Now the addon is perfect

  18. Orestisgames07 says:

    The addon is awesome and I have an idea! You can make it much scarier by adding cave sounds I dont know how and if u can do that but the only thing i can tell you is to check java aspects+. This texture added cave sounds in bedrock!

  19. Guest-5990305284 says:

    Why does it crash?

  20. Diamondknight97 says:

    Hey, What platform do you use to make this kind of addon??

  21. Diamondknight97 says:

    Heres one addon you should create, Do you know zimber? Well, he also likes to stalk you but, he can also annoy you and teleport you ad eventually KILL you…

    Also what platform do you use to make these addons??

    Respond if you see this :>

  22. Diamondknight97 says:

    Hey c0rrupted_InfernØ, Can you make a Null addon, I know your already making entity 303, But while you are at it try making a null addon…

    Respond if you see this :>

    • Oh yeah I’ve got that planned for a while. I came up with a list of who to make.

      *Herobrine ✅
      *Entity 303 (in development)
      *NPC (from minecraft beta)
      and a few others.

  23. Guest-8010309562 says:

    Yo Inferno just wanted to say that this is a great addon I bet that this is the addon that people use to click bait you tubers not a bad thing but if youtubers use it it must be really good and authentic!

  24. Guest-9240047477 says:

    Hey, Herobrine is completely rare, I never found him!
    I liked the addon before 🙁
    But now is…
    I am David Alcantar, I now don’t like the addon.

  25. Just changed the file name to 1.0.3 to end the confusion for now. And like I said, this works on 1.14.60

  26. NMafiaCreator says:

    Doesnt work on beta

  27. NMafiaCreator says:

    How about also add when herobrine looks at you when he close to fog and after you get closer he despawns

  28. This isn’t supposed to be 1.0.3. It’s actually 1.0.2. Forgot to change the version number when resubmitting the update

  29. Diamondknight97 says:

    Hey c0rrupted_InfernØ, Here’s Some suggestions to make this Herobrine addon more creeprier…

    – Random dropped items

    -Random Fires in forests

    -(my favorite) Herobrine shrines c:

    -random signs

    -doors opening and closing by itself

    -Golwstone towers

    please respond if you see this c:

  30. Guest-4711209435 says:

    What does spawning multiple herobrines do

  31. Guest-2513226914 says:

    Hey, since the update, we can only install Behavior!
    Update and we will able to use the resources too, because Behavior only make the mobs be invisible!

  32. Guest-9669512873 says:

    When will the addon will be updated?
    Or it is already updated?

  33. Guest-9357583662 says:

    Add traps

  34. Guest-5154436914 says:

    Add Black Entity and Entity 303 please?

  35. Tholib says:

    Nice Add-ons! but its more good when the herobrine can jumpscare or something , but seriously , this nice creepy add-ons

  36. Guest-3268935360 says:

    Did Herobrine and shader can be activated at same time ? , so i can see herobrine like more realistic and more creepier (My Shader ESBE_2G)

  37. Guest-1394613639 says:

    Can herobrine attack you directly

  38. Guest-1808983437 says:

    Dark corners is my fav Minecraft youtuber

  39. Guest-4048191208 says:

    Dark corners is my fav Minecraft youtuber

  40. Al rules says:

    Would this work on realms?

  41. When my entity 303 add-on comes out, I suggest you don’t want to use it on your favorite world because unlike herobrine, he will destroy the terrain with tnt and possibly fire

    And litter it with upside down crosses and random cobblestone

  42. Diamondknight97 says:

    Hey, When does Herobrine Spawn???

  43. Guest-7564774055 says:

    This would be much more of a challenge to implement if not the hardest but I agree he should not necessarily attack you. The idea is Herobrine can place Redstone traps to trap or kill the player.

  44. Guest-5274919811 says:

    Did The addons automaticly online or you need activated it first into the minecraft world ?

  45. Guest-7803757537 says:

    Can you make the addons for 1.14 please

  46. Guest-7466865706 says:

    If anyone is having problems with the mcaddon file on iOS. It is because when minecraft updated a year ago it broke the mcaddon, so please use zip files from now on.

