15 Custom Elytra Wings

Elytra wings are one of the new features in version 1.0 for Minecraft Pocket Edition. This post consists of 15 different elytra designs and each of them is applied similar to a texture pack. Find a design which you like and use it for your own elytra wings!

Ported by: SuperGoldGamer_
Creator: Lemoncake
Updated: 20 December, 2016 (added support for v1.0.0, iOS/Android/Windows 10)


Down below you can find all 14 different wings which you can download. They are applied similar as resource packs. If you rather download them as a .ZIP file then you can find a download link for that in the bottom of the post as usual.

Purple Beetle Wings (.McPack)


GreenWing Macaw (.McPack)


Green Beetle Wings (.McPack)


Fried Chicken Wings (.McPack)


Eagle Wings (.McPack)


Red Dragon Wings (.McPack)


Angel Wings (.McPack)


Pheonix Wings (.McPack)


Green Dragon Wings (.McPack)


Golden Beetle Wings (.McPack)


Fairy Wings (.McPack)


DragonFly Wings (.McPack)


Demon Wings (.McPack)


Transparent/Invisible Wings (.McPack) (credits: Enderman PE Official / Vysair, Twitter Account)

Do you rather download the wings as a .ZIP file? Get it here!

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Installation Guides

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157 Responses

4.53 / 5 (15 votes)
  1. Gypsy Noave says:

    These are beautiful! I’m truly amazed at the actal well done work of these! I’m impressed! Could you do one like Ink!Fresh sands’ scarf? As a challenge! It’d also help complete my character! If not oh well! Thanks for the time!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Please please update this game to 1.13.1 I’m dying to have those demon wings

  3. Long bodied giraffe with short neck says:

    Pls add Ender Dragon wings!!

  4. Bluedragon446 says:

    These wings look amazing! I just have one request:can you add blue dragon wings?

  5. Gamer says:

    Can u add phantom wings?

  6. PhoenixPlayz says:


  7. Ace says:

    Hey, love the packs! but they don’t work with my current version….. am I doing something wrong??

  8. Anonymous says:

    in 1.3 it doesn’t work.

  9. BlazingSniperCat says:

    Finally! Someone understands pe users! I’ve installed like 20 texture packs now. Lol

  10. MetalWind says:

    This elytra pack is so cool!
    I love it!

  11. AndrewFG says:

    Can you please update the version?? On the latest beta version?? Cuz I really like it but it won’t seem to work. I love it!!

  12. Male organs a thousand meters says:

    It is not an editor, but I will say. I think Transparent/Invisible Wings is cool.

  13. Jellmer says:

    Why theres no ender dragon wings

    • Anonymous says:

      Same why are there not any sneer dragon wings I think they are cool but I like the demon wings they are awesome!!!

  14. FBBYT says:

    looks pretty cool

  15. ender king pro minecraft says:


  16. Daisy Tucker says:

    Hello sometimes a friendly comment can make u happy
    So me a lil potato nugget is here to save I love the elytra textures

  17. Tomas says:

    do for 1.2

  18. Anonymous says:

    wait did the ender dragon wings gone can you return it I love that one

  19. Ashlyn apgar says:

    It is so cool because the invisible elytra is cool with my superman skin because when I use the transparent elytra it looks like I am flying like superman.

  20. niobiomgaming19 says:

    Time to troling my friends

  21. Ashlyn apgar says:

    I remember it having enderdragon elytra but they got rid of it because I had it before and now the texture is gone.

  22. CMAN says:

    Editor, PLEASE READ:
    You recently had an incident with pixel artist SixFootBlue for a custom elytra pack using his textures. This one dose too! The Enderdragon wings are identical to the ones found in his “ItemBound” resource pack. It would not look good for the site to have yet another controversy about texture stealing, so I reccomend you quitley dispose of the download link before more people start catching on and this becomes a lot more serious.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Could you please make a resource pack that makes armors invisible? I would be extremely thankful if you could, if not, it’s ok.

  24. Kekekekeiekeek says:

    Amazing 😍😍😍

  25. o_Ghost says:

    This is AMAZING!!!

