I will show you this very simple texture pack that i worked on for a couple days. This texture pack provides more creativity to your minecraft world.

What made me want to make this texture pack? My inspiration came from not liking the vanilla texture and model for the armor stand . It doesn’t look like armor would really fit the armor stand, So i made this texture pack.

How to use the add-on:

This texture pack is limited to one armor stand texture at once, So you will need to change the textures in the texture settings.


Textures /Models:

  • The first armor stand option is the “StoneStatue” armor stand. This armor stand looks good on a shrine in the middle of a village or in a grave yard.
  • The second armor stand option is the “Knight” armor stand. This armor stand looks great in or around a castle or around a village to intimidate other players.

  • The third option is the “Target” armor stand. This armor stand looks okay, but its good for target practice.
  • The fourth option is the “Dummy” armor stand. This armor stand texture is good to use in a redstone testing world or testing room.
  • The “last ” armor stand option is the vanilla armor stand. This is the original armor stand model and texture.
There is a secret armor stand

Changelog View more
Updated the file and can now be downloaded and played on Minecraft


Supported Minecraft versions




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40 Responses

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  1. Can I have the permission to combine all of my skin to this addon(I mean resource pack)???

  2. Make Coffin Dance Meme armor stand.If you want to search for it,just download it from me.I have the Coffin Dance Meme Cloth skin but it Herobrine.

  3. I have now fixed the problem. looks like was deleted from Mediafire

  4. Guest-6708445420 says:

    Lmao this file is empty what scam are you runnin

  5. Guest-1020263359 says:

    The file became empty once I downloaded it; and if you can, can you try to update this texture pack please?

  6. Guest-5676806675 says:

    This is cool what the problem with you guys the link is working.i love this texture pack.i can change it to my skin for who don’t know how here the step:fist go to file any file will work internal storage,games,.com mojang,resources pack and find custom cros thats the name and then you will see brian guard and all that choose one and then delete that skin replace with you change name you skin armor_stand.png izzy pizzy chezzy

  7. Guest-4269951585 says:

    the link doesn’t work!

  8. Guest-3231918856 says:

    Link not working!

  9. Guest-3231918856 says:

    Link not working

  10. Guest-6475716347 says:

    Instead of the armor stand,can you make it the armor instead?

  11. Guest-5167685832 says:

    Link doesnt work.

  12. I give it 2 since it says, “not a valid zip archive”

  13. Hi! I am a map creator and I am hoping to get your permission to use this texture pack for my map it is a find the button map with over 20 levels and I’m hoping to get your response I will accept everything you decide

  14. Ghhumnb says:

    Jsnsnsnznzmmkkissgzgz cool beans

  15. Scott tobin says:

    Is it possible for you to add a media fire link?

  16. mishmoon says:

    So awesome, I’m even going to make a map/adventure with this

  17. bestGaming says:

    The pack is named custom crosshairspack XD

  18. rollkids says:

    Hey i would like to ask u if u could teach me how to change a certain armor stand to make it my skin
    if u want to show me talk to me on discord its rollkids#4722

  19. Lakes says:

    Can you make an invisible armor stand?

    • NoodleShelf says:

      armor stands are affected by potions so they can be invisible by typing in this command: /effect @e[type=armor_stand] invisibility (however many seconds you want it to be)

  20. Kevin says:

    Villager or something like that it would be great in making rpg maps

  21. >Tell me what skins or models i should create and put into the next Custom Armor Stand pack.<

  22. BlockbyBlock says:

    You should do an Armor Stand without the arms!

  23. LolGamer says:

    Can you make some custom poses? Like a sitting armor stand? If not can you add

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