Custom Crosshairs Pack

This pack includes 24 different crosshairs. Just tap the wrench button and drag the slider to choose what crosshair you like. The crosshair is the marker in the center of the screen which is used for letting the player know what and where they are going to hit or fire a weapon.

Creator: Minecrafter_001YouTube Channel
Updated: 29 September, 2018 (read changelog)

How does it work?

First off, you will need to enable the pack in Global Resources in Settings. Click the settings button to set the crosshair type.

There are 10 different styles and you change style by using the slider to make a selection. You will need to restart the game for the user interface changes to take place.

Here’s an overview of the different available styles.

  • Invisible Crosshair
  • + Crosshair ( without center )
  • Dot Crosshair
  • Circle Crosshair
  • x Crosshair
  • x Crosshair ( without center )
  • Square Crosshair
  • Arrow Crosshair
  • Hashtag Crosshair
  • + Large Crosshair
  • x Large Crosshair
  • x Large Crosshair ( no center )
  • Triangle Crosshair
  • Diamond Crosshair
  • Dotted + Crosshair
  • Dotted x Crosshair
  • Large Dotted + Crosshair
  • Large Dotted x Crosshair
  • 9 Dotted Crosshair
  • Target Crosshair
  • Dotted Target Crosshair
  • ( . ) Crosshair
  • (   ) Crosshair
  • (+) Crosshair
  • More crosshairs coming soon!

Terms of Use

By using this addon or any of my creations, you agree to the following terms of use listed here. You should be aware that stealing other people’s content online is a crime. This also happens to addons too.

  1. You cannot redistribute or re-publish this addon or any of my creations to any site / place without me being credited, without asking any permission to me, and without the original source where you got this addon ( ).
  2. You do not have the right to rename and edit this addon or any of my creations. Then, claim it as yours and upload or share the edited version into your site.
  3. You are not allowed to create your own direct download link for your websites, videos, and etc. It must be redirected to the original website of the addon ( ).

Contact me here: [email protected]


  • Dotted + Crosshair
  • Dotted x Crosshair
  • Large Dotted + Crosshair
  • Large Dotted x Crosshair
  • 9 Dotted Crosshair
  • Target Crosshair
  • Dotted Target Crosshair
  • ( . ) Crosshair
  • (   ) Crosshair
  • (+) Crosshair


  1. Download Resources .McPack
  2. Settings > Global Resources > Activate the pack

You can get a .ZIP file for this pack here.

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69 Responses

4.36 / 5 (36 votes)
  1. Maker10 says:

    doesnt work for my ipad for some reason

    • You’ve gotta move the file into the Resource Packs File in The Files App.

      Go to:
      On My IPad-> Downloads *Press And Hold on the file then click move*
      Move it to:
      On My IPad -> Minecraft -> Games -> Com.mojang -> Behaviour packs

      Close Minecraft if it’s already open, then re-open it.

      Then the pack will appear in both your Global Resources and Resource Packs Area.

      Apple is weird so you’ve gotta do this for every Resource pack.
      If it’s a behaviour pack, just move it to the Behaviour Packs Folder in Com.mojang

  2. KParadox says:

    can you make a full screen cross hairs so the colors are inverted

  3. Guest-5305145490 says:

    i just want the normal crosshair but small 🙁

  4. Guest-4624437412 says:

    i wan to no how to do on bed rok

  5. Guest-7591170797 says:

    Add Rainbow/Rgb Crosshair

  6. Guest-9781366517 says:

    Add tightvault revamps crosshair (basically a smaller crosshair)

  7. Guest-9055272277 says:

    It is still a zip file):

  8. Guest-3598608373 says:

    I had to close the game and reopen it for the crosshairs to change but it’s still really cool. (I am on Windows 10)

  9. Guest-2091959765 says:

    Adding the crosshair pack removed my exp bar. Any fix?

  10. Guest-5107207693 says:

    I love your pack, but there is a crosshair I would really want. Its basically a target, but insteadl of a circle with a dot, its a square with a dot. It looks a lot like the crosshair from the Gummo pvp texture pack.

  11. Guest-9447434784 says:

    I love the pack and i love the dotted + crosshair so much but i suggest can u make a small + crosshair same as the size as im sending you like this size +?
    I would love that to be added and thank you for reading this comment

  12. Guest-6377808602 says:

    I would really love more crosshairs, i suggest another crosshair that looks some what like this,
    —( • )—

  13. Guest-4658170759 says:

    Yo, i have some tips, the circle crosshair and the X crosshair are nice but can you make them like a bit smaller, and also very important, make the resolution higher to like 64x! good job!

