Custom Cape Skin Pack (1.2 Beta Only)

This skin pack includes one single skin, but it’s not just a skin. It’s a skin with a cape! The cape doesn’t give you any extra abilities but it sure does look pretty cool. This feature will likely not exist for much longer since capes are supposed to be limited to certain players only, so enjoy it while it lasts!

Creator: Dexter_Kun, Twitter Account

How does it work?

After you’ve downloaded and imported the skin pack to your game then open the skin picker and select the skin with a cape.

So far I’ve only been able to test it in local multiplayer with no other players. I haven’t been able to test whether it works in multiplayer or not yet so it would be greatly appreciated if someone could verify that.

How to customize the skin and/or cape?

  1. Download the .ZIP file and use 7-zip, ES File Explorer or similar program to extract the files into a folder.
  2. Open the extracted folder and find the skin and cape .PNG image files. You can modify image files by using an image editor such as GIMP or Photoshop.
  3. Save the modification and make sure it is saved a .PNG file in the extracted folder.
  4. Open the folder and select all files and compress (ZIP) them using 7-zip, ES File Explorer or similar.
  5. Rename the .ZIP file to example.mcpack
  6. Import the .McPack file.


  1. Download Skin Pack .McPack
  2. Start Minecraft PE
  3. Open the skin picker
  4. Select the custom skin with the cape

You can get a .ZIP file for skin pack here.

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127 Responses

4.12 / 5 (58 votes)
  1. BO0_D0O says:

    Thanks man 🙂

  2. get down josh says:


  3. Braxtondennis says:


  4. DexterKun16 says:

    Hi Dexter_Kun here, sorry if this add-on doesnt work anymore cause its outdated and i havent been updating this due to people stealing this and doesn’t give credits, I was the first to find out about this cape add-on and i feel proud at the same time sad for people making reviews to this without credit and recreate links to this to earn money. Thank you to all those people who enjoyed and wanted this to get updated you can search it up on youtube you can see updated things about this. thank you 🙂

    • Alex says:

      I really want a Cape for my skin pls update it because I can’t find any working ones and that the people who copy you don’t update it anyways.

  5. nocookiesforme says:

    Can you make an update for this?

  6. Anonymous says:

    I don’t know what I say it’s beautiful games

  7. Anonymous says:

    When I download this I always get this Error in Minecraft: /private/var/mobile/Containers/Data/Application/C632C942-33E7-4B9C-9BEC-B2E10477C0A2/tmp/Custom Skin for Capes.mcpack

  8. Rainbow says:

    It says project failed


    Provided ‘/header/uuid’ element is not a valid UUID in pack manifest .

  9. Ealia says:

    Please give this skin pack

  10. GeekyReject says:

    It says failed to import

  11. xXBenXxT0P says:

    Umm Could you make a video to show how to use?

  12. RedstoneLover says:

    GUYS I HAVE FOUND OUT HOW THIS WORKS!! It works the same as the texture line!
    It works like this…
    “localization_name”: “”,
    “geometry”: “geometry.humanoid.custom”,
    “texture”: “”,
    “cape”: “”,
    “type”: “free”

  13. Somebody says:

    Your friends need to have this skin pack too or else they’ll crash when in multiplayer.

  14. NinjaJack87 says:

    How u add this mod in mc windows 10?

  15. Prime Gamer 90 says:

    Watch jake mcpe in youtube his cape import strategy sure works in any version in mcpe

  16. Kurtrellie says:

    It work

  17. NiceComputer says:

    Works My Cousins Can See It Without Them Using The Pack

  18. MatthdayDaGam3r says:


  19. TheMasterStarDestroyer 676811 says:

    Hey Um REPLY immediately!!!!! HOW MUCH CAPES ARE DARE!?!!

  20. Akihiro Akagi says:

    It’s doesn’t work and it’s sucks

  21. Aggelos says:

    It’s amazing

  22. WeM says:

    Dexter, Where tha hella should I unzip this file?

  23. Faiz says:

    I Need Skin CustomSlimCape

  24. You succ says:


  25. Mr Celfix says:

    I like this cape

  26. Levent says:

    Still won’t werek maybe it’s not for IOS?

  27. Levent says:

    And I’m on IOS and it’s Pro it should wherek but it doesn’t

  28. Levent says:

    I tried the cape and I have
    1.2 beta but it all the time fails🤔

  29. NinjaMatthew says:

    Can you please release another pack similar to this with the Alex skin format?

  30. Rahdley nixon green says:

    It Wont Work It said failed import fix it or we hate you

  31. Solinger0815 says:

    Uh its not worket

  32. Niño (Jake) B. FUERZAS says:

    How can i Install this its hard enough but i need clue for refstone cape so anyone know if im a redstone builder in

  33. anri013 says:

    It not work in mcpe 1.2.5… Can someone help

  34. Jouna says:

    Alguien sabe como cambiar el modelo de steven al de alex

  35. EpicSlayer200 says:

    It doesn’t work for me I’m on iOS 1.2 and it doesn’t show the cape

  36. DitDitGamingDL says:

    It doesn’t work. 🙁

  37. Daveis says:

    It dose not worw in game

  38. PixelToHF says:

    Whats the size of the cape? Is it 64×64 or 64×32 so i can download also leave the link were i can download the capes

  39. AMino says:

    Help it doesnt work on beta build 6

  40. Ikbenmika says:

    Doesn’t work at all in beta build 4😠

  41. HTV04 says:

    I tried using it (and I changed the uuid to make it work, too) and it only showed the skin. Did an update change this? I didn’t get the Minecon skins in time, so I don’t know if that pack allowed capes to be used or anything.

