Cute Mob Model Addon

Ever wanted minecraft can be less scary and attractive? This Addon transforms creatures from minecraft to anime girls from AT2’s art and Yarr’s Cute Mob Models Mod. Since the mod models creator and artist retired this is my time to finished thier work.

Ported by: LugiaGamerYT

Models by: Yarrmateys

There is many visuals to explore.

This Addon adds in a new mob called ghast sister.

She has 20 health, She acts like a blaze but shoots ghast fireballs, And She also attacks animals and players.

Known bugs:The Wandering Trader has a walking animation but not working properly and the Ocelot has a walking animation but not working properly.


that is the last words what the original creator added.

Changelog View more

Reuploaded: Added words left by the original mob models creator has he left.

I have added two new mobs that are booette and bowsette and yes i know they are not wearing a super crown because i feel lazy to add it and i added Villagers (they are bugged) Rabbits (also bugged like bugs bunny) bees, dolphins and zombie villagers

Stuff Added: Added Rana a new companion for a journey nothing specific about her (she was inspired by that removed indev mobs that dock made).

Added booette's flying ability because she is a ghost and a boo from mario they all can fly.

Added new final designs for cats (not ocelots) and foxes (inspired by senko san anime).

Added spawning for booette, bowsette and rana I totally forgot that i didn't add that in the last update.

Added sheep's new design even when you name it jeb_ it goes to rainbow colors.

Fixed the wither model not changing i accidentally messed the code alittle bit last update so i fixed it back.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.13 1.14

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149 Responses

4.61 / 5 (74 votes)
  1. Shurifera says:

    Sorry, my computer glitched out. Can’t see the comment I left, so I’ll leave it one more time:

    I’ve noticed that the Resource Pack for the models isn’t working at the moment.
    Is it possible that you’re currently updating it for 1.16, the Nether Update?

  2. Guest-4229614418 says:

    I love this addon! But will you add boy variants to the mobs? Heres something weird:
    Wolf is a girl but you can breed them

    • LugiaGamerYT says:

      Well zombies are boys I don’t think that adding boy variants will be a good idea for me and plus it does looks wierd as wolves are breeding and notch said he couldn’t make genders for the animals and neither can i

  3. Guest-5388303466 says:

    will we ever see an updated wolf/dog model? i feel like it no longer fits the rest of the new models and it would be a cool update considering it’s the only one “chibi” like model while the rest are anime

  4. Guest-1138519017 says:

    Bug about “Bee” cant flying up 1 block pls fix it

  5. KyuKyuRe646 says:

    I like this mod very much. Fits for weebs who play minecraft. Also what about the wither and the enderdragon. I’ve seen some sketches from the Artist that made some of the wither. Also Also could there be a small feature where you could shear the snow golems hat hahaha. I am actually planning to use this for some vids. Anyways I love what you did! Keep it up please!!!

  6. Guest-3860841976 says:

    Why is the villagers still standing when they sleep?

  7. Guest-7988745821 says:

    Make an addon update is hard

    But can you make the nether update mobs?

  8. Guest-6372988328 says:

    Make enderdragon-chan. And make her a milf cuz she lays eggs

  9. animemilytdm says:

    This is so adorable please keep updating it n dont abandon it its soooo cute x

  10. Guest-5225760083 says:

    Awesome mod, thanks for the updates. Also really nice too learn a bit about how Minecraft mob editing works on bedrock all in one place.

    Creeped the f out by the animals being people(I’m probably the only who downloaded this and feels that way) but I modded them in my world so I’m less creeped out.

    Thanks and keep up the good work.

    • Guest-3347534151 says:

      Trust me, you’re not the only one! I’m actually so glad I see someone with the same opinion, its so off putting hitting cute anime girls and hearing pig and cow sounds! lmao Anyways, how do you change this or I’m guessing you gotta be some mod guru? Sorry I’m super new to all this 🙂

  11. Guest-8684099263 says:

    Hello, I want to ask you to make a small adjustment to the Ghast because when I go to the Nether she is flying around but as soon as she sees me she starts shooting at me (as she usually does) but I find it difficult to hit her with one of her loads or with arrows since it moves too fast and I would like it to be slower or bigger to hit it because I love this mod and I don’t want to have to remove the Ghast to continue the survival mode in the world, and incidentally when you update the mod? since I see that some mobs are still missing and there are some other flaws in the animation of walking in some mobs. Thank you (sorry for my google translate english xd)

  12. Guest-7472428037 says:

    Is there a way to only use the dog mod and disregard the other mobs?

