CSC Highschool

CSC Highschool Roleplay map made for the roleplay community to roleplay as, teachers and students. The school has various classrooms from Language Classes to ICT Classes. It also has various sports facilities for students to play in

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CSC Highschool Roleplay map made for the roleplay community to role play as, teachers and students. The school has various classrooms like Language Class, Science Class, Geography Class, History Class, Arts Class, Math Class and lastly, ICT Class. All of the classrooms has unique designs and tailored to the classroom.

This school also consist of facilities such as, an auditorium, locker room, football/soccer field with fences, volleyball court, swimming pool and basketball courts all placed around the campus. The sport facilities are located outside the school buildings and placed in an open environment for the fresh air. Outside there is also statues and and greenery to stay green. 

The team that built it

Lead Builders

Meng (Twitter)

Flamey (Twitter)

Freakea (Twitter)

Builders / Helpers

Tobu (Discord:トブ#5889)

Redbgc (YouTube)



EmmanuelPlayz (YouTube)

SunsetDaery (YouTube)


Video Flimed By: Meng
Video Edited by: Meng
Screenshots By: Freakea

This map is made in the community ConSeldCraft

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- Updated the version for map publishing and rechecking for any errors


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  1. Shy Hacker says:


  2. ThatCynical says:

    what shaders do u use?!

  3. Is there any like this, but built in Infinite not Flat?,

    Btw, this is very nice map! I wish this is a real school HAHAHAHA

  4. SparkEngine1389 says:

    NICE MAP! FIVE STARS! Although I would really like a 2k*2k map of the Martian crater rim Endeavor where opportunity rover sits right now. If u do that, I will subscribe to ur channel on yt and hit that bell!

  5. XoVFelexVoX says:

    Very very nice map, hard to navigate though, Might want to add a board in the front of the school with locations on it. Overall love the map!

  6. Destruidor says:

    Can you make a city arround the school?

  7. Msrs_ says:

    Looks like a nice map to explode

  8. PKMNRedMCPE says:

    What is the name of the shader? I wanted that

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