  42. ElytraDude says:

    Hey dude can you update it using a blue cape please

  43. Arashdehghani says:

    Hey editor can you make a video of how to change the skin and Cape please that would be so awesome please make a vid please I give you 5 star and please make a vid

  44. Minecraft Champ says:

    This is great thx to the creator of this skin pack I can now get my fav skin to have a cape but don’t worry if you (The creator) I won’t upload my skin pick that has my fav skin in it with a cape. And minecraft bedrock devs if your reading this plz don’t remove this possibility plz bc it’s just custom capes and not everyone can see the cape (unless they have the same skin pack) so this makes even more creative possibilities and if you remove the ability to have customs skins with capes then you’ve removed a TON of awesome possibilities so plz don’t remove this awesome possibility from minecraft bedrock plz.

  45. TheEmeraldKitty says:

    Could someone make a kitty magenta cape or.. just cuz idk how That works

  46. AmirunGX says:

    Hei why i can’t use it?

  47. YTDashie says:

    How To Download The Cape??

  48. Senorama says:

    Good skin for my mcpe,and why i can’t download anything

  49. EpicCrqftYT says:

    Hey can you help me?its said see output log for more information… dude can you help me what am I supposed to do I really want cape for so long I missed the 2016 cape SO PLEASE HELP ME

  50. Amal says:

    Does it work with other skins or just steve

  51. OutragerMC says:

    Bruh I downloaded it but it failed to import

  52. Dexter_Kun says:

    You can customize your skin and cape too just copy your skin or cape in the extracted folder and name your skin into “skin” without qoutes and for the cape “cape” without qoutes, make sure the image format is always .png. Thanks for DOWNLOADING <3

  53. EpiKatHD says:

    That is really cool! I tried it with my skin, and it’s perfect! But one question… is it possible to change capes?

  54. LugiaGamerYT says:

    i want you to make a pokeball cape and download skin seed and put LugiaGamerYT male and female on the skin plz i would like that

  55. NinjaX3 says:

    Thanks for this skinpack.Now I will be able to use my cape in this skinpack.

  56. NinjaX3 says:

    Hey!Thanks for this skinpack!Now I will be able to use cape that I design on myself.Five star!

  57. Soggy says:

    uuid header was broken i fixed it here —–> {
    “format_version”: 1,
    “header”: {
    “name”: “Custom Cape by Dexter_Kun”,
    “uuid”: “4g3db0ec-3f55-47ff-a1eb-7073ccfc7e88”,
    “version” : [1, 0, 0]
    “modules”: [
    “type”: “skin_pack”,
    “uuid”: “6n373e72-4890-46c8-a637-5838bc4a2058”,
    “version” : [1, 0, 0]


    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    August 8, 2017 at 1:47 am

    ok im back after testing this pack more after fixing the uuid.. now the pack works in mp even with other player not using this pack… just rename the .mcpack to .zip. or download the zip. then copy and paste the above manifest i provided over the old one and poof a working cape pack that even other can see

  58. soggy says:

    ok im back after testing this pack more after fixing the uuid.. now the pack works in mp even with other player not using this pack… just rename the .mcpack to .zip. or download the zip. then copy and paste the above manifest i provided over the old one and poof a working cape pack that even other can see

  59. RagingArmaggedon says:

    I mean addon

  60. RagingArmaggedon says:

    I know this is unrealated to this Arron but u should really make a Friday the 13th survival map with all the features of Friday the 13th the Game

  61. Dexter_Kun says:

    You can put a custom cape and in it just copy your skin in this extracted folder and name it “skin” without qoutes same thing with the cape

  62. Barret918 says:

    Hey editor i just wanna ask when is the official ‘Skin Packs’ category will be added

  63. Duncan3dot says:

    could you ?? mix in some skins with it like some youtuber skins please that would be much appreciated

  64. DylzzCreeper says:


  65. FlameTester💡 says:

    It works for realms ONLY IF YOU CREATE THE REALM It doesn’t work when you join one!

  66. jake says:

    It says it has failed plz fix it

  67. MinecraftPlays says:

    PLease replay is that work for mcpe 1.1.4 I really want to know

  68. Lurixiamermaid says:

    why is my profile picture not showing

  69. Lurixiamermaid says:

    I downloaded this pack but it said failed to import and how do I fix it or get it

  70. AaribAaqibYT says:


  71. DatPotato says:

    it says fialed to import… please fix this!

  72. Kacper11PL says:

    I can’t export! Help!

  73. Vladu11 says:

    It doesn’t work in multiplayer. You see everyone else wearing the same cape, but they can’t see your cape

  74. Marwan.w says:

    tnx bro for thi awesome texture

  75. RishiGamingPE says:

    It works in multilayer.(I’m not too sure because my friend also had the pack installed)

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