  13. CannedBeans says:

    Good Add-on! And I was used it since v1.13 and I catch some BUG, in where the bowsette just stand still and didn’t follow the owner, and I trying to find what’s wrong and I discovered that she’s targeting the target that in long distances and in order to make she is following me again I should kill the mob first. And I have some ideas, Add maid, and maybe some fantasy entities that perhaps based from anime. (Sorry I was bad at English). Greetings from Indonesia. – ライハン (Raihan aka CannedBeans)

  14. Powerless001 says:

    How do you befriend Rana? I found her in the world but I have no clue how to befriend her.

  15. Guest-7252104859 says:

    This is a great addons. I hope it can be updated as soon as possible. By the way, squid’s model is wrong

  16. Guest-4859486203 says:

    Please fix the model of squid and i want to the parrots please and nether mobs

  17. Guest-9002296185 says:

    Centaur girls?

  18. Guest-6619345643 says:

    Please add the nether update the 1.16 beta
    *zobie piglin
    Need to add for other mods:

  19. Guest-6161013614 says:

    i am getting it in bds1.14.have some bug(fire man can’t looked,creeper’s Appearance is bad).but the add is verygood.

  20. TheBraulio03 says:

    Espero que no abandones ya que me gusto mucho.

    Muchas gracias uwu

  21. Guest-6055642236 says:

    It’s an awesome addon, it’s sad because the creator abandoned it.
    Do you still continue this addon?
    If so, I want to contribute some ideas to this addon…

  22. Guest-3056591569 says:

    That’s great. Can you make 4D skin? I like your work very much and I really want to use husk’s 4D skin, please.(I am Chinese,Talking with a translation machine can be awkward )

    • LugiaGamerYT says:

      Originally It was going to happen But since the developers didn’t allow people to make 4d skin packs so I made the chubby cute mob skin pack because of the limits and besides if i did make one I’m gonna make it private

  23. Alisu_Shimada says:

    Great Texture, really brings out the weeb out of me- XD

    Also, one question: How come the fox texture (Senko-San) isn’t like the one from the anime where she’s wearing the white maiden clothes?

    • LugiaGamerYT says:

      Well I tried to make it resemble a vanilla fox which I did well there is other mobs like the skeleton and cave spider that really doesn’t resemble their vanilla counterparts so maybe i could make the fox wear senko san’s maid dress

  24. User-3432409860 says:

    Hi lugia . Can you fix this because drowned’s texture is doesn’t work.I really want to review this addon in my video. (I come from thailand.)

    • LugiaGamerYT says:

      The drowned texture don’t work because it is unused and the model isn’t out for the drowned due to the limits of making the drowned model and animation if your an addon creator you will know what i mean

  25. Approver Of Addons says:

    I approve of this addon.

  26. SOFIA PONCE says:


  27. Nicholai Vardanyan says:

    Hey lugiagamer i wanna ask something pls dont think its weird but is there any way to tame rana bowsette and booette?

  28. Anonymous says:

    Can this addon be use in a realm?

  29. Wilson says:

    One drawback is that you won’t have the heart to hurt these mobs, and I’ll try to change that and put your girls (zombies are boys, right? ) separate from the creatures and make something like a mutant, how about using a golden apple on a regular mob and then electrocuting it and turning it into a girl?

  30. ThePotFather says:

    Having an issue on Xbox where pigs cows and cats don’t have any models at all, also no bees but I’m pretty sure that just cuz they were just added, also some villagers professions like the cleric have broken models baby zombie villagers also have no model, I’d really like to see this all fixed as I love what’s here but because of the way it is I can’t use it in survival

  31. IvanVel says:

    El complemento está bastante bien hecho, pero sería mucho mejor si agregara también sonidos personalizados, solo es una sugerencia, me encanta así

  32. Taishi _kim says:

    I hot the 1.16 you all fix the new mods their also and panda,drown and parrot thank u

  33. Alenviel says:

    now , i just need an anime shader

  34. MuchKawaii says:


  35. Mission says:

    Adult bees can’t pollenate short flowers with the behavior pack on. They can pollenate tall ones, though, like sunflowers, but they just hover on the short ones and do nothing. Babies can pollenate short ones.

  36. Nerd101 says:

    Good, but for some reason, the drowned skin isn’t loading and just appears as regular drowned :T

  37. HazmiRasid says:

    wait… you can ride pigs and horses right?… ooh noooo… ohhh no…

  38. Bronco Dalton says:

    This addon is annoying, & creepy

  39. Kenzo says:

    Can you change their model like the players.

  40. NudeZENPAI says:

    squid textures always seem to be broken for me

    • LugiaGamerYT says:

      Well I’m gonna make them unused in the next update if the squid models work in 1.15 or up than that update hopefully it will fix the squid models

  41. k0mrade says:

    creeper model is broken on the 1.13 version

  42. k0mrade says:

    the 1.14 beta version of the addon has no wither boss replacement

  43. SmashAmimation says:

    I really like this Addon but please someone help me figure out how to open it. I download it,it goes in files I move it to the behavior pack folder but then I can’t open it in Minecraft.

