This is my first texture pack. Its main function consists of changing the circular items to cubic items. Each item in this texture pack has been drawn by myself; however, the general idea of ​​the texture pack is not mine. In other words, I saw the original idea on twitter, and I don’t know who is the creator of it.

If I have to attribute this texture pack to someone, I leave it to Tocinin Harrinsond, which is where I first saw the idea.

Thanks to BP Puxo for the help with the new items

Thanks for the help with the textures: EsSirKael

These are some of the items that are changed by the texture pack:

Leave ideas of what else you want in this texture pack 🙂

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New potions and it is no longer a beta. This will be the last update I will do for a while. Leave your ideas :D

Update the link, you can download the texture pack, sorry for not being able to update it before.

This update improves some elements (such as the compass) and I create others such as the heart of the sea, if you have more ideas you can send them to my twitter.

Just report, in the next update I will implement everything they tell me in the comments, when I have a greater number of ideas (comments) I will get to work


Deactivate the adblock, if you cannot enter deactivate the antivirus and if it still does not let you notify me in the comments


Supported Minecraft versions


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45 Responses

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  1. Koob says:

    My download doesn’t work I turned off Adblock and antivirus is there a way you can make the link .mcpack I’m on iOS btw don’t know if that’s a problem

  2. helloaben says:

    this link doesn’t work can i may another link for download this pack ?

  3. GameWizard says:

    Why is this texture pack more minecraft than minecraft

  4. BoiLaToi68 says:

    This texture is great and unique I love it! Please do more stuff like this.

  5. CptPokey says:

    Love it! It looks amazing!

  6. JustSomeGuy says:

    I saw your twitter account, but I don’t have Twitter so I can’t respond there. A few suggestions:
    Keep the bread as a loaf and not a slice.
    I think the first 3-D potion design is the best out of the ones you posted.

  7. Are you planning to work on the food next?

  8. JustSomeGuy says:

    Great job Eteety! I have always wanted to download this pack since it was released, but I didn’t trust that I needed to disable antivirus and stuff. I finally got it today. Pack looks fantastic. Congrats on getting the link to work!

  9. TheOddOne says:

    Update the link please because it doesn’t work

  10. El Rigas XD LOL says:

    Hello, today I tried several times to install the texture pack, I tried everything mentioned in the post and nothing worked for me, could you help me download it?

  11. the media fire link doesn’t work :T but still looks cool!

  12. Maurilol48 says:

    excellent but when entering MediaFire it tells me that there is an error 🙁 I need your help

  13. Sermah says:

    Finally some fricking good content on mcpedl

  14. Pete3k says:

    Do u have socials? Bc i have something for the trident texture that would fit in the pack! And its very simple
    Maybe even do a collab…. who knows

  15. CocoTero says:

    Wait? You are Tocinin? The guy who created the derpy Renamon

  16. CubeMaster says:

    Great job, But I think you should make all sides of Ender pearl look the same. why? Because it is a *pearl*

  17. HEROBRINE 65789 says:

    Nice bro. I want to make that trailer .
    Can I make that trailer please

  18. M.M.16 player says:

    I love this resources pack please make more items like that next update!

  19. This is really great. please add more items

  20. EverythingGamesSamir says:

    Very good

  21. gio1135 says:

    i’d like to see the armor and tools (including the turtle shell helmet, elyra, shears an all that), totem, food, dragon egg, and just general mob drops like ink sacs

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