Custom Home Buttons: Bee Themed (Animated)

Bored of those rectangular and gray buttons? 

It is in the right place, because with this add-on the buttons will be replaced by beautiful and lively and eye-catching sweet and meloous buttons. 

This add-on contains inside, three very cool animated buttons. 

The package consists of animated images, large buttons that take up a lot of space on the screen, so your device must support medium heavy texture packs to be able to mount this add-on without any delay. 

The images used for animation are made by me completely, so I do not allow you to share this add-on in exchange for some economic remuneration of some kind. (shortened links… etc.)

Changelog View more

-A file (*.txt) with the usage license was added to the package.

-Added an external download link of the package in .mcpack format.

-Changed the format of the package that is distributed through the MCPEDL app from .zip to .mcpack for easy installation.


Download the. mcpack file, tap to install it.

 (Nothing happens when you tap? You can install this Explorer:

(Tap the .mcpack file you downloaded and select Minecraft)


Supported Minecraft versions


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18 Responses

4.6 / 5 (5 votes)
  1. It’s kinda cute and bad at the same time

  2. Ziplashsivery says:

    can you do a tropical slime version from minecraft earth? or any mob from earth if you have the time that is

  3. ElRoccoGD says:

    reminds me of the geometry dash menu :), the texture pack is great

  4. Guest-9943682767 says:

    I want download ir but I don’t want download the app ?

  5. There is no MCPEDL app for iOS.

  6. Guest-4430210326 says:

    wheres the download link

  7. Guest-7243986823 says:

    The first page reminds me of the Geometry Dash options

  8. Guest-5753597581 says:

    Where’s the download button?

  9. Guest-6370907010 says:

    nice addon.
    Question: what software did you use to make that addon?

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