Custom Skin for Capes

Mojang recently released a new skin pack for MINECON 2016 which includes four awesome capes. All users of Minecraft Pocket Edition (on all platforms) have until the 3rd October to obtain this skin pack for free.

If you want to be able to use your own custom skin with a cape you can’t really do that any other way than to download and use this texture pack. Make sure to read through the tutorial down below as you’ll have to do some customizations yourself!

Creator: Bomb_, Twitter Account

How does it work?

1. To obtain the MINECON 2016 skin pack for free you have until the 3rd October, so hurry up! Open Minecraft Pocket Edition and go to the store to go through with the purchase (which is 100% for free). You can now access the new capes by changing your skin.


If you don’t want to be using the Alex or Steve skins (you know, those default ones) to wear a cape then you will have to use this texture pack. Make sure to read through this tutorial to learn how to install your custom skin with a cape.

2. Install the downloaded texture pack. Here are some install guides you can use for that.

3. You will need some type of file manager in order to replace one of the included files in the texture pack. Here are some which I recommend:

4. Find your custom skin png file. If you don’t have a custom skin yet then go ahead and download one from here:

5. Use the file manager (ES File Explorer, 7-Zip or iExplorer) to locate the steve.png file: /games/com.mojang/resource_packs/Custom Skin for Capes/images/mob/


6. Replace steve.png with your custom skin. For example, you can remove the steve.png file, add your custom skin here and then rename it to steve.png.


7. Open Minecraft Pocket Edition and press the hanger button under your player character to select a new skin.

8. To really make sure it works open a world! And as you can see, I’m using my MINECON 2016 cape with a custom skin!



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177 Responses

4.24 / 5 (33 votes)
  1. Guest-5020133776 says:

    dang, I wish it worked

  2. MG64_YT says:

    There is no custom Skins for Capes/Images/mob

  3. tumorwurm says:

    Can you make this for minecon 2019 capes

  4. SteamyJar says:

    Those good old days.. with cape skins…

  5. Anon says:

    guys, it’s not possible to get the cape skin pack anymore, so you can’t get the capes.

  6. S A V V A G E says:

    How Do I Get The Capes Now Cause’ I’m In 2019

  7. Demented_Auror says:

    Update. It no work in newer versions

  8. Elias says:

    I want a cape so badly I will not live without one

  9. Samir says:

    How geht des Capes

  10. Jedd says:

    Umm is thise working in 1.4.3 beta and no mac download

  11. superminer33333 says:

    When will this texture pack be updated?

  12. Anonymous says:

    I cant extract it.

  13. Z4H1L says:

    Umm i need help, ive did everything in the tutoril on ios using an app called Documents. I opened it on minecraft and it said imported succsesfully. I clicked the little hanger thing and nothing appeares please help asap

  14. En_tity_3o3 says:

    How do i equip a cape? Response is appreciated

  15. AlexxraBerGamer says:

    Editor, pls tell me how to replace the image with ES file

  16. Anonymous says:

    Does it work on mcpe?

  17. Anonymous says:

    Oi it’s not working why huh my version is and it’s not working

  18. Omeaga99! says:

    Doese this wirk for ios?
    It seems awesome 😀

  19. SlayZer10 says:

    Okay but do I have to send this pack to mc when I edit it ? If so what .mc I have to write to send it. Thx for responding !

  20. Derpy Cake says:

    I can’t locate the Steve and Alex skins on Windows 10…

  21. DanialBrian464 says:

    Hello there Editior!
    When I try to install this to my iPad Air (ios 10.3.2)(I did all steps right) it just says:”Unable to open pack”. I’m using MCPE version 1.1.3. Any help would be Appreciated!
    All best wishes,

  22. ItsAlt_ says:

    Creator? Can you please update this version for 1.1.0+? The pack ID, UUID, and Desc won’t work. Please update.

  23. Blazer055 says:

    It won’t import! 🙁 I did everything it said but it said it wouldn’t import.

  24. Entity303 says:

    Please make it for 1.0.0+ I’m so mad I can’t get my skin with a cape please.

  25. Sean iOS says:

    The creator is Bomb_
    Hey Bomb_ do you notice everyone is mad because of the pack not working? The problem is there are manifest errors ples update this to fhe oatest version 1.0.8 guys if tou didnt know that version is out on all devices please re-edit the resources.json file please respond to this comment becaues capes are the best if you didnt edit it ill keep saying to this website

  26. Lord Vader says:

    I wish I could do this Dropbox sucks

  27. Puppet says:

    Or can you make it so that when I download it I can open it up in Minecraft so the pack can export?

  28. Puppet says:

    Can this work for 1.0.0?

  29. Blazer055 says:

    I know right!!! we need a Mc.Pack! 🙁

  30. Carson says:

    it doesn’t work can someone please help me

  31. Stiw91 says:

    Can we get this in Mc.Pack? It would be easier!

