Cute Girls HD Skin Pack

This is a HD pack with girls for anyone to play as, this is a pack for iPhone,Android and Xbox one! The skins included are great for role playing! They are all made on Skinseed and unfortunately I’m not a good editor so the pictures might look a bit choppy..!

These skins can include baddie looking girls like a zombie or a typical rough girl or a cute girl(s)!


Supported Minecraft versions

1.12 1.13 1.14

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58 Responses

4.35 / 5 (20 votes)
  1. Guest-4184455045 says:

    Wow! These outfits are so CUTE!

  2. Guest-6945402410 says:

    Hey i have the pack and its amazing 🤩🤩 but i do have one issue i hope u can resolve if not its np but the bloody one isn’t in the pack i was wondering why not and if theres some way i can get it? Thx

  3. Guest-5497414907 says:

    when i try to open it it says “not a valid zip archive” can someone help?

  4. Guest-6442701355 says:

    Uh, couldn’t you just like given us the template? Can you please? It doesn’t work. But I doubt you’re gonna respond. But I AM a big fan of this skin pack. Can something go right and make me happy for once? Thanks

  5. Guest-3951010526 says:

    It says there is an error and cannot import, they look so cute as well! :'(

  6. Guest-9571330080 says:

    Yo answer my question help me out

  7. Guest-4643957188 says:

    Hiiii I have a problem when I click on this costume pack it directly sends it to my app on my iPhone but Minecraft says that there’s an error and it doesn’t work. I don’t know what to do :((

  8. Guest-1014714284 says:

    Adding onto my other comment about it not working on Xbox, I can press the button with 3 lines and then save target as and such but when I click extracted it It just says “extracted” and then it never actually extracts anything

  9. Guest-1014714284 says:

    Trying so hard to make this work on Xbox, not understanding how without the media fire thing help I want the skins so bad

  10. Guest-4879900621 says:

    Can this be used on pc somehow? Or should I give up searching already?

  11. Guest-1130313368 says:

    thank u so so so much ( ◜‿◝ )♡

  12. Guest-4615386675 says:

    How did you create the download link?

    You can text me back on Skin seed if you have it…

    My account is __FUSIONER__

  13. SoleMaple238545 says:

    Nagyon jó.

  14. Charlotte Potter says:

    how do you download the skins? and can you do it on pc?

  15. eruhfvhbritgh says:

    can you add more aesthetic girl skin packs and memey ones because that would be really nice

  16. anonymous says:

    i M dragonz_ on skinseed

  17. Savanah says:

    everyone watch YouTube to get that skin ^’^

  18. XoxEthanxoX says:

    I’m sorry but when is the boy’s skin pack im so excited >w<

    • Guest-2739337767 says:

      You can search up aesthetic skin pack on this website by awuwbs i dont know how to spell it but it comes with skins like this

  19. Floofyfoxxo says:

    Excuse me but do you take requests?

  20. Hoshi says:

    How can you out on the pack? I’ve never downloaded a skin pack so I don’t really know what do.

  21. Icy says:

    You just press the 3 lines button when your on it then copy link(don’t click on the link) then continue as normal.

  22. Floofyfoxxo says:

    I do hope you add more hd girls in the future. I’ve seen a lot of really cool ones on the servers I’d like to use, like that one that had white on and with the red wings and such!

  23. Icy says:

    Now can we have boys? Thanks this is great( also it works for Xbox)

  24. Yee says:

    Can u add a nerd HD girl? Thx XD

  25. Yeet says:

    It does work XD could u add a hd girl wearing glasses like a nerd girl THX XD

  26. Anonymous says:


  27. Shinso says:

    How do you port skinseed skins to xbox?

  28. ZarZar says:

    MediaFire link pls❤

  29. Floofyfoxxo says:

    This looks amazing! Unfortunately, as a Xbox user, the link doesn’t work because it isn’t a mediafire link….

  30. xoxoBriBrixoxo says:

    The skin pack is awesome, but the link does not work. Could you try to make it MediaFire? Thank you!

  31. xoxoBriBrixoxo says:

    Well it’s a good skin pack, but the link does not work. Could you try to fix it?

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