This addon introduces a new Blood Moon feature to your world! You’ll know the Blood Moon has risen when you see the deep red color of the moon on the horizon! With the blood moon comes an increased number of monsters and some monsters spawning that… normally shouldn’t spawn!

The Blood Moon is a gameplay feature I originally put together for HoneyCraft SMP, but have reworked to work on it’s own in vanilla worlds! Blood Moons also bring more immersion and atmosphere and makes survival hinge on players being aware of the movement of the heavens above!

How it works:

Blood Moons replace full moons, and as such occur once every eight in-game nights.
– When a Blood Moon rises, an increased number of monsters will spawn; including monsters that usually do not spawn in the Overworld!

It really makes the flow of time/movements of the moon feel more impactful as survival can depend on not getting caught out during a Blood Moon! This addon also includes Fireflies, like those seen in CS_Fireflies. Unfortunately you can’t query the moon_phase in spawn_rules, so I had to use a separate mob to serve as a proxy spawner for blood moon mobs.. I’m sure you’ll love the depth and atmosphere the fireflies will bring to your nights!

What it spawns:

Fireflies will spawn every night in most biomes. They are harmless and make nightscapes more beautiful! They can be killed for 1xp and sometimes 1 glowstone dust.

During Blood Moons:
– More Zombies. … common
– More Skeletons. … common
Witches. … rare
Blazes. … rare
Withered Skeletons. … uncommon
Phantoms. … rare
Slime. … very rare

How to customize:

If you want to add/remove your own mobs to the Blood Moon spawn list, be my guest!!
Fortunately, this is a pretty simple addon so it should be pretty easy for folks to edit, assuming you have a basic understanding of json syntax!

Simply open up behavior_packs/CS_BloodMoon/entities/fireflies.json

In the area noted as ‘Blood Moon stuff !!’ at the top (see pic above) you can add or remove mobs to/from the blood moon spawn list. Just copy+paste one of the “minecraft:blood_moon_blah” components and add for a mob you’d like to add, or find the label for the mob you want to remove and remove it. Mind your commas!

Then, after that scroll down towards the bottom of the same file to where you see the next ‘Blood Moon stuff !!’ comment…

Here, do the same thing you did above, but with the a copy+paste of one of the components like highlighted above. To explain “weight” easily, it determines how likely/often each mob is to spawn. A higher number relative to existing numbers makes the mob more likely to spawn.

After that, simply save the file and load up your world! Super easy!

Please give credit if you use it in your world/modpack/video/etc.
Edit to your hearts content! Get creative and have fun.
– Comment below with questions, suggestions, or issues. c:


- Install as you would any other addon!
- If you use shaders that replace the moon texture, put this pack above it or the blood moon won't show.
--- if you use shaders that use code generated moons, the blood moon won't show at night at all.
- Enjoy and report all problems in the comments! c:


Supported Minecraft versions

1.12 1.13 1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16

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68 Responses

4.41 / 5 (27 votes)
  1. KingKongIDK says:

    The blood moon rises once again

  2. FireGinger says:

    Cmon, the sprint zombies are so powerfull, it just need 1 zombie to kill my 10 Villager 🙂 fix that pls.
    And also blaze and wither should not spawn during the blood moon, only overworld hostile mobs. Cause i already have 5 wither skeleton head and some blaze rod without even search and explore the nether to find a nether Fortress which is very rare after the nether update

  3. Guest-7515638492 says:

    I cant install the addon it doesn’t show me “copy to minecraft”

  4. Guest-4942025314 says:

    Please update, the crazy fast so,nice make it unusable!

  5. Guest-4942025314 says:

    When is the update?

  6. Guest-9544383363 says:

    How do i edit the moon spawns? I tried doing what you said to only do zombies, but no matter what i do, it still spawns the default mobs. Do you think you can record a video on how you do it?

  7. Hello ClouddSpiderr. I am currently working on a Terraria addon, and I would like to have your blood moon addon aprt of this. If I could add this to the game. That would be great. Please let me know if I may or may not add this. Thank you either way and have a good day

  8. Guest-3692793988 says:

    Can i re upload it in my website?
    I will tell you that your the creator of this mod plz.

  9. Guest-4996184809 says:

    Can someone tell me how can I edit addons like the example that the creator add??

  10. Guest-1662497676 says:

    It will be that, I can make one but only with zombie I don’t have a PC and I don’t know how I could do the code, if someone who can send it to me, I appreciate it

  11. UlisesQ says:

    seria posible una version con texura 32×32 de la luna

  12. Guest-4671816485 says:

    I do wish that it tells you in the chat that “The blood moon is rising” and also please fix that zombie glitch.Thanks a lot.