  26. Caiden Simon says:

    When I try it says herobrine has trolled you

  27. Caiden Simon says:

    Its not working for my tablet I did only enderdragon one I am only a kid

  28. Noah. says:

    Green beetle won’t work

  29. BorbingoBoy says:

    Green dragon wings!
    Just what I needed!

  30. xX_End_King_Xx says:

    And olus how do guys make addons?..like on ios?..

  31. Anonymous says:

    I hit download but it wont

  32. Mr. Zeyfred says:

    i love demonic style, how awesome,, but truly, i cant chose one to use,,

  33. Sissygirl says:

    I LOVE the Angel wings

  34. Sissygirl says:

    I Love it so so so so so so much

  35. RainerEx says:

    I cant apply the demon wings in my Minecraft it always says Failed to import. Am i doing something wrong?

  36. Son Goku says:

    You can make the Ender Dragon elytra 32×32 resolution ??

  37. Seguia says:

    All of them works on me,im using android

  38. Abigail says:

    Hey, editor. I am trying to get these packs to work on my minecraft. The version is the same, but it keeps saying “Unknown pack name, unknown pack description, unknown pack ID, unknown pack version”. How can I fix this?

  39. AdventurMinerPro says:

    Make a elytra that looks like hang gliders or jet pack.

  40. Dudemanbro says:

    Green beetle wings not working tried and says manifest error (usin 1.0 on iOS latest update and everyfink)

  41. WinterxQ says:

    The Green Beetle wings dont seem to work, it thinks its a resourse pack instead of texture, it shows up without any details. I really like them and wish to try them XD (plis fixx fo meh)

  42. SebasPlayzMR//sebasgoodboy says:

    Nice Elytra wings 😉

  43. Robbyj says:

    For some reason I’m not able to fly

  44. TLIH says:

    How do I apply the texture

  45. Austin_gamers says:

    Editor why I can’t import green beetle wings texture it’s always say failed to import btw i on iOS IPhone 5s

  46. Tucker Neikirk says:

    I would like to know how to actually use elytra wings plz. Plz tell me

  47. Anonymous says:

    I tried earlier today and didn’t work I was using the green beetle wings

  48. Kareemthediamondarrow says:

    Awesome elytras

  49. SlimeGamerHD says:

    Cool AddOn Tank you

  50. BlameDonaldTrumpForEverythingGuy says:

    Guys I have great news for iOS users u might hit kniw this and u might kniw this but for iOS McLean 1.0 update is on now btw so u can get this texture:)

  51. Ultrix says:

    Demon wings website doesn’t work for me ples help

  52. TheFlames says:

    Can you inform the creator that I would like some Water Wings?

  53. Størm says:

    Oh, ok. I’m sorry. It was just updated for me to work. Nvm

  54. Størm says:

    It won’t work for me. Says that there is something missing in the add-on? I’m on IOS 0.17.0 and it keeps saying that the download failed. Unless it just doesn’t work for IOS period?

  55. Will says:

    When I try to download the ender dragon wings, it gives me dragonfly?

  56. Pete says:

    This is awesome! Can anyone show me how to make my own?

  57. Doge says:

    I’ve got the Angel Wings but I how do I get it on my character?

    • Editor says:

      Install the resource pack: Open Minecraft PE > Settings > Global resources > Apply pack. Restart Minecraft PE. Go in-game and add the elytra wings to your chestplate armor slot. It can be found in the creative inventory.

  58. VidEffectsHD says:

    Plz do blue colored Electra wings

  59. Widow_Maker1 says:

    Editor, thanks for fixing this. Works great now on IOS MCPE 1.0
    Creator and porter of these wings, AWESOME…thanks for bringing these to MCPEDL.COM
    These really livin up the Elytra.

  60. JC says:

    I kept trying and it finally worked thank you for fixing it

  61. JC says:

    I know u have fixed it but it still does not work for me
    It accepts but it cannot go in my world

  62. Lion says:

    Um there’s too many redirects what do I do

  63. TheGrassySceptile says:


  64. PetertheMinion says:

    I can’g download the green beetle one, it says “Can’t find manifest in pack”

  65. Joshua Suson says:

    Please add Blue Beetle wings plz plz plz 🙂 thanks

  66. Sebbysoccer says:

    Really great app I c outdated get every type of wing except green beetle wings!
    Can this please email fixed

  67. PetertheMinion says:

    When I try installing it on IOS, it says “Can’t find manifest in pack”, I have a screenshot of it

  68. Just a tip says:

    Could you please make it suitable for IOS 1.0 because I’ve been having the same issues as everyone else

  69. DotBot Carlos says:

    I doesn’t work it keeps saying can’t manifest pack can’t fin pack I’d can’t find pack description

  70. Patrick says:

    The update for IOS came out today, but when I tried to download it, it said there was a manifest error. Any thoughts?

  71. DarkMaster1028 says:

    Need update because its out for ios

  72. Jake says:

    It wouldn’t let me take the enderdragon elytra wings!

  73. Widow_Maker1 says:

    Trying to download these in new 1.0. Import fails. Says cannot find manifest in pack.

  74. Allan says:

    Yo creator i downloaded the texture pack and it didn’t work I’m on iOS and the 1.0 update came out

  75. Connor jorge says:

    Its not working. (.mcpack) it says there was a failure importing

  76. CommanderMario5 says:

    Could u make it work for iOS since when u download it on iOS it says duplicate even though there is no other elytra

  77. TheCreeperHuntr says:

    I just tried to download the eagle wings; my favorite of the textures; and it didn’t work. Minecraft said “Failed to download Eagle Wings Textures, Dupicate Pack detected” I am an IOS user on 0.17.0/1.0 and I am open to suggestions.

  78. Thea Shortnose says:

    Hey, great add-on, but could you make leaves/branches wings? teleporting/enderman wings would be cool too…

  79. MackDaPooh says:

    Do you know when 0. 17.0.1 comes out for Windows 10?

  80. JoshZilla says:

    I have or 0.17.1
    I downloaded it but it didn’t work
    It said import failed do I need 0.17.0 exactly?

  81. Asura says:

    How I install .mcpack textures?

  82. carlo garcia says:

    How to install it?

  83. J says:

    Help I can’t play any of my games anymore😔😖.

  84. Anonymous says:

    When is 0.17.0/1.0 coming out anyways?

  85. Lucia says:

    Can we make our special Elytra wings with an app on Google Play Store? I want this so much! If yes, which app is useful for that?

  86. Radcliff says:

    Hey Mr. Editor! I have just installed Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.0 Beta. I am really clueless on how to install this “resource pack”. Can you tell me how to install .mcpacks?

    • Editor says:

      You can find install guides in the menu which describes the process better than what I fit in this comment. 🙂

      • MythicalAura says:

        Can you add ender Dragon wings? It would be awesome and also can you add a halo wings texture too? That would be the best!

      • Mythical Aura says:

        i just ckecked again and saw it now said 14 instead of 13 so i was like, Did they add the ender dragon wings i asked for? And surely enough you did! thanks!

  87. SuperGoldGamer_ says:

    OK let’s cast a vote, should I make A candy land texture pack or a Block Ops 3 texture pack? Reply to this comment to vote!

  88. Aspergerian says:

    Doesn’t seem to work for me 🙁

  89. Jonathan Wibowo says:

    Cool but pls add fire wings

  90. DJ SlimeMC says:

    thank u for this pack now i can make the elytra texture for faithful work elytra is on the models file XD thank u so much for this

  91. 3CK0T1C says:

    The creator is Lemoncake (this resourcepack was actually on PC)

  92. SuperGoldGamer_ says:

    Oops sorry! The creator is /u/lemoncake_

  93. Tom says:

    I want to download the Golden Beetle Wings but it downloads the Green Beetle Wings 😕

  94. SKKKKK says:

    Android users are TOO lucky! I can’t wait for 0.17.0/1.0 for iOS!!!!

  1. July 24, 2018

    […] This skin pack works for the latest (non-beta) version of Minecraft. It adds 5 new “Ender Wing Suit” skins. By wearing this you will basically look like some sort of Enderman cyborg with a pair of wings. Definitely a nice upgrade from the ordinary Steve or Alex skins! You can’t really fly using the wings though (unless you pretend that part and use some invisible elytra textures). […]

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