Custom Double Slab Template

As a resource pack creator have you ever wanted to add more blocks into the game, or ever wanted to edit the double slab textures like on java? Well this pack may be a great substitute for that! This pack will allow you to edit the textures of each double slab! 

This pack will give you a base to work with! When using this pack for your own texture pack either use the folder provided and edit the manifest, or copy and paste the blocks.json and terrain_texture.json in the correct spots like in the pack into your pack. Now if your pack already edits both json files then copy and paste the code shown here:

Note: if your pack already has the entries then just replace them with these entries



Here is something that you could with your pack:

If used in any projects please give credit weather its in the pack, on the page, my name, or a link to this page.

If any help is needed comment down below. 


Supported Minecraft versions




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  1. Attarizky says:

    Wow dude. I’ve done double wooden slab into my texture pack. I try to add another double slab ,but its not working. Thx dude:)))

  2. Mochaed says:

    Works great. Thank you.

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