Cursed Minecraft Add-On

Trying to play Minecraft but with a twist? Maybe you want to troll a friend or family member? I got the add-on for you! Cursed Minecraft is regular Minecraft but with a twist. Sometimes Water replaces Lava, sometimes Coal will become Obsidian, or the crafting recipes are completely backwards! That’s the idea I’m trying to bring with this new Add-On!

Cursed Minecraft Contents:

Crafting Recipes

Enchanted Stick

This stick is no ordinary stick. It does 14 attack damage

Fake Wooden Sword

A regular Wooden Sword would only do 4 damage, this one does 7.

Fake Diamonds

These fake Diamonds are crafted from Coal. You cannot craft armor with them, however, you can eat these Diamonds!

Diamond Axepick

You need Fake Diamonds to craft this!!! The Diamond Axepick is a cursed Diamond Pickaxe. I hope you like it :3

Chainmail Leggings

You can now craft Chainmail Leggings!! Isn’t that awesome!?

Fake Egg

This is a weapon. The Fake Egg does 8 damage, so you can smack you friends with it!!

Crafting Food 

Glass Bottle

You can now eat Glass Bottles. Put a regular Glass Bottle in the crafting grid like this and craft the Fake Glass Bottle. Eat it to confuse your friends!

Grass Block

You can now craft an edible Grass Block. Chew on all that dirt, I hear it gives you Supernatural Saturation!
Here is a video of me playing this cursed pack in-game

New Update! More cursed stuff!

Fake Diamond Hoe

Fake Diamonds can now craft a Fake Diamond Hoe. These will come very handy with getting rid of all those dirt houses!

Cursed Mutton Cooked

You can now cut Fake Diamonds into Mutton Cooked! You can eat natural meat instead of natural diamonds now!

Cursed Obsidian

Mutton Cooked can be crafted into Obsidian. Very useful for going into the Nether quickly and with little cost!

Cursed Bedrock

You can now smelt Diamonds into Bedrock. You no longer have to spend all that time mining bedrock, you can just smelt it!

Cursed Bedrock TNT/ Snowball

Bedrock can now be cut into Bedrock Tnt… It’s throwable

Cursed Iron Armor

Iron armor now looks like Diamond Armor. Also the pants are missing when worn 


  1. Chickens now run away from you when you get too close too them!
  2. Creepers are now Breedable. They breed into… Pigs? Using chicken???

This add-on was made with Minecraft Add-on Maker, a free app found on the Play Store

Here is a video of me playing the new Update in-game!

Changelog View more
  1. Issue with Download Link sending user to false site, now fixed (tested multiple times)
  2. Refer to previous Changelog for More Cursed Stuff Update
  1. Fake Diamond Hoes are Craftable
  2. Fake Diamonds can be smelted into Bedrock
  3. Fake Diamonds can be used in Stonecutter to make Mutton Cooked
  4. Bedrock can be used in Stonecutter to make Bedrock TNT
  5. Mutton Cooked can be crafted into Obsidian
  6. Iron Armor retextured to mimic Diamond Armor, also the pants are missing
  1. Changed the download zip files to mcaddon files
  2. Updated installation process


  1. Follow the Link
  2. Click Download
  3. Import mcaddon file to Minecraft
  4. Turn on Experimental Gameplay
  5. Join and Play!


Supported Minecraft versions


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31 Responses

3.59 / 5 (17 votes)
  1. Morudoru says:

    Very-very-very nice mod I very like this mod 5 star for you, always be good👍🏻

  2. LAgamer says:

    behavior pack doesn’t work. fix it please!

  3. FrostyLegend1029 says:

    only the resources work, this addon is mostly useless

  4. Guest-4819644938 says:

    it no work i 1.14.60 did all the instructions
    plz fix

  5. Guest-9495336540 says:

    why do the crafting recipes work but everything else does!? PLZ FIX THIS!

  6. Guest-2324458207 says:

    The downloads instructions don’t work on mobile

  7. Skyrkazm says:

    For some reason some of the crafting recipes don’t work such as turning coal into fake diamonds, only the chainmail leggings can be crafted for some reason. Yes I imported the pack and turned on experimental gameplay. Any way to fix it or is it just a bug?

    • LambDPro says:

      If custom items are not showing up double check if you enabled cheats and experimental Gameplay. Make sure all packs are enabled (Reasource and Behavior) and that you are on 1.14+

      • Skyrkazm says:

        1.14.60 is my current version of MC and I tried to double check, booted a new world up, and the recipes don’t work. It might be a bug. By some recipes I mean all of them except for the stonecutter making Cooked Mutton. Idk about breeding creepers though.

  8. Guest-7867769783 says:

    My head hurts now

  9. Guest-1933546728 says:

    Doesn’t work…

  10. Guest-6517516198 says:

    you should make this in 1.12 to 1.13

  11. Guest-8055107264 says:

    This is the quality material I’ve been searching for

  12. Guest-3628444001 says:

    U made me lost friends because of this mod, thanks alot

  13. Guest-1060338965 says:


  14. Guest-4369295670 says:

    Works great, I trolled my brother. He couldn’t believe it!

  15. Guest-5096457877 says:

    Thank you now i can finnaly torch my brother

  16. Guest-5604016501 says:

    doesn’t work I did everything it told me to :/

  17. Guest-1247476286 says:

    this dont work

  18. DarkCristReset says:

    Lo usare en un video

  19. Guest-8684449036 says:

    you are a god

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