  32. Sean iOS says:

    Hello mcpedl i am sean ios call me sean i used itunes instead of iexplorer i can’t download it on my pc so itunes instead i do all steps i replace the steve file with my own skin then i have unplug my device on my pc when i go to mcpe it says couldn’t parse pack successfully what is the method to fix that? By the way i am using mcpe version 1.0.6 on ios i have no idea why that message is on the pack please reply to my issue i need a cape

  33. Blazer055 says:

    I’m on laptop. That’s why I don’t know how to open the pack on minecraft. I did everything else but the importing it to mc.

  34. Blazer055 says:

    Does this work with 1.0.5? if so how do I import the pack to minecraft?

  35. Jeremy says:

    I’m not sure if it works right now but my current version (1.0.3) on iOS it says the pack failed to load, I used an app called documents 5 by readdle instead of iexplorer. What can I do ? I followed the steps

  36. Gabe says:

    I tried to do this on my iPad with minecraft 1.0.3 and when I extracted the file and put it into my resource packs folder and went back into minecraft, it said that the pack couldn’t be read, it said manifest validation. (I did it how the directions said)!

  37. Minecraft_Bosss says:

    I really want you guys to update this so we can use it in 1.0 pls this is too go just to go to waste

  38. Elite says:

    I’ve done everything and it gives me the “Unable to parse package” error. I’m running on 1.0.3

  39. I liek kapes says:

    Do this work in 1.0?If yes thats awesome! But if not,ask the creator to create another custom skin for capes pack that is compatible with 1.0/

  40. John S says:

    Does it work for 1.0.0?

  41. Anonymous says:

    How do I replace the skin with my skin on documents?

  42. Precious Angelji R. Baligod says:

    This is so cool it blows my mind the capes are awsome and my cousin let me try it and it was the most coolest thing i ever did in minecraft pocket edeition im not gonna lie creator you make the best add on ever!!!!!

  43. HeriitageMC says:

    I have found a method of getting the custom skins on capes in iOS.

  44. by xXPandaXx says:

    Creator can you update this wonderful texture to official minecraft 1.0.2? If you can thank you !!

  45. Pat says:

    Hai I have a question, can I use this an alternative way for iOS bc my iPad is connected to my dad’s iPhone and my iPad I’m using to write this doesn’t have minecon skin pack… Plus for my older iPad my dad will probably get it too so you can probs see my situation…

  46. SirXzavien Woods says:

    Can someone please update this so it can be used with the documents app on iOS. I would really like to use this texture/resource pack again.

  47. Why u no give me capes says:

    If only i woul have bought the capes in time…sigh…time to wait another 4 months 😭

  48. Katrina says:

    Whenever I connect my iPad to my laptop it keeps saying ‘ITunes could not connect to the iPad because an invalid response was received from the device’ What does this mean? All it says on my iPad is trust this computer and I trust it but it doesn’t work. 🙁

  49. Anonymous says:


  50. _UndeadSkeleton_ says:

    Hi so for all of those who can’t get this to work (cuz it does not support 0.16.0+) I will be making a video soon on my channel UndeadSkeleton (case sensitive) on how to do it on android and possibly iOS (if the video get 10 likes) so stay tuned for that.

  51. YT_shadowplushie says:


  52. Ichigo Lee says:

    Ehat is you don’t have the Minecobe Skin Pack?

  53. Maxrocks95 says:

    Can we use it on 1.0 update?

  54. HeyItsOli says:

    is there a method for mcpe ios version 1.0? plz let me know cus i tried this method with iExplorer and it said couldnt parse properly.

  55. Myuu says:

    Its late but, I went back to mcpe, opened the store and saw MINECON 2016. Its over, but it was there, I tried to click unlock, but it said it had error connecting to the store. I refreshed it and- poof! Its gone. Cri I thought I can get capes lol

  56. Anonymous says:

    Is the Iexplorer called “Iexplorer mobile” because I don’t know how to rename it

  57. IndoGamer23 says:

    Does It Work for

  58. Bryan says:

    you need to update is not working anymore from 1.0.0 pls update it :v

  59. InfiniteDroidHQ says:

    MCPE DL please help me my mcpe version is 0.16.2 when i extracted the zip at the resource pack folder and i go to my mcpe i cant see the texture pack..please reply😭

  60. SkyKenji says:

    Is this like a whole texture pack for all the blocks or just a texture pack for the character cuz i don’t want it to affect my shaders.

  61. Anonymous says:

    Can this pack be updated for 0.17.0

  62. PetertheMinion says:

    I wish that this was for 0.16.2 too…. :,(

  63. Jeff the heft says:

    Can you make it work for 0.16.0?

  64. AkshatGamer says:

    Please work on Minecraft 0.16.0 I miss cape so much

  65. Viatic Escher says:

    Can you please make this work in mcpe 0.16.0 i miss capes please bring it back 😥😭

  66. Zachary says:

    Now I know how to do it nice 😀

  67. xXxHugo_PlaysxXx says:

    Dang it doesn’t work on 16.0 aww

  68. Zachary says:

    I rilly trying to get a cape

  69. Zachary says:

    It works on servers cool

  70. FluffyDogeGamer says:

    When will this be out for 0.16.0?