  13. Guest-8257462127 says:

    This is really good! May I suggest, we all know what is a Supermoon and it acually happen once or twice a year. You should really add Supermoon (Super-size moon generally and it is actually rare) that makes the surrounding a light-more brighter than a usual night time.

  14. Guest-3162468346 says:

    Here’s the problem. Blazes can start fires. That’s as bad if not more damage to builds than creepers.

  15. Guest-1827972064 says:

    Absolutely love the Addon, when will the update be coming out to fix the zombies? Other than that awesome!

  16. Guest-7703195762 says:

    how can one edit the spawn rate? or the mobs? more Precisely what tool should i use to edit it?

  17. Funky Taco says:

    Great add-on keep up the good work

  18. Tholib says:

    Did it possible to use this addon with a shader ? (my shader ESBE_2G)

    • Yes, it is possible to use it with shaders! However, have this addon above the shader in the resource packs. Also keep in mind that if you use computer rendered sun/moon shaders – the blood moon will not show at night.

  19. Expect an update within the next couple days!!

    I’m aware of the bug where zombies spawned during blood moons are having crazy fast movement speeds. I’ll have that fixed and I’ve also decided i’m going to go ahead and start overhauling the difficulty of the game and mobs with this addon. I’m thinking of improving ambience as well as some monster behaviors.

    We’ll see what happens. c:

  20. Funky Taco says:

    Does it work on realms also keep up the good work

  21. Guest-5957078222 says:

    This looks amazing! would I be able to use this on a realm? Also the link doesn’t seem to be working for me :/

  22. Guest-5957078222 says:

    This looks amazing, would I be able to use this on a realm? Also the link doesn’t seem to be working for me :/

  23. Guest-9376458404 says:

    when would you make the red moon like the red moon in real life

  24. Catchim says:

    Nice now I can just try and put some custom mod I made . . .

  25. Luferchu says:

    Excellent addon, I have been waiting for a mod of the red moon (like in terraria) … and you know that it is the best of all ?? that works in reals.

  26. Guest-7969031656 says:

    Jeez you really love fireflies dont you i HIGHLY doubt anything you said will NEVER arrive into this addon… Stop being immature ok…

  27. Guest-1925809003 says:

    Make it more player safe make it spawn more fireflys in different colors and make those fireflys more like the fireflys in real life and add the life cycle of a fireflys and dont forget to add two versions of the firefly the male and the female and make much more easier to identify which is which

    • Guest-3306049040 says:

      Jeez you really love fireflies dont you i HIGHLY doubt anything you said will NEVER arrive into this addon… Stop being immature ok…

    • Great suggestions and thank you for the feedback!!

      I actually am working on an update for the firefly library which allows players to catch them in bottles and also introduces new colors for them. Defining genders could be interesting.. we’ll see!! c:

  28. Guest-8870544813 says:

    can u make a red sun addon

  29. Guest-7721966804 says:


  30. Guest-9976994441 says:

    awesome addon its sooo cool

  31. Kirby420 says:

    Honestly, the nether mobs are too easy. And witches can be killed with your hand if you keep hitting them. I like the idea of the add-on though.

  32. Try using it with HurtMePlenty! c:<

  33. Guest-6221462391 says:

    I’m pretty sure I was thinking about something like this a couple nights ago, so this is awesome to see! Thank you so much for the hard work!

  34. Wilkincookie says:

    I’d make a Minecraft feedback ticket about being able to query the moon phase, also I wonder if it’s possible to only have some full moons as blood moons

    • I agree! I was actually surprised by that discovery, and the hardest part of this addon was figuring out a workaround for blood moon spawning but.. we did it!

      To my knowledge, it is not possible to randomize or edit the moon’s cycle. Perhaps in a future update we’ll get that capability, but unfortunately it’s not an option atm.

  35. Von_Blitzenkirk says:


  36. Guest-6810800801 says:

    Hi i am planning on starting a lets play do i have to include a link in every video or is it enough to quote my self from the first one with a link to mcpedl

  37. Da3pikD3rpy says:

    Very cool addon! I was waiting for blood moon addon so long! Thank u! 🙂

  38. Guest-5295414251 says:

    Finally, i’ve been waiting for someone to make this add-on. I’ll wait for more future update and content, probably make player can’t sleep during the blood moon, also you can make mostly mobs can spawn more often even in the small dark spot.
    Keep it up man, i love you?

  39. Guest-4654498102 says:

    You could make it so custom music plays when a blood moon occures like terraria and alao add custom mobs..

  40. Guest-5775873541 says:

    Good mod, I have been waiting for blood moon mod on java be on bedrock edition. What json editor do you prefer to use?

  41. Guest-1705509714 says:

    Add more colors of moons

  42. Guest-8030986548 says:

    Could be added to the spawn list of addon mods?

  43. Guest-6089326167 says:

    how to edit fireflies spawn rate?

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