Custom Shield Resource Pack

If you get bored with the default shield model in minecraft, this resource pack will change your perspective, making it a round shield.

This is the first version, in the next versions I’ll add more models of shields

New shield and options

Small 3D details make a small difference

You can select the shield type in the Custom Shield Settings section

Changelog View more

Add a new shield model with a few small 3D details

(Due to the structure of the game, it is not possible to add non-symmetrical models)


Terms of use

1. You're not allowed to re-publish without my link

2. You're not allowed to edit the manifest of the pack


Supported Minecraft versions




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32 Responses

4.29 / 5 (14 votes)
  1. How do make them???I also want to know how you make the shield texture,Because I want to make a texture pack that change the netherite armor texture to leather.Can you give the link to download the shield maker???Or you tell me what is the app name?????

  2. Anonymous says:

    I love the round shield in this texture pack but for some reason, using this texture pack with a cape moves the cape to the front of the player. Is there a way to fix this because i love this texture pack. (the moved cape doesn’t move to the front with other shield texture packs i have)

  3. Tem says:

    Epic, wheres download button?

  4. MatchaJelly says:

    Pls make Naofumi’s shield from The Rising of Shield Hero >///<

  5. Gamershy says:

    “(Due to the structure of the game, it is not possible to add non-symmetrical models)”
    Hmmm… seems pretty possible to me lmfao.

  6. JBit says:

    This is great! If you are going to add more shield models I suggest looking at some shields from Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild.

  7. GeoElitez says:

    10/10 made my viking walkthrough immersive and just adds value to my survival!! thank you!!!

  8. Kean says:

    Can you make like a swat shield?

  9. Anonymous says:

    Shields are in the new update and hopefully your aware. I just wanted to ask, are you making this for the new update 1.9+? I was thinking you were, I just wanted to ask to confirm this work because ever since Beta destroyed all my worlds I decided not to play but I am a medieval builder and would honestly love have these shields on armor stands. Keep up the good work! 🙂

  10. Caleb Lockhart says:

    The 3d shield is Brocken creator

  11. Anonymous says:

    How do you access the sheild settings?

    • MohitKM says:

      In the global resources section in settings tap on this packs name and add it by clicking the + button. Then click on it again and there will be a button with a bolt tightener on it. Tap it and you’ll be in the shield setting.

  12. PickaxeBop says:


  13. Make sure you’re at beta 1.10 and above to use my resource pack! thanks

  14. Kayson says:

    This is useless

  15. Kayson says:

    It did not work with me

  16. Gagehaze says:

    Wait the shield isn’t in pe though

  17. Max says:

    Best I shield I have seen so far.

    Keep up good work 🙂

  18. Aaron says:

    Is this for the beta?

  19. KingOfRatings says:

    Great Viking shield

  20. Galaxygamer says:

    Finally a interesting shield and not a rectangle shield ?‍?

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