  47. Guest-6853724485 says:

    Wow looks amazing , litterally what I want! ;; but pls do a version 1.14 of this addon🙏

  48. Forgot to mention two things:

    * One of the paintings is Herobrine as a brocraft stream reference

    * In this update, when he disappears, a cave sound will play. only in 1.16 because I currently don’t know how to add custom sounds yet

  49. Guest-3974065240 says:

    You’re a pretty likable dude

  50. Guest-6912145369 says:

    Awesome job man, I’ve used the hell of your mod and it’s everything I could possibly ask for. I’m only having one issue; I’m not sure if I can download version 1.3. When I click download, it says ‘Creepypasta Herobrine (1.0.2), is that the most recent version? I feel like its probably just me being dumb lol. Great work all the same, I really appreciate your work, especially with current goings-on.

  51. Roxtro says:

    Now Herobrine spawn naturally 😀
    Thanks for the update!
    It’s a great add-on

  52. Guest-5352312982 says:

    Can you add creepy signs when herobrine build a redstone tunnel and opening door by himself.. i know you can. I will wait how long you update this thanks 😊

  53. Guest-9524524644 says:

    This is awesome great add-on

  54. Guest-7964779961 says:

    he’s spawn only at night?

    • Currently that’s the only way i could get him to spawn less frequently since he spawned way to much in the previous version

      • Guest-6072065117 says:

        Yo why i missed it when he shows up at day, but then again nights good too i guess. Also in the next update try to make it so that he only spawns if you have a shrine and make him respont to your signs and chat if they have a question, make him put a sign that says STOP or ONLY GOD CAN SAVE YOU NOW it would really add a scare to the addon

      • Guest-4864208282 says:

        Ahh ok

  55. Guest-9729639466 says:

    This add on is spot on man, don’t let everyone rushing you make you angry or stuff like that.

  56. Guest-3967401887 says:

    can you make a 1.13 version of this?

  57. Guest-8066933559 says:

    Yo fam if you woud be so kind can you make it so that herobrine puts down randome signs,signs you put up with a question acctually get answered(if you can) if you cant do it then make it so that he will spawn right next to the herobrine shrine you build if you sont know how to do that then make it so that he responds to your chat messages

  58. How do I delete submissions because I just want to take this down

    • Guest-8619046579 says:

      Try not to stress over this. The mod is great, it sticks to the creepypasta. Herobrine was supposed to be a figure who watched and built stuff. He wasn’t made to shoot fireballs and kill the player. Thanks for making this much more low-key. There’s always gonna be kids who want you to update it faster, or want herobrine to be “cool”. Don’t. Stick to the original mythology, there are many other mods that already have herobrine going way too overboard. Take your time, man.

  59. TheHybred says:

    He takes way to long to disappear sometimes, I can walk across a field all the way to him and bunch him (which will cause him to go through the death animation) which isn’t very faithful to the original creepy pasta and if you’re pranking your friends it let’s them know that it’s fake very quick. My suggestion is making him disappear sooner or making him disappear based on how close you are, because people shouldn’t be able to punch him. If this is possible with PE limited modding support it would be nice

  60. Guest-2074640473 says:

    Update it it has been updated in 1 month and a week from now! Come on dude!

  61. Huh. My old username remains in my comments?

  62. Guest-3457540385 says:

    Can you make dread lord addon

  63. Guest-6481212679 says:

    The download wont load when i click the mediafire link

  64. Guest-9808880244 says:

    Can you make a Black Entity addon like in Realms SMP Season 4 from AA12

  65. Guest-2585540484 says:

    When will the Entity 303 feature will be uploaded?
    Or, it’s just fake?

  66. Guest-8804253200 says:

    Please if you update it make herobrine appearance more rare than it was oh and watch dark corners’s video 10 sings of herobrine to get some ideas of what to add to the new update

  67. Sorry everyone for taking a while on this update. I’m doing online school for my quarter. I’ve added/fixed most things though so it won’t be too long.

