Crossbow vs. Bow

Crossbow vs. Bow is a two player mini-game map. It has an area to practice archery, easy to follow mechanics, and to test which is better for you, the crossbow or bow!

Crossbow vs. Bow is a powerful test between which is better for you and your opponent! With many easy mechanics to make sure it’s the best experience for you.

The Map Includes

-Powerful Archery Practicing Area

-Fun and Easy Spawn 

-Strong and Powerful Arena

-Smart but Simple Redstone

What the Map Looks Like

How to Play

In order to play Crossbow vs. Bow you have a couple choices to make. The first choice is if you want to invite a friend to play or practice archery. If you choose to practice archery you can get a bow and arrows after clicking the button to the archery area. Although, if you choose to invite a friend, before every game you must click the reset button to make sure everything is in order and ready. 

Then you run into your second and third choices, your second choice is to pick bow or crossbow. After that you can choose level 1, level 2, or level 3 kits. Level 1 kit is just a set of weak armor, level 2 is slightly stronger armor with minor enchants, and level 3 is maxed enchantments and armor.

This map comes with no add-ons, texture packs, or mods. Also, this is my first map and will be planing on making better and more impressive maps in the future!


Supported Minecraft versions


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    Nice map Wise It’s Just me Galaxy

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    Very good map!

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