Custom Crafting Recipes [Redstone]

This creation uses command blocks to enable 9 different custom crafting recipes for blocks or items which normally can’t be crafted. The crafting process works a little bit different as you will be using a dropper instead of a crafting table. But since it uses command blocks it will only work for this world only and you must stay within a certain area to make use of the recipes.

Creator: Jhomes, Twitter Account

How does it work?

There are 9 different recipes for items or blocks which previously would have been impossible to craft. Open any of the chests, memorize the recipe and obtain the items.

In this case, I am going to craft a command block. If you are using a mobile device you can change the “UI Profile” in settings to “Classic” to allow for easier crafting.

Find the “Magic Dropper” and place all of the items required for the crafting recipes in the dropper. Then close the dropper and open it again to obtain the crafted block which in this case is a command block.

The machine will only work as long as you’re within a rendered distance of the command blocks as those are required for executing this trick.


Download .McWorld
Download .ZIP

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45 Responses

4.28 / 5 (7 votes)
  1. Epic says:

    So, there’s this problem I’ve been facing both in your map and the map I’ve been working on. Testforblocks does seem to detect the blocks some of the time. Is there any workaround for this?

  2. Epic says:

    Woah, this is honestly pretty clever. I liked what you did with the testforblocks and clone commands.

  3. GURI says:

    I tried that and it didn’t work

  4. Megaman X Minecraft says:

    Because he looks good when making videos and I wish he would make minecraft more better

  5. Jesse says:

    This is a pretty good creating good job!

  6. GachaBlox says:

    I have an iPhone and I want to download it…

  7. Andrea says:

    E bellissimo

  8. Liam says:

    How do I download the map on Xbox

  9. Esdras Gael says:

    Hola quisiera saber si se puede hacer más recetas de crafteo o si harás un gran mapa

  10. Thomasminecraft says:

    Make new commands now

  11. Night Fury 1307 says:

    Just watch Jhomes’s video to see how he did it! 😀

  12. Austin TEG says:

    Awesome this is helping me so much in my map I am making

  13. I says:

    There should be something where you can the whole machine and be able to paste it into a world, so people could use it for… enhanced Let’s Plays and whatnot.

  14. CMAN says:

    Awesome creation!

  15. MDS Minecraft says:

    Hey Guys, I Showcased This Map.. Check It On My Youtube Channel ‘MDS Minecraft’

  16. OnFire3000 says:

    This is so cool ima use this for my realm and make custom recipes

  17. NeverShowingMyName says:

    Editor there’s a typo
    ‘The machine will only as long as’
    Shouldn’t it say something like will only ‘work’ as long as

  18. NeverShowingMaName says:

    Editor there’s a typo
    ‘The machine will only as long as’
    Shouldn’t it say something like will only ‘work’ as long as

  19. Ryan says:

    This map is a lie, i checked it out. None of the crafting recipes even exist. I tested them out.

  20. TrueAC says:

    In your trailer, what accent do you have? Sounds like spanish?

  21. Romulo Frondana Dias says:


  22. Caleb says:

    Where is the ui profile?

    • superspider3500 says:

      Go into settings, then Video, then tap on the button where more settings are. you should then find it.

  23. Danielle C says:

    What does the render distance have to be

  24. joker says:

    Not cool

  25. 5tr4 says:

    It’s kind of hard to put items in certain spots in droppers on iOS , so I had trouble with this. That is because on iOS devices you can’t choose which slot the item goes into.

  26. Minecraft Master says:

    Can someone fix the downloaded files plz bc the download .mcworld downloads the .zip and the .zip downloads a zip file names the same as the one the .mcworld downloads but has nothing in it so plz fix this

  27. Lightning12345 says:

    Can you make it work on IOS?

  28. krivas says:

    Awesome, no we can have custom crafting recipies in vanilla minecraft. I am gonna set this up in my survival world. Thanks man!

  29. MC guy says:

    Yo this is smart you should do a thing called tempest box it is a command block costum crafting recipe and a costom resource pack that is already in PC so you can search TTB on YouTube or googlr

  30. Kacper11PL says:

    This is cool!!!

  31. Son Goku says:

    I can change recipes in this map :))

  32. Gamer of Minecraft says:

    Wow this is so cool 😎.Can I edit those crafting recipes?

  33. Mazhar Ali says:

    Yo nice first to download

  34. Enderman PE Official says:

    First Spartan now Derpy, REVOLUTION BEGIN

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