Cursed Addon

  1. Have you ever seen a non-cube Addon? If not, this is the right Addon for you! This Addon adds some interesting things such as Hei Hei, Airplane, Human Spider, and even Noob from Roblox!

You can also mount some of them!

Warning: Custom sounds might be very loud to those who has sensitive ears, please lower down your volume!

Hei Hei:

Hei Hei is really friendly and can be your protector from Monsters especially the human spider! Hei Hei will throw eggs to it’s enemies.

– Damage: 25

– Health: 100

– Replaces Iron_Golem

Tame with Apple to ride it!


This Noob might look friendly but be careful because once you hit him, he will attack you with enormous speed! If killed it will play the “oof” sound.

– Damage: 35

– Health: 100

– Replaces Husk

Baby Noob: Tame with Apple to ride it!

Adult Noob: Can’t ride


Airplane has the ability to shoot fireball. It usually targets the Human Spiders. You can also ride it!

– Damage: 21

– Health: 50

– Replaces Ghast

– Outer view

Inner view:

Small Human Spider: 

WATCH OUT! This demon is strong and terrifying so don’t get go close to it!

– Damage: 25

– Health: 130

– Replaces cave_spider

Big Human Spider: 

WATCH OUT! This demon is very strong so don’t attack it with no equipments.

– Damage: 45

– Health: 150

– Replaces Spider

You can:

– Share This Addon But MUST CREDIT!

You can’t:

– Share this Addon WITHOUT CREDIT!


Experimental is not needed

Changelog View more
  • Fixed the hitbox of the mobs
  • Modified the iron_golem
  • New download link
I have added whether experimental is required or not and I also edited the topic for each entity and made the text slightly bigger.



Supported Minecraft versions

1.12 1.13 1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16 (beta)

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37 Responses

4.33 / 5 (15 votes)
  1. FrostyLegend1029 says:

    beautiful… just beautiful…

  2. Guest-7765855082 says:

    How Do I Spawn The Mobs Please Tell me.

  3. Guest-7999246862 says:

    How do I spawn in the mobs please tell me

  4. what can i say except delete this

  5. Guest-5520184808 says:

    Also,if it does not replace mobs,experimental gameplay needs to be on.

  6. MinerCrafting01 says:

    I have a suggestion, make baby noobs have the big head, the w i d e noob face?

  7. Guest-1968671512 says:

    THIS is cursed

  8. Swagboi7 says:

    Why does this replace mobs?

  9. Guest-5391135585 says:

    Can i make a video about this?

  10. Guest-6330821098 says:

    What can i say accept deleat this!!!!

  11. Guest-2066878936 says:

    Dengan alikasi apa kamu membuat model tersebut ?

    Tanpa cube √

  12. Guest-4827918195 says:

    Hey can you make a seperate addon but only with the noobs, I like the model 🙂

  13. BlackPistolG says:

    Like I for real think he’s the only one that, even though he’s using super duper detailed mob textures and format files, would still replace mobs… 😒😒😒

  14. Guest-5485699982 says:

    H E L P

  15. MorbidNoob says:

    *sees how cursed this addon is*
    *head explodes*

  16. Bean Boy says:

    (0 _ 0)

  17. Guest-1094444640 says:


  18. TryHardJibs says:


  19. Guest-4447199341 says:

    This isTo cursed

  20. Guest-4447199341 says:

    To cursed

  21. I will be trying to fix the hitbox of the mobs & i will try to put each as a own custom mob.

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