  14. awhoolay says:

    I have a suggestion.
    Can you make Verzide V4 Crosshair?

  15. NekonataM says:

    I’m really loving this, I only wish you could change the crosshair color.

  16. Benda95280 says:

    Is it still working ? Seems to add the new crosshair over the original 🙁

  17. SuggestionGuy says:

    This was nice anyways can you add a crosshair just like the dotted + crosshair but with brackets like this around it like this [+] but remember dotted

  18. Agent Matt 6 says:

    Can you add a cross hair that works for the multishot? Three reticles for where all three shots will go

  19. Aircoolbro21 says:

    how do i get the single dot crosshair? when i set it to “dot crosshair” it shows (+) as the crosshair

  20. ok says:

    BEST THING EVER,and it totaly works

  21. Unknown says:

    DOSENT work but nice job I think I just downloaded wrong version

  22. ZekonSpiracy says:

    Its so Perfect! but can you please add a 32×32 or 64×64 crosshair? so that it suits with Faithful texture pack?

    By the Ways. I love you’re Work! its GREAT! :>

  23. Samurai Sana says:

    I would strongly suggest a preview of the crosshair in the game when you change the slider from right to left or left to right.

  24. REDRAM says:

    Can you create a cross hair like cross hair?
    This is a very good add on:)

    I am sorry in poor English

  25. ZombieZlayer20 says:

    I love this addon the dotted target one is my favourite

  26. Strange Dude says:

    i’m copying pack to resource_packs folder
    in-game i’m applying pack in global resources and i’m selecting the tools icon and drag that slider
    i’m creating new vanilla world
    and still i have default crosshair.
    This problem persist trough every version of this pack.
    is something that im doing wrong?

  27. RicklePick says:

    It’s cool but i can’t understand how you ask someone to create this when it’s more simple to make than making a smoothie.
    I know you might just don’t know how to make a Texturepacks.
    Just watch/read some torturials it’s way easier and faster to make your own Texturepacks.

  28. StroFamily says:

    What’s Up With The Terms Of Use? I mean, I Wouldn’t Do Any Of These, but I highly doubt u got this thing these terms, making it illegal. It’s really not a big deal, but there’s no issue with editing the texture pack…. I do it all the time…. but whatever U say…….

  29. WhatsupKurt says:

    It won’t work on me I tried restarting dozens of time but nope

  30. PlayerKiller011 says:

    Was the arrow inspired by shooter games?

  31. ceciliagames says:

    just one of them worked

  32. Areen says:

    Love the addon

  33. DanElmerLei says:

    Can you make a chroma cross hair just like in pc? I mean to say is that the cross hair is changing colors

  34. MCPEDLlover says:

    @thecrazycow I agree, I can’t see them either. Plz fix!

  35. Spyptorex1 says:

    Very nice+

  36. Nathan Kulzer says:

    I studied you pack to see how it worked, and I learned how to use the “subpack” feature! Thanks!

  37. TheCrazyCow says:

    I know it has lit crosshairs, but i cant see them. The file is exported and mc says it runs successfully. But i cant see them ingame!

  38. BlueScripts says:

    Very Cool!

  39. xXModLikerXx says:

    Can you change the crosshairs in-game?

  40. XtremeMAX_GAME says:

    Can you make a crosshair like when we hold a pickaxe in fortnite? That would be so cool!

  41. Juan says:

    Ui doesn’t appear in my mc……..even i restart it

  42. RedMcMechanic says:

    Huh all i did to get the cross hair to show was literally just apply to global resources->select cross hair->Join a device saved world and it worked 😀 so you don’t always need to restart! (yay I guess)

  43. The Last Knight says:

    Can you add the Java crosshair with the colours that indicate the direction you’re facing?

  44. Koby McKibbin says:

    It’s AWESOME!

  45. Lisandro says:

    Cool. I like to have different crosshairs

  46. DragonFang5 says:

    This is so cool.

  47. MINECRAFT says:

    First comment

  48. Hmmm, I knew those terms of use seemed familiar, good pack Minecrafter_001!

  49. Kylokraft says:

    Can you make a creeper crosshair? That would be cool ?. Or maybe a skull? BTW love the addon ! ?

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