Custom Flat Maps Infinites Pack

We know that currently in minecraft bedrock edition it is not possible to create our own infinite personalized flat maps, well here we bring you 16 infinite personalized flat maps of different materials, to be able to create our maps as: cities, minigames etc.

Also each of the maps includes some hidden items that we can use as decoration: D

Team Cubitos MC:

Twitter: @AndiuberOficial

flat maps included:

#1*Air (256 air)


#2*Quartz block (1 Bedrock, 30 Quartz block)


#3*Coarse dirt (1 Bedrock, 30 Coarse dirt)


#4*Purpur block (1 Bedrock, 30 Purpur block)


#5*Ice (1 Bedrock, 30 Ice)


#6*Lava (1 Bedrock, 1 Dirt, 9 Lava)


#7*Water (1 Bedrock, 1 Sand, 9 Water)


#8*Grass (1 Bedrock, 29 Dirt, 1 grass)


#9*Wool light gray (1 Bedrock, 30 Wool light gray)


#10*Stone bricks (1 Bedrock, 30 Stone bricks)


#11*Sandstone (1 Bedrock, 30 Sandstone)


#12*Red sandstone (1 Bedrock, 30 Red sandstone)


#13*Block of coal (1 Bedrock, 30 Block of coal)


#14*End stone bricks (1 Bedrock, 30 End stone bricks)


#15*Netherrack (1 Bedrock, 30 Netherrack)


#16*Stone (1 Bedrock, 30 Stone)


Changelog View more

Bug fix! . . . . . . . . . . . .



Supported Minecraft versions

1.10 1.11 1.9

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20 Responses

3.43 / 5 (7 votes)
  1. Guest-7596686248 says:

    lmao i got on the adfly website but it was a fake adfly and it auto-downloaded a virus. but i was able to spot it and delete it super fast, then block auto downloads from that website.

    everyone block auto downloads from “”

  2. Guest-6047397838 says:

    me encanto

  3. Guest-1336197842 says:

    it literally is saying that the site is fake

  4. Allal says:

    Does not work.

  5. Wut? says:

    It just takes you to a fake website called

  6. Johndrie says:

    Really really great map creator! This is exactly what I wanted! Now I can do my redstone/command block creations and tutorials to my world! Highly recommend it!!! 😃

  7. Evil Squirrel says:

    This is excactly what I needed, highly recommend

  8. cool mgee says:

    dude its so laggy!

  9. HELP says:

    Says virus please help

  10. Hipposgrumm says:

    I literally spawned a command block and inserted a command and it corrupted the world. So much lag.

  11. CoolMarvicGaming says:


  12. CoolMarvicGaming says:

    Thats great my favorite is here

  13. Noice says:

    Perfect, but I just need a flat world full of 150 blocks of water, can you add it if it’s possible please?

  14. Tikolu says:

    I would like an empty world which is also empty in the nether. Is that possible?

  15. Bestgamer323 says:

    Do it with bedrock

  16. Can you make a wood planks one as well?

  17. It’ll better if these are mctemplates, also add snow flat world and mycelium flat world

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