  68. Guest-9284485729 says:

    I did a survival world with this add on and herobrine just shows up in the corner of my eye and poped up in front of my face I instantly smacked him and he died

  69. Guest-3456952768 says:


  70. Roxtro says:

    It’s scary, but, I can only see herobrine in Creative mode, because I spawn it. And it doesn’t spawn the structure that you add in this addon, I use the behavior and texture pack, and it doesn’t work, Herobrine doesn’t spawn naturally, I need to spawn it by my self, how can I fix this? Or it’s just coincidence?
    Anyway it’s very nice the addon, except for that, if he doesn’t spawn naturally.
    (Sorry for my bad English xP)

    • Weird. He spawns naturally. In fact, he spawns way too much which I’m fixing and the structures appear in the night because it would be weird to see them pop up in daytime

  71. Guest-1518157619 says:

    Can u try to get herobrine to pop up right in front of the player (if u can, it will be more scary, more entertaining, and way more fun

  72. HaydenLvarias says:

    Can you add Herobrine Sightning like from Java add that on this addon that he will attack you just no sword just normal like player punch animation and make a sign that he will response to you and make him chat

  73. HaydenLvarias says:

    Hey can you add the Herobrine Sightning please i love this addon just like from Java

  74. Guest-2184675156 says:

    If you really want to know what to ad to this addon just watch the video made by dark corners 10 sings of herobrine and you’ll know what to add

  75. Guest-8265945069 says:

    Herobrine shows himself too much and I can kill him add him as a rare creature and remove his egg spawn and add another sings like no mobs spawning at night and finding herobrine totems and finding Steve’s heads and changing signs like when you ask him a question on a sign he reply’s please add these things to make addon more darker

  76. Guest-7404104114 says:

    Can you add Boogeyman?

  77. Guest-5606038669 says:

    Can you update that doors are creepily opened by Herobrine and some creepy signs? I love this kind of add-on! It looks like it came from Dark Corners! 5 stars!

    • That’s what I’m gonna do. And him breaking torches like the second episode

      • Guest-6964544686 says:

        This is easily the best Herobrine mod on this website, I love how you stuck with the myth. You should make it so he Disappears when you get too close to him.

      • Guest-9262070064 says:

        Don’t forget to make it so that he will respond to your chat and make him write a sign to tell u he has spawned. Make his sign say STOP or ONLY GOD CAN SAVE YOU NOW it will definitely add a twist and be more fun

  78. Guest-1813822096 says:

    I don’t get it I already downloaded the files what do I do next in order to get the addon

    • Guest-6555047016 says:

      Click in the file and press “Minecraft”!
      If you’re using Java Edition, it will not work!
      If you’re using Bedrock Edition or Windows 10 Edition, it will work!
      In the Bedrock Edition or Windows 10 Edition you don’t need to press Minecraft, you just need to press the file!

  79. Guest-1234646450 says:

    I like this so much!!!!

  80. Guest-8225366508 says:

    I like Dark Corners Herobrine streams and he got blocked with obsidian can you add blocks blocking you?
    When do you add Null??????????????????????

    • I am gonna be adding him opening doors like the first one and breaking torches in the second one. I just started entity 303 so null is gonna come after him later

      • Guest-7896205989 says:

        Thank you for sticking with the mythology, not making him kill you or go too overboard. Try to keep him mysterious and afar, though make sure he isn’t too rare either.

  81. Guest-1906545546 says:

    Update it!!!!

  82. Guest-3384519634 says:

    Can you make it so he leaves signs on the ground and hits you when he teleport near you???

  83. Guest-9816443051 says:

    When is the entity 303 coming out or when are u updating this addon

  84. IcEWaRRiOr says:

    Herobrine is too much. It clones itself and doesn’t do anything…It’s not cool. Need to update the addon and add more content.

  85. Guest-2505615194 says:

    Can some please help me figure out how to download this addon, do you need a computer because I tried everything on my phone, this mod looks super awesome so if you could help, please do.