  71. Elxxctonicz says:

    who is that blue guy in 2 screenshot

  72. Djcasso123 says:

    It broke on me today when the update came out.

  73. Ananda says:

    0.16 official is released,can you make it to 0.16 please?

  74. Coolguy says:

    Do you know when it will be out for 0.16.0 cause I just got it to work yesterday and now I’m bummed out cause it doesn’t work

  75. TimelordMX says:

    Can you make it work in 0.16

  76. Vegito72 says:

    Will a version of this come out for 0.16.0?

  77. 23_Ronin_32 says:

    Doesn’t work I’m on 0.15.10 Alpha iOS10 pls help

  78. JGMiner channel says:

    Well it doesn’t need updating, so I’m on the latest version

  79. JGMiner channel says:

    This is frustrating, I did all of the things on the list but when I open minecraft it won’t work. Maybie cause I’m on minecraft 0.15.10? Please help!!!

  80. Ms says:

    Followed all steps, when I rename my skin steve.png it changes the skin back to steve! Help!

  81. Anonymous says:

    Heyyy um this is great but how do I replace the Steve file??? I am using ES File Explorer and my version of Minecraft is 0.15.10 thank you

  82. Anonymous says:

    I CANT do it :”( how I replace the Steve skin ?! I can’t understand

  83. Anonymous says:

    I got it and it has nothing inside of it. Why Editor?

  84. XzyGaMer says:

    Possess guys help me because if I put this minecon in resource packs is it’s say unfortunately minecraft pe has stopped plssss help me ????

  85. nataki360 says:

    Its so cool dude nice!!!!

  86. Anees says:

    What is the skin for the 4 screen shot he is like brown blue black with an enderman cape

  87. Chloe says:

    This doesn’t work at all I have been doing everything right and NOTHING

  88. MouseSkull says:

    How to do it so other people see it?

  89. Tiffany Garcia says:

    Can you use the AndroZip??

  90. Mineman says:

    Please help:
    I did everything as told but if I try to extract the zip file it says that it couldn’t be extracted…
    If you know the reason for this let me know, otherwise this is really neat.
    (Excuse me for my bad english)

  91. Lilcamp says:

    Mcpedl pls help me after i done everything then i go to minecraft the texture pack is not there pls help me

  92. ZHunterGamer says:

    Hello Mcpedl When I Download This Custom Cape And I Open My Minecraft PE its Crashed

  93. TheDragonRing says:

    I don’t know if anyone else is having this problem, but after I installed the pack and went to check if it was working, every time I try go to the skins menu it crashes the game.

  94. Harsukhdeep says:

    I can’t see the custom cape PNG in my resource_packs folder help!

  95. Thompson says:

    why does the folder have nothing in it? I have downloaded it several times and when I got it extracted, There seems to be nothing inside it. A little help, Editor?

    • Editor says:

      Are you using ES File Explorer? If it still doesn’t work when using ES File Explorer then try downloading it on another device, preferably a Windows computer, and see if you can use 7-zip to extract it.

  96. Tyrellgaming says:

    This is awesome

  97. The Nerd says:

    If I am on realms, will my friends see my custom skin, or the steve skin?

  98. Sweet Kyle says:

    Hello editor i had a latest version of MCPE and theres no minecon 2016 skin pls help me. My version is pls help me thank you

  99. Simon says:

    This really works!!!! Thnx

  100. Mamadia says:

    Does this work for 0.16.0,
    If it doesn’t can u make one?
    It well be cool

  101. ShadowXVD says:

    Do u seriously have to download iExplorer?+ thay don’t even let u Search??

    • TheDragonRing says:

      I recommend downloading iExplorer if you are trying to get texture/addon for an iOS device. You don’t have to buy the full version and the free ‘demo version’ has more than enough functionality for doing this. Also, what do you mean it doesn’t even let you search?

      But no, you don’t HAVE to.

  102. Lucia says:

    This is not working! This says “bad .zip” and errors. I make steve.png and alex.png, and make them my skin. This is still not working! There is no alex or steve skin but game has they. Please help

  103. MarioStacker11 says:

    Nice one, even it’s obvious how did he script it 😀

  104. _.Arlina._ says:

    I am a IOS user, so i got iexplorer, but I couldn’t find out how to use it…i saw a guy using this and thought it was cool. If anyone knows how to use please tell me! This looks awesome!

  105. Hi says:

    Does it work for 0.16.0?

  106. OfficialJoey says:

    Very good idea! I was looking through all the system files on my Laptop to figure out how to edit it. 10/10

  107. Zack says:

    This is cool!

  108. Krishiv768 says:

    Yay this works for multiplayer too!(Tho I managed to do this without resource pack,iFile+jailbreak)

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