Cuter Vanilla Cats *Survival Friendly* With Kitty Paws

If you dislike the Vanilla Minecraft cat models as much as I do, you might enjoy my resource pack! This resource pack adds a new model for the kitties – which will function as normal in both survival and creative.

How could the Minecraft team leave the best part of a cat out? Their ADORABLE little kitty paws! This resource pack updates a few textures for the vanilla cat, but the biggest change is the model. With this resource pack the Vanilla Minecraft cats will behave normally, they will just look a little different. You will still be able to tame, dye the collars on, breed, and receive gifts from your kitty pal. This resource pack will not disable xbox achievements. If you dislike my version of the cat, that’s ok you can just remove the resource pack from your world and everything should be fine.

I hope you enjoy this pack!

– Added sweet little kitty paws and more cat-like ears

-Color corrected a couple of the vanilla textures, and made the pupils black on the cats with yellow eyes.

Please do not copy, change, claim as your own, or redistribute without my permission.

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Supported Minecraft versions

1.12 1.13

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11 Responses

4.75 / 5 (4 votes)
  1. A_Cat_Lover says:

    Great job!!!
    I really love it! The only thing I would change is that the cat’s ears look a bit like fins. Probably just me.

    • UnicornFury says:

      Thank you so much for your kind feedback, I agree they aren’t perfect so I’m playing with a couple of designs. If I come up with something I’ll be sure to update the pack 💕

  2. HazmiRasid says:

    AND EVEN DIRECT DOWNLOAD ? you are crazy my man. please make one for wolves or fox please?

    • UnicornFury says:

      Thank you HazmiRasid I will consider wolves and foxes! It will be hard to improve because I think they are already cute haha 😅 I might be crazy but I love sharing my creations! ♥️♥️

  3. Darius says:

    Cute!! But i think the ears are a bit big 🙂

  4. Sakura says:

    Awe so cute

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