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Published on March 04, 2015 (Updated on March 04, 2015)

Cyborg Armor

The Cyborg Armor is a human machine mod which implements a bunch of new armor items. When equipping an armor item it will give you machine like powers such as being able to jump extra high or shoot TNTs.

Creator: UltraPeachMC


The CyborgCannon is crafted with 5 iron blocks and 1 diamond. Tap on the ground once to equip it. When you do that you will also get a Cannon Switch which should be held in your hand when you want to use the actual cannon to shoot TNT blocks.

Cyborg Chest Plate

The chest plate is crafted with 8 iron blocks and 1 diamond. While wearing the armor you will deal 20 damage each hit making it a one shot kill most of the time.

Cyborg Boots

The boots are crafted with 4 iron blocks and 1 diamond. While wearing the boots you'll run much faster and jump much higher. Fall damage will be existent so be careful.

Cyborg Armor

The Cyborg Armor is crafted with 6 diamonds, 1 CyborgCannon, 1 Cyborg Cheste Plate and 1 Cyborg Boots. It is the complete armor set and once equipping the item you will get all the abilities of each armor.

Item IDs & Crafting Recipes

  • CyborgCannon (413) - 5 iron blocks + 1 diamond
  • Cyborg Armour (417) - 6 diamonds + 1 CyborgCannon + 1 Cyborg Chest Plate + 1 Cyborg Boots
  • Cyborg Boots (414) - 4 iron blocks + 1 diamond
  • Cannon Switch (415)
  • Cyborg Chest Plate (416) - 8 iron blocks + 1 diamond

Installation Guides

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How to download it
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That's what happens if you don't wait patiently
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Why does this never WORK
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make it so you can get it on a mcpack for windoes 10 edition please
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This doesn't work at all !!
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is there any where else to download this. It always says the dropbox limit has been reached
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It always says drop box limit reached ?
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Is there a way to get this on iOS? If not and you have extra time can you try to make a version of this for iOS? Thx
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**comment edited because of use of caps lock**
How do I even fricken install this mod to Minecraft from Dropbox?!
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A guide:
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im on windows 10 which is same as pe but on pc do you have a way for windows 10?
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