CT The RAFT [Survival]

Your boat has been destroyed. All you have left is a board of wood like a raft. Will you survive with a shark near you? Use your hammer to see the list of obtainable objects

Welcome to The RAFT! This is a survival game where you have to craft things from materials only found in the ocean and survive at sea. The goal is to collect resources like wood, plastic etc. With these resources, you can make special items or expand your raft. You will have a great enemy on board, The shark! It will be able to destroy the planks of your raft of your raft sometimes, to avoid that make yourself a lance to attack it! 

Items you can obtain:

  • Piece of raft
  • Fence
  • spear
  • Storage box
  • Oxygen tank
  • Campfire
  • Empty cup
  • Bed


Changelog View more

After a long time 

We are here with a new amazing ending !

- - - - - - - - - - 

Added a better ending with a new difficulty.

Added new crafts


Once the map is installed, Press the rules button to read the rules then the Start button to start, after the cinematic, throw your hammer on the ground to show the list of crafts


Supported Minecraft versions

1.16 (beta)

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16 Responses

3.8 / 5 (5 votes)
  1. Guest-9891668155 says:

    Which One do i do? the island or Better ending???

  2. Person says:

    After playing this I will always be paranoid that dolphins will attack me…

  3. Grumpycat says:

    I can’t craft anything please fix.

  4. Lit potato says:

    The end was lit XD!!!! I just hoped it would have been longer

  5. Awesomedudebro says:

    In mean can u pls make an mcworld download file

  6. Awesomedudebro says:

    Can’t pls make a mcworld file

  7. ¶Ro¶∆Bots∆ says:

    Wow! Pretty dope xD!

  8. Justac0w0k says:

    Where are the items?

  9. AgentCPU0 says:

    Seems to be missing it’s resource pack. Not sure if you were testing something and removed it, or forgot to include it in the world file

  10. NotAname says:

    You can’t just put dolphins as a shark

  11. NoahMatthew says:

    This map is really fun but I wish the key was hidden more cause once you get to the island then you beat the map

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