    • LemonKing says:

      I got it! pls try to chance file from mcaddon to .zip and then extend it like other .zip file. You will get BH and RS file so move it to inside file game 😉

      • SmashAmimation says:

        The problem is this
        Getting the file inside the app because I get it to where it needs to be in files I just can’t open it in Minecraft.

  44. Anonymous says:


  45. MiyOli says:

    This is great! I thought the squids would be updated too now. But aside from them, I like what’s new!

  46. FuntimeSladeYT says:

    can you make a way to tame them plz like a poppy

  47. AgentCPU0 says:

    Any chance you can make this as just a resource pack? I know we’d lose features, but at least the vanilla game would have a different look

  48. Anonymous says:

    You can tame the cats, dogs, etc by taking the Behavior pack off, but you will not have the ghost sister, ALSO NOTE FOR THE CREATOR OF THIS PACK : The squids look really weird

  49. Laphurus says:

    Hello Lugia,
    I was wondering if you know who created the Phantom Model, because my friend showed me some screenshots and the phantom resemble someone I knew.

    Anyway it’s such a great addon you did a great job to make it on the bedrock version!

  50. Maryam says:

    This isn’t great! A few models are broken, but I’m really quite sad you can’t tame the cats. 🙁 can you pleas fix that?

  51. Eli Wiens says:

    Great but I can’t use spawn eggs

  52. Iris kat says:

    Can you add parrots as anime mobs? please? :3

  53. Cmd says:

    Whis you cood downloaded the mob talker 2 mod to go with this addon

  54. Hảo bé says:

    Resource packages of villagers and foxes do not work 😦

  55. Marcella says:

    The chickens and sheep don’t have a skin

  56. WolfPak says:

    Guardian resource pack isn’t working, is it a bug?

  57. Emiliano Vega says:

    Can you make villagers, even as guys would be cool, I mean it’s weird seeing the villagers as the usual and everybody else as a waifu cute girl

  58. MR.CRASHCC says:

    Please help. when i created my test world i see that the mobs of the addon are invisible. And when i see the problem reading the problems first says: there’s can be an another archive that isn’t opened yet, this can make it buggy. And when i see the real problem: A file is missing. When see the: theres an archive isn’t opened yet. I activated the two folders and didnt work. A file is missing in the addon (thats can be my antivirus or anything else). An archive that i need to open to make it work good when i activated all. The mobs didn’t appear and i’m like POKER FACE. Please if someone read this and says to me how i can fix this thanks.

  59. MR.CRASHCC says:

    How i an install it cuz when i open the game with the addon it says: something can be missing and when i see the addon in hte game menu says: there’s a file missing or removed and its like 499049o494 just like an example. And when i open the world or create it the mobs are invisible.

  60. JustaNormalGuy says:

    Guardians resource pack doesn’t work

  61. Ili says:

    This has become one of my favourite addons. Can you add textures for guardians and ravagers in the next update?

  62. ToshiMarborisu says:

    Ok I was a beta tester for this add-on in also friends with Lugia So Come at me

  63. AE&TB says:

    This awesome, but when I try mount to a pig, always end up my sight is covered by pig face.

  64. Ganz says:

    Guardian skins aren’t working for me, Is it a bug and how do I fix it?

  65. Anonymous says:

    Guardian and Elder guardian models don’t work.

  66. Lovely_Rose says:

    I have a small problem, The Ghast Sister mob doesn’t have a spawn egg and won’t normally spawn

  67. Albino says:

    This fantastic, but there’s only a problem. The sounds made by mobs like the illagers doesn’t really fit the mobs so in future updates is it possible to adjust this?

  68. Nude ZENPAI says:

    OMG thank you! Good work ! Keep it up , keep it updated! 😀 don’t forget the new foxes coning out,start making a model for them! 😀

  69. Frituu says:

    Found a bug: When you leave the server, the next time you join your cat isn’t owned by you anymore. It is still tamed, but you cannot tell it to sit or stand and it will not follow you

  70. Rexo says:

    could you fix the tame wolves please : ‘(

  71. SpectresWarden says:

    I love this! I think it is better than the other cute mob addon. My only ‘complaint’ is the wolfgirl’s height. Could you please make them as tall as the catgirls? It makes no sense that the catgirl is taller than the wolf…

  72. MinecraftUwU says:


  73. soviet says:

    more like Minecraft weeb mod

  74. Bondman15 says:

    Could it work on Xbox?

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