Mob Indicator V6 Reworked (Script) (1.13+) (Removed Ads)

This is a script which makes use of the latest scripting feature in 1.13 for Minecraft. It adds a status indicator on the screen when aiming/focusing on a mob. It’s a great example to show off some of the new modding capabilities possible with the new scripting API for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition. It’s similar to ‘F3’ for Java Edition. 

Creator: Drag0nD, Twitter Account Credits:credits to reimarPB for UI 

By focusing in on an entity you will be able to view some different stats for it:

  • Name (and custom name if named with a name tag)
  • Health
  • Attack damage
  • Position (X, Y, Z)
  • The block which the entity is standing on
  • The item which the entity is carrying

How to turn off/on the script any time you want?

You can turn off/on by crafting a custom item named (settings).Its crafted by 2 sticks see the screenshot.After you craft it use it by clicking on any block while holding it then custom UI will appear. Press on one of the buttons turn on/off the UI.

How to install:

1-press on .mcaddon link

2-you will be directed to site with I’m not a robot test press on it and press continue

3-in next website wait 10 seconds and press “get link” you may get pop-ups just close them then download the file from mediafire 

4-open the file

5-The game will automatically open and import the packs then apply the pack for a world (make a backup for safety)

6-Enable “Experimental Gameplay” in the world settings

Changelog View more

alot of people complained about shrink earn ads so i removed them for now. its just mediafire links now

support 1.13

1-rewrote the code for less lag (still laggy in multiplayer i think its a bug)

2-moved information from title command to custom UI showed mid-top (see screenshots)

3-added health bar (not the best but works)

4-more features coming soon

  1. its now multiplayer compatible
  2. to open settings UI you have to hold the item in your hand and click on any block INSTEAD of eating it
  1. support minecraft 1.12
  2. added more information to show (carried item) and (the block below entity)
  3. fixed position of entity
  4. changed the way of opening UI to turn on/off the script. It now use custom item. see the description
  • fixed several crashed when you look at some entities like minecart and falling block
  •  the script work perfect in multiplayer now
  • when you open the UI it open for you only instead of all players
  • when you turn off the script it turn off for you and stay turned on for other players (every player can turn it off/on for him self)
  • changed the way of opening the UI (throw 1 dirt, stick and oak plank)
  • the script works better on touch screens
  • added support for 1.10
  • added version with less lag if you get lag use it (1.10) only. note: it will not work perfect on touch screens(non split controls) i recommend using split controls in touch settings
  • you can get name, health,... from entities that are 1000 blocks away from you


Supported Minecraft versions


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73 Responses

3.78 / 5 (27 votes)
  1. ash_master says:

    can you update it so it can support 1.16.40 pls

  2. Guest-9139756975 says:

    I downloaded this and can confirm it does work, although while the info shows the game runs significantly slower. Also, if you’re having issues, scripts are windows 10 edition only, they will not work on pocket (unless you have blocklauncher on android I think). I don’t think they’re compatible with consoles, but I’m not sure.

  3. FlamingArrow3567 says:

    Please help me, it says “This is a script, your device cannot handle scripts.” Or something like that. For your further notice: i have

  4. Anonymous says:

    Use adfly common you know this stuff doesn’t work anymore

  5. Dan says:

    Nod32 flags your redirect site, as harmful. Please pick a less repulsive ad-intermediary. I don’t want to be hurtful or deny your right to monetize, but i’d rather get the mods, then paypal you a couple of bucks.

  6. weirdmanontheinternet says:

    It makes me install a vpn instead of sending me to adfly or mediafire

  7. Anonymous says:

    download doesnt work ive tried 10 times

  8. Anonymous says:

    cannot download at all. just takes me to website which is blank. please use mediafire for everyones convenience. i would love to have this mod.

  9. TypicalArief says:

    Can you please fix the download link its hard for me to download it

  10. Anonymous says:

    Can I use this on a realm I don’t own

  11. Anonymous says:

    it doesn’t work for me i have no textures on

  12. Marick says:

    When i pressed the buttons it took the settings menu off? no
    i pressed enable i just ate it and it still shows me the menu

  13. Tyler says:

    Please use mediafire. This would be so helpful but i just click off any link that uses adfly. It never works and just redirects to infinite ads

  14. Amare says:

    Which one for iOS?

  15. Anonymous says:

    Please can you release a version for Minecraft version 1.11?

  16. idot says:

    it doesn’t work…

  17. Idiot says:

    What’s the command for this?

  18. Me says:

    Scripting is not available in the 1.9 release on iPhones. You should make note of this.

  19. Realms says:

    This goes to all scripters Good Job, just no dont do it cuz it doesnt work for mobile ive tried many ways doesnt work, this is a computer thing, which i hate mojang for cuz they give pc all the love. So scripters yall stick to making addons, yall get alot of complaining and stuff so addons are better ive seen some addons that look like they use scripting well technically it is scripting but this type is faulty wait mojang to do something ok.

  20. Cody says:

    Finally a damage indicator addon I cant use it yet because I’m only in 1.8 but when I do get the update this addon wiill be perfect for mob battles 😀

  21. Arshil124 says:

    Please have it fixed and going eventually, would be awesome cuz rn it doesn’t work on IOS for me

  22. Rougