Cubes Of Magic Add-on

Tired of the usual minecraft stuffs?, tired of being blown away by a creeper while mining or building your house?. Then this add-on is for you!. This add-on adds 3 new companions for you!. They are called Cubes of Magic!.

How to get Cubes of Magic?


You can find the spawners of the Cubes of Magic in the chest of Desert Pyramid and Jungle Pyramid. low chance.


Just use  the command /function cube.

How to summon Cubes of Magic?

Hold any of the Cubes of Magic Spawner Item, then a cube will spawn, To make it start moving, You need to tame it with its Cube of Magic Spawner Item.


Cube Of Fire

  • This cube will start a small explosion to hostile mobs within 10 block radius.
  • It will follow you when tamed.

Cube Of Lightning

  • This cube will summon lightning bolts upon hostile mobs withing 10 block radius.
  • It will follow you when tamed.

Cube of End

  • This cube will teleport hostile mobs up to 10 blocks high from its current position.
  • It will follow you when tamed.

Download now!

NOTE: Make sure you Turn on Experimental Gameplay.


1.Click the link(The Behavior Pack and Resource Pack)

2.Wait 5 Secs then Click Skip Ad

3.Wait for the allow button,Click Allow

4.Click Download

5.Download And Install Both Packs!

6.Make sure you turn on Experimental Mode!


Supported Minecraft versions

1.12 1.13 1.14

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  1. Guest-7744005669 says:

    its just a resource pack…

  2. Triskay086 says:

    How? I dind’t understood , hold it in hand or what?

  3. Dawson j says:

    Does not seem like the fire cube or the water cube or the end cube works but I had other add-ons on my world so that might be why did not work but I can’t spawn in water or end cube or any of the other ones but that might be because I’m on beta or because of other addons

  4. Bon says:

    This is a really cool addon

  5. ScreamingEarBear says:

    Wont Work For Me

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