  86. TonyH2005 says:

    This is actually the best herobrine mod on mcpedl. Thank you for creating this mod, iam so exicted to updates or adding other minecraft creepypasta, you are the best!

  87. Guest-4049292473 says:

    For some reasons I don’t presence anything no sand build or trees without leaf like the mod is not working? But I really appreciate that you make a wonderful effort to keep the myth of Herobrine

  88. Guest-6697016930 says:

    THANK YOU! For being faithful to the Herobrine myth version. I LOVE the version of where he stalks you and makes generated structures like the popular no leaves on trees, 2×2 tunnels, and sand pyramids. I loved the videos of ‘sightings’ even though I knew they were fake, they are so enjoyable and sometimes scary to watch. I give this 5 stars.

  89. VirusX728 says:

    Herobrine appears more than once near the player and when I approached him, he didn’t disappear right away. You think you can fix those. You could improve this addon by either removing the particles or making them invisible by editing the textures, and you could try making it avoid projectiles, such as arrows, so that the immediate death of Herobrine doesn’t give away the illusion.

  90. Guest-8180020810 says:

    Cryptids addon, please create something with the cryptids. Adds creatures that go bump in the night like the Windago, Skinwalker, rake, Bigfot, demons, vampires, chupacabra’s, werewolves and much more.

  91. Guest-9280106470 says:

    Nice and scary Addon but can you add some other stuff to him like

    – Attacking you sometime
    – Stalking you very far without you noticing
    – Summons brine mobs (sometimes)
    – Shoots fireball at you (rarely)

  92. Dr HER0BRINE says:

    You should make it rarer for him to spawn because in my opinion he spawns to frequently. Also you should make it so he disappears faster the closer he is to you.

  93. Matteino2003 says:

    Beatiful add-on but i tell you some tips to put:

    1) DO NOT let him swap/teleport every second, make it STOLKERA but NOT teleport.

    2) Make it more mysterious, make him become a mistery in wich he leaves clues for example: BOOKS, redstone torches, constructions create by him (ecc…)

    3) Let him pur redstone where he puts his clues, do it more REALISTIC, LET HIM open/close the door while we are not at home. Rain/storm moderately to say that herobrine is close to US!

  94. Guest-5126282243 says:

    Aggiungete che lui ci STOLKERA dietro gli alberi, fate che le porte si chiudono e aprono, fate che lui lascia indizi/segreti tipo torce di redstone, oppure mappe sconosciute per andare nei suoi posti creati da lui

  95. Guest-1567795891 says:

    Please add white eye animals.

  96. Guest-5939596510 says:

    So I was calmly chopping down a leave-less tree when I saw Herobrine Stalking me from a few blocks away. I decided I would kill him. But right when I was about to swing my sword, he vanished. Me and my friend had a base and so I told him that I was gonna do a tunnel to a ravine where we had with our items stored in. Then when I was gonna mine up to see how much I had to keep mining, I saw 2 x 2 tunnel. And some of the tunnel was 2 x 3. The tunnel led to a dark cave I tried mining some ores but I was out of luck. Then I was gonna cook some food in my smoker. Then I went back in the tunnel that I was mining in, I saw him again. It gave me the biggest jump. I left the world then I rejoined back. Then when I was going to my base, you might not believe what I’m gonna tell you. There was a tunnel made with redstone torches in our room. I covered it up and took the redstone torches and threw them in the ocean hopping to never have that experience again.

  97. Guest-2565631612 says:

    DUDE THIS IS THE SCARIEST MOB, I was basically destroying a tree than I heard someone take damage and then I looked around, and there he was.. looking on me

  98. Neoferi says:

    The Unique And First Addon who is faithful to the Creppypasta :3 <3 AWESOMEEE¡¡¡¡¡

    continue with the fidelity of the original history <3 :3

  99. Neoferi says:

    Im the guy who tell you to make this addon true again TwT

    now i logged :3

    Please make this addon 100% faithful to the Creppypasta. That’s what makes it unique. Do not add things that do not have to see please TwT I beg you

  100. Guest-3637476905 says:

    Im the guy who tell you to make this addon true again TwT

    Please make this addon 100% faithful to the Creppypasta. That’s what makes it unique. Do not add things that do not have to see please TwT I beg you

  101. Wow. There’s SO many things i need to fix and add. Sorry for anyone who sees a lot bugs in this. I will try to fix this addon to a more finalized version.

  102. Guest-8578124766 says:

    I have a idea if Herobrine is seen 10+ times every day random mobs will spawn and also ifRits (monsters made of fire particles) jotuns creatures made of white particles and gl8tch witch is a giant silver fish I know they have nothing to do with the legend but it would be cool don’t you think

  103. Guest-6527132986 says:

    I CANT BELIEVE THIS¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

  104. Guest-9135107336 says:

    Hey, does this work on version 1.15?

  105. Guest-9325999297 says:

    Can you make a Black entity addon/mod please🥳🥳🥳

  106. Guest-3878220641 says:

    Hey, I love this Addon for how it seeks to replicate Herobrine as close to the story! I ask though, do you have plans of maybe doing something with the famous alter, the one with a 3×3 gold frame and a netherack top and center?

  107. Guest-8450018809 says:

    hmmmm i have some glitches or so leaves does not dissepear he only shows up but i have seen 3 of the redstone torches tunnels. but when i run to him sometimes he just stays there and i can kill him with one punch pls fix theese things and maybe even add something like opening chests and doors? also i saw a comment about that he will burn ur houses but u didnt want that could u have a diffrent link for greifing for him tho? just wondering long comment but i just enjoy this addon so much. five stars if u fix and if u fix and add well um i guess u can only have 5 stars

  108. Guest-2412820410 says:

    not working, how often does he apear or how do i make him to apear?

  109. Guest-8716097229 says:

    It say im missing dependensies is that ok?

  110. Guest-9414564128 says:

    Pudes agregar trampas y a lick también

    • Neoferi says:

      eso no tiene que ver con la creppypasta original xd
      este add-on esta basado en la historia original de herobrine no en otras
      si quieres dale mejor una idea de otro add-on pero esta es solo de herobrine xd

  111. Guest-8885299850 says:

    Maybe add some tension at points when playing the game, such as animals dying when your not noticing, fires starting to randomly start out of nowhere, getting hit by something when there is nothing around you whatsoever, if you do add these things they may actually startle me when playing on survival, but good addon nonetheless

  112. Doggo_gamer55 says:

    imagine a survival w/ this on 😐

  113. Guest-7649054074 says:

    Can you possibly try adding this to the Minecraft pocket edition mod app? I can’t download zip codes, but if you did, this is all I’d be one

  114. Guest-5266972698 says:

    Can u add doors opening and closeing and random signs too! Maybe traps?? Btw love the addon! 10/10

  115. Guest-3744186504 says:

    Hi i want this to be compatible with 1.12.60 because normal minecraft is missing at the moment and all i have is edu edition. and there is no experimental feature for that version

  116. Guest-1193054303 says:

    I need help getting this addon. it shows i have it activated but nothing is happening.

  117. NinjaSlime says:

    Ver nice addon I like it but can you make herobrine deal no damage, maybe in the next update

  118. Guest-7832425171 says:

    Null will be super duper creepyy hahahahahahahahahahahaha……..
    Thanks whats the release date on null???

  119. Guest-9902692457 says:

    Hi i love this Addon/Mod umm can you add random signs that will haunt you and i can make creepy content? It would be super cool and spoooooookyyy

  120. Guest-6344197983 says:

    This is actually the best clickbait mod ever made for win10 and Mobile.
    Java actually have it.
    But can you check out DarkCorners on yt

  121. Guest-8607637774 says:

    DarkCorners here we go i actually love this addon.
    I talked to NInja slime.

  122. Guest-7861850085 says:

    Please add some sounds that will make my survival world more interesting (I really like this)

  123. Charlie fry says:

    It would have been hard for you to you know get the skin for Herobrine

  124. Guest-7020203582 says:

    You could add random cross spawning to make it spookier.Anyways,love the add-on.

  125. Guest-7613930405 says:

    You may wish to add the obsidian pyramids to the nether, the herobrine pickaxe, which Herobrine attacks with lightning.
    In the future you may also add other entities such as lunar, entity 303, lick, dark hunter / sun, red hunter / sun, null etc.

  126. Guest-2835943144 says:

    Love the add-on.Maybe you could add obsidian pyramid appear in the mountains or sky naturally.You could add chest opening randomly or getting a punch randomly(half heart) to scare the player.That would attract a lot of players.

  127. Guest-2629755426 says:

    OH BOY
    Finally a really spooky add-on, thanks you do much bro
    I hope this will be the best horror mod uwu👌

    • Thanks! I just gotta fix it then I’m gonna come out with entity 303, then null, and other minecraft legends

      • Tavinsky030 says:

        I am the same person but I made an account to be able to tell you more, the mod is great, it would be great if it sometimes appeared behind you and disappeared as soon as you turned around, also if it opened the doors or things like that.
        Thank you very much for this mod bro

  128. Guest-2232535450 says:

    I love this, just could you lower the rate of trees?, and idk add like him oping your doors and stuff just to mess with player?

  129. Guest-9154246402 says:

    Thats a good idea can you make mothman lochness monster and bigfoot?

  130. Ok so there are some things I missed so soon I’m gonna update this addon. Btw, Entity 303 is next

  131. Guest-4362318675 says:

    Make it obtainable in survival.Example:
    When you go to temple/woodland mansion,there is Chance you can find herobrine spawner.Or you can make it spawn with making structure (herobrine spawner)

  132. Guest-4338423373 says:

    1.Add random sign
    2.he stalking you everywhere you go
    3.he can burn down your house
    4.he can stole your chest (items)
    5.he can make a trap

    However,nice addon!! Love it

  133. Guest-2003026742 says:

    Can you please add null and entity303 and make look awesome the add-on your very good add-on maker (:

  134. Guest-9367679454 says:

    Yo i love this addon almost perfect. hopefully next update he could attack you. And when is the entity 303 addon coming?

  135. Guest-6145583972 says:

    Can you make a weeping angel addon like the mods for java as it would be so scary

  136. Guest-9051320026 says:

    Ohhh just imagine the pranks

  137. Guest-6060061872 says:

    Você poderia adicionar o ENTITY 303 o lick o null o the Miner?

  138. Guest-6665097717 says:

    I was waiting for a herobrine mod, but there are few problems. It has 1hp, it doesn’t teleport away when im really close to him and he makes enderman noises when he teleports, but still very cool mod 👍

    • Guest-3888994958 says:

      The moment he gets close to you, you attack him, and he only has 1 HP. But, here’s the catch: The programme Noob Slayer uses detects for an absent Herobrine entity, and spawns another one far from you. Don’t worry about it, as Herobrine can’t be rid of.

  139. Guest-7457031805 says:

    This addon is great for scarring people! I also love that when you kill herobrine, he just shows right back up again, nice touch. He is never really gone…….
    Best herobrine addon I’ve downloaded.

  140. Dredding2000 says:

    This is awesome. I was requested to do a Herobrine add-on and you saved me a lot of time. and this is exactly Herobrine would really do. This still spooked me even though I purposely added this add-on to my world.

    • Guest-9420996485 says:

      I like your work can you plss add him he chat you and he scared you i like your work very very 😊its very cool i like it hehe i hope you read this

  141. LambDPro says:

    Very cool add-on! Loved it, everything worked great. I was wondering if maybe you could add the random Cave Ambience noises? (Many people used to think it was herobrine’s noises) Bedrock doesn’t really have that, also could you add random signs that appear? Would be very spooky 😀

  142. Guest-8101399149 says:

    The mod is pretty good, but maybe you can add cave sounds as a little addition that play every now and then?

  143. Guest-3956050183 says:

    can you make it so he attacks you but he’s unkillable because so far I can one hit him and he dies also that he burns villages and the players house

  144. Guest-1355286043 says:

    Is addon scared my lil bro XD thanks

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