CreepyPastaCraft Add-on

This add-on adds in creepypastas like Slenderman, Jeff the killer or the Rake etc…. to your Minecraft world.

This add-on is an inspired by the mod for  Minecraft Java called CreepyPastaCraft mod, and not a copy of it.

This add-on adds 8 Creepypastas to your Minecraft world.

Here’s a description on them:


He’s nicknamed with Slendy in this add-on. He raises his arms while catching his prey just like in the PC mod of Minecraft.

  • Has 80 health, is a boss.
  • Gives you blindness effect.
  • Deals 10 Attack Damage.
  • Can teleport around.
  • Spawns in forests.


This is a myth which is proved real.

  • Has 40 health.
  • Flys around.
  • Deals 5 attack damage.
  • Spawns during the night time.

3.Eyeless Jack

He’s a tall creepy creature wearing a mask.

  • Has 40 health.
  • Deals 4 attack damage.

4.Jeff the killer

The one and only famous CreepyPasta character.

  • Has 40 health.
  • Deals 5 attack damage.
  • Drops Jeff’s Knife (custom item) on his death.
  • Fights Jane the Killer and the player.
  • Spawns in Woodland mansions.

5.Jane the killer

The creepy girl friend-emey of Jeff the killer.

  • Has 40 health.
  • Deals 6 attack damage.
  • Is neutral towards the player.
  • Fights Jeff the killer.
  • Spawns in the savanna biomes.


The creepy creature lurking in Swamp for catching it’s prey.

  • Has 40 health.
  • Deals 5 attack damage.
  • Spawns naturally in Swamps.


Tall, skinny and hairy creature hunting for it’s prey.

  • Has 40 health.
  • Deals 5 attack damage.
  • Spawns in deserts.


The creepy character from a famous horror game.

  • Has 40 health.
  • Deals 7 attack damage.
  • Spawns naturally in forests.


Jeff’s Knife:

Dropped by Jeff the killer on his death.

  • Does 15 attack damage on hoding in hand.
  • Can break very easily mostly used in survival mode.
  • Is a custom item.


Changelog View more
  • Resubmitted due to rejection.
  • Fixed bugs in mobs behaviors.
  • Made Slenderman power full


  1. Download the mcaddon file.
  2. Open it with your Minecraft PE.
  3. Apply both resource and behaviour packs to your Minecraft world.
  5. Create the world and get spooked!


Supported Minecraft versions

1.10 1.11 1.12 1.13 1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16

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50 Responses

4.58 / 5 (19 votes)
  1. Guest-2539601444 says:

    Ok good to know your still updating this oh and when the addon is finished can u make a scp addon (NOT THE SCPS FROM THE SCP GAME WE NEED DIFFERENT SCPS)is that ok?

  2. Guest-3360310459 says:

    Smile dog……

  3. Guest-6641481097 says:

    When are you gonna update this!!!

  4. Guest-6373596196 says:

    These behaviors are alright for this addon, but can you please improve the textures and make them look more realistic, like the java edition one, and can you add herobrine, and the russian sleep expirement…

  5. Jjgamertntdl says:

    Would you make a roblox piggy addon plz

  6. Guest-8767343845 says:

    This mod is awesome i made slenderman and scp 096 fight thx for this mod

  7. Granny isn’t a creepypasta. Just an indie game character.

  8. Guest-9945978110 says:

    Do they spawn by them self or you have to spawn them in your self

  9. Guest-3244041812 says:

    HEY bud can ya addd LULU and lazira

  10. Jjgamertntdl says:

    Add more creepypasta character.and why does creepypasta Attack creepypasta i
    dont want like that for my horror map

  11. Guest-8749598610 says:

    How about Ticci Toby? Can you add him??

  12. Guest-1565261082 says:

    Quick question, how do I know which is behavior pack and which is resource

  13. Guest-2333335191 says:

    Hey ninja slime i have an request can ya update the models plz and are you still updating the mod

  14. Guest-9791123563 says:

    For my ir said it’s the wrong zip file type?

  15. Guest-2723526584 says:

    Cool mod can Can I make a Video about it BTW Its me CoolCreeperMC

  16. InfectedbonnieYT says:

    Awesome addon it’s me InfectedbonnieYTX on YouTube how you doing? It’s the person who warned u about the scammers

  17. Guest-4742094237 says:

    I was able to load this addon in a singleplayer world but it wont load in a realm, is there a fix for this or is it just unavailable?

  18. Guest-4576808760 says:

    YEEE CREEPYPASTA and… can you make it them look better

  19. Guest-2833963360 says:

    Can you add Lost Gold,Smile Dog,Sonic.Exe,splonderman,Nina the Killer

  20. Guest-7632962170 says:

    Could you make a security cameras that can be used on a monitor that could be fun just imagine a Fnaf map that you can see the robot’s coming at you or in a base that you can see everything

  21. Guest-7810054672 says:

    Could you make a security cameras that can be used on a monitor that could be fun just imagine a Fnaf map that you can see the robot’s coming at you or in a base that you can see everything

  22. xXMelvinFanXz says:

    Can you Add Evil Nun to this addon

  23. Guest-5830980305 says:

    sadly i doesn’t work i downloaded and says failed due to duplicate pack also could you add the fresno nightcrawler in the mod if you can pls

  24. That looks awesome! Great job

  25. Guest-4259691050 says:

    Could you add ticci Toby?

  26. Guest-3501344077 says:

    Hazlos mas poderosos por favor

  27. Guest-9617825540 says:

    Can you add launhting jack,smile dog,suicide mouse and ben drawned and update the textures?

    • LZPErikZ says:

      amazing, add ben drowned, evil nun, Slendrina, SCP 096 or SCP 173, Herobrine, Chara, Yuri DDLC (I think she’s not a creepypasta but she’s a little scared) I better stop here, if you can put them And I wanted to say more, just that it would get too big

  28. Guest-6453723821 says:

    Best for horror!, Can you update the texture of t he mobs?, And add more?!!, Kindly reply…

  29. Guest-1802198932 says:

    Add more of them like grandpa or squidward pleas

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