Crit Particle Multiplier Addon

Have you ever watch Java Edition Youtubers and be like “wow man…there’s so many crit particles. i wonder how they do that”. And then you realized it’s particle mod and unfortunately, it’s only a available for Java Edition. So you disappointed. But don’t worry. Today, I made your dreams come true. I have made a particle multiplier addon for MCPE!

Particle multiplier mod has 5 options. They are –

1. Low

2. Medium

3. High [Recommended]

4. Insane

5. You need therapy [Not very good for people with motion sickness or epilepsy]

Here is a short showcase of the addon:

Note: All the codes in my addon is not copied or stolen from others. And also copying any of my codes or files in the addon will not be allowed without credits and permission.

If you want to showcase or review my addon for your video, please make sure to give full credits and only put the original mcpedl link. Direct link or custom links are not allowed.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.11 1.12 1.13 1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16

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40 Responses

5 / 5 (6 votes)
  1. Guest-9751951653 says:

    For some reason all particles are on the ground

  2. sofastyt says:

    this is dope

  3. Guest-7844766409 says:

    can you make the crit effect looks like blood? by changing the crit effect to red? thanks! great res pack

  4. blueboi08 says:

    i dont usely comment but this is a mod i have to give 5 stars my god

  5. Guest-5041730395 says:

    That’s so cool! I like it. It’s easy to see that you critical hit the player of the mobs!

    Ty bro

  6. Guest-9159906253 says:

    Please add on hit particles

  7. Guest-9077593269 says:

    Thanks for this masterpiece!
    Now its easier to spot a crit hit
    Thanks to you!

  8. A EPICGAMER says:

    cool add on keep up the good work

  9. Dragekk says:

    okey i will not copy it
    but maybe i will recreate it

  10. migz828 says:

    for arrows plssss can you do that?

  11. Guest-1047539363 says:

    Please add on-hit particles (without doing criticals)

  12. Guest-3238710846 says:

    Not so cool, change amount of particles is easy, will be cool if devs add sharpness particles, other enchantment particles, damage indicator particles, but its bedrock…so we will see it later…maybe

  13. Jakedude1022 says:

    sicko mode

  14. zeyverOps17 says:


  15. nice I like it. with ur volt package I made my own didn’t release it but. I made all the diamonds and blue green. looks rlly cool

  16. Guest-1708074832 says:

    Pls list this as *texture packs* not *mods and addons*. Its in the wrong category. Otherwise its nice

    • mhmmm… to list this as a texture pack, there’s no things such as textures in the resources pack and i made this by changing codes. so i listed it as addon

      • Guest-6220202432 says:

        But this pack modifies the critical_hit.json in the vanilla resource_pack, it doesn’t modify the behaviour_pack. It’s a .mcpack, and it lists as a texture pack and not as an add-on. If you go into the game files, the critical_hit.json at C:\Program Files\WindowsApps\Microsoft.MinecraftUWP\data\resource_packs\vanilla, it is not on \data\behavior_packs.

  17. ---Xx_wolfy_xX--- says:


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