cs_italy (Team Deathmatch) – Rework

cs_italy is a map from Counter-Strike that is based on Hostage Rescue. I took it and made it into a TDM Mode so you can enjoy it with your friends using Actual Guns Add-on!

cs_italy, one of the best hostage rescue maps in Counter-Strike 1.6! The map is set on Team Deathmatch mode. Thanks to DemonRealm, they gave me permission to edit ALL their cs maps. The map was from PC but thankfully ported by Billeyzambie and then I re-edited the map to make it better and more “accurate” version of cs_italy.


AzozGamer936 – Re-Editor

DemonRealm – Maker(s)

Billeyzambie – Porter

Veidt – RTX Screenshots

About DemonRealm

DemonRealm is a PVP team production. they make PvP maps based on Counter-Strike 1.6. Their team allowed me to re-edit any map of theirs and post it to MCPEDL. They make maps since 2013/2014!

Original cs_italy map link

Terms of Use!

You aren’t allowed to redistribute the following content without permission from Azoz or DemonRealm.

Changelog View more

Reworked the entire map!

- Tactical Shield removed

- Added new weapons

- Optimisations, almost no lag

- New Screenshots

- Weapons are all from Actual Guns CSO: Lite

Reworked the entire map!

- Tactical Shield removed
- Added new weapons
- Optimisations, almost no lag
- New Screenshots
- Weapons are all from Actual Guns CSO: Lite

- Cleaned up the anniversary stuff from the map, it is now normal.

- Fixed SAS armor stand. 

- Italy flag in CT spawn still remains, just to give the map more Personality, 

On this exact day, one year earlier, Italy was submitted to MCPEDL,

So, It's time to celebrate and bring you guys some changes to the map!

Here goes nothing.


- Added Player models! you don't need the cs 1.6 pack anymore!

- You can no longer damage your team mates

- Smoke grenade has been re-modelled and now it is smaller, it won't cover up everything like it used to do

- Radio sounds will be only heard by your team when throwing a grenade

- Added an Italy flag in CT spawn

- Added a beacon in Mid

- Shield has been remodelled and now is actually useable!

- Didn't quite add recoil, but your shots are no longer 100% accurate, there is randomness

- If a player left in mid game and rejoins, they will be teleported to lobby!

- Map is now in Midnight

- CV-47 texture is now fixed! it is no longer all the way in the sky, it now small and perfect (at least in my eyes)

- Added sounds for every gun and they are consistent unlike Zombie Hero

- You no longer have infinite ammo, you can run out of ammo now. But you will be re-supplied with ammo every 100 ticks or so, depending on what weapon you have of course

- AWP is no longer spammable, unless the person who is using it knows when the bullet is gonna come back to him in ticks

- The opera in T spawn in no longer loud, it can be heard from 35 blocks away now

Sorry for taking a long time to update the map - my pc wasn't working in those months.

- Fixed bugs

- Radio now tells you who threw a grenade

- Flashbang doesn't instantly pop in your hand

- Fixed some placed

- At the bridge to T spawn, you can now go up to the small roof and shoot the CT's

- Fixed some HE boosts

- New crosshair.

- Fixed grenade radio bugs.

- Improved the lobby.

- Flashbangs now blind you completely.

- New picture!

- Removed some credits.

- New link.

- Fixed the wrong download link. Sorry about that. Enjoy!

- Fixed opera.

- Fixed textures.

- Guns are no longer blurry.

- Guns now have more CS 1.6 feel on them.

- A new link that takes you to my website to download my stuff.

- Bug Fixes.

- Fixes grenades.

- thats all :3

- Fixed the bug where you throw any type of grenade and it says everyone in the game threw it.

- Bug fixes.

- Added Flash Bangs!

- Now it will tell you which player has throw a grenade and it will tell you which type of grenade he just threw.

Changed title so it tells you what gamemode this map is in.

The 1.6 Update!

Changed all weapon names

Changed all textures!

- Added Haste, Sorry! Just forgot about it. 

- No bugs were found!

- Fixed bugs

- New M4

- Added behavior where your AWP has scope and knife gives you speed

- Everything Fixed!


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  1. Uramob says:

    Gimme your resource pack pls

  2. MidweekSIne says:

    Because of you I and my friends finally found a perfect map to play gun battles on. Thank you so much

  3. SkedleLmaoooooo says:

    Is good.

  4. xXMoisesMartin25Xx says:

    ez update xD

  5. Guest-5209166157 says:

    Wtf the download link is cursed

  6. Guest-6665814416 says:

    Is that guns are customly added or it is replaced by minecraft items?

  7. REDBEAR says:

    cant download cause u used adfly, nice

  8. a says:

    carrot on stick will crash ur game

  9. 3Dfx says:

    Permission Denied.

    This file has been identified as a copyright protected work and cannot be distributed using MediaFire.

  10. Zain says:

    This maps is so coool

  11. Falsehashtags says:

    Can I use the behavior pack in my factions world? Only a few people play on it.

  12. False says:

    Is this like CAC from hypixel

  13. This map looks familiar, almost like I seen it in a totally different game ?

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