D Day Addon – Morningstar War Addon – (Beta Release)

This add-on is made by Morningstar Dev team of CSSR Faction, This add-on is based on WW2 the deadliest war in human history, This add-on has Jeeps, Troops Carrier, Guns. 


This add-on is made by Morningstar Dev team of CSSR Faction, This add-on is based on WW2 the deadliest war in human history, This add-on has  LCVP , Willy’s jeep & few guns.



This addon contains 2 jeeps:

  1. VW Jeep
  2. Willys Jeep

Features of the jeep:

  1. It has 4 seats.
  2. Tyre animations.


Features of the LCVP:

  1. It has 9 seats.
  2. Realistic door animations.


Features of the C47:

  1. It has 10 seats
  2. Landing gear animations with sounds

Czech Hedgehog:

Features of the Czech Hedgehog:

  1. It reduces the speed of vehicles


This addon gives 3 flags:

  1. US flag
  2. British flag
  3. Enemy flag


This addon gives you 14 guns and 1 grenade.

All fully auto guns are crouch to shoot.

All semi auto guns are press to shoot.

US weapons:

  1. coltm1911
  2. garand
  3. winchester
  4. m1918a1
  5. m3
  6. thompson
  7. grenade

German weapons:

  1. Kar98k
  2. MP40
  3. MY42
  4. STG45
  5. Luger
  6. Gewehr43

British weapons:

  1. lee_enfield
  2. sten_mark2

To get the weapon:

  1. /function allweapons
  2. /function usweapons
  3. /function britishweapons
  4. /function germanweapons
  5. /give ms:weapon_name


We replaced vanilla music discs.

This addon gives 6 anthems:

  1. US Anthem – Record Wait
  2. British Anthem – Record Ward
  3. German Anthem – Record Mellohi
  4. Polish Anthem – Record Strad
  5. USSR Anthem – Record Stal
  6. French Anthem – Record Mall  


All items that has replaced vanilla items:

  1. Iron Shovel
  2. Trench Knife – Iron Sword
  3. US Anthem – Record Wait
  4. British Anthem – Record Ward
  5. German Anthem – Record Mellohi
  6. Polish Anthem – Record Strad
  7. USSR Anthem – Record Stal
  8. French Anthem – Record Mall 

Items that spawn something:

  1. Willy Jeep egg – Spawns Willy Jeep
  2. VW Jeep egg – Spawns VW Jeep
  3. C47 egg – Spawns C47 
  4. Czech Hedgehog egg – Spawns Czech Hedgehog
  5. Flag1 – US Flag
  6. Flag2 – British Flag
  7. Flag3 – Germany Flag


Azozgamer(Azoz Guns Creator) – for allowing me to use his gun sounds and giving me an idea on how custom entity projectiles work in minecraft.

Changelog View more

Fixed the discord link as it got deleted so you guys can contact us anytime if you have some questions.

New vehicles

  1. C47
  2. VW kubelwagon

New items

  1. Flags
  2. Czech Hedgehog
  3. Music

Added 14 new weapons


C47 & VW jeep

6 Anthems 

Czech hedgehog 


Removed vanilla guns and added 14 custom entity weapons.

I have edited the Description as the admins wanted me to insert more images to the description.


For .mcaddon:

  • Click on the downloaded file .
  • A pop up will appear and click on mineceaft.

For .zip files:

  •  After Downloading please decompress the files using a file manager app.
  • Copy Behaviour Pack and paste it in games/mojang/behaviour folder.
  •  Copy Resources Pack and paste it in games/mojang/resource folder.
  • Open your Minecraft and enjoy.

PS: Make sure while installing add-on your Minecraft should not be running in background.

If you got good suggestions for this add-ons or you found any bugs , contact us in our discord server. :

Future updates:

  • More Weapons
  • More Vehicles


Supported Minecraft versions


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  1. KthePro says:

    Can you add ww2 tanks

  2. Blue Raptorex says:


  3. Cheesecal says:

    Best ww2 addon/mod can u pls add paratroopers npc.

  4. Gopnik kat says:

    Can i use it in my map ?
    if yes respond
    and i gonna credit you

  5. minecraft is my Iife says:

    Does this work for 1.16? If yes respond,

  6. Abdal02 says:

    good effort but it would be gr8 if u added npc soldiers and terrorists{for fun} and enable taming options with wait/follow options just like in wolves…pls do reply.TIA

  7. GXholeCraft_Official says:

    Makers These Days Have Been Making 3D Gun Models
    Why not Give It A Shot?

  8. Coolkidjeff08 says:

    How to you download the Addon the zippy share doesn’t work plz help

  9. DarthGamer3012 says:

    If you’re reading this, Morningstar, then please do it as soon as possible, the link is not working, no redirect, so can you send a direct link, please! I love the Addon but this rating is because I can’t get it, and there is no zip link

  10. Hum drama says:

    Could you add Npc soldiers?

  11. Ramendan70 says:

    i just noticed something the czech hedgehog spike is an entity if u spawn alot of it, it will lag i hope you can make custom blocks :/
    soo its hard to make a beach with alot of czech spikes around ur map it will lag hard.

  12. Ramendan70 says:

    Can you make a remove tool to remove the czech hedgehog spike?

  13. SkedleLmaoooooo says:

    Definitely the best D Day Addon.

  14. MrAgentBlaze's Second Account says:

    Ok excuse me, what nation is called ‘Enemy’? there is no ‘Enemy’ during D-Day lmao

  15. your link is broken… please fix!

  16. slayingbladez says:

    can i us this in a map i will hive credit

  17. Ramendan70 says:

    Thanks! Im Gonna Make A D-Day Map And Finally Somebody Added Czech Hedgehog!

  18. zane924 says:

    can you please tell me how to use the website takes you to?

  19. ZweWinHtut says:

    When I join the discord server,it says this user is banned from this guild,why?

  20. fortbloxcraft222 says:

    make link direct to mediafire pls

  21. Yazuko Gamer says:

    It looks cool but before I download it, is the guns 3D?

  22. Can you make the m1 garand deal more damage?

  23. HEHE42069 says:

    LOVE this addon so far, Keep up the good work.

    • Thank you for your feedback sir. We appreciate that you enjoyed our add-on, If you want to stay up-to-date on D-day add-on or want to learn more about our upcoming add-ons please don’t forget to join our Official Discord Server

  24. GXholeCraft_Official says:

    I Highly Reccomend You To Add The NPC’s From Every Countries Involved And Also Planes Tanks And Maybe Flags

  25. SkedleLmaoooooo says:

    You should add an M4 Sherman Tank that would be cool

  26. SkedleLmaoooooo says:


  27. Ataya says:

    Nice I’ve been searching an add-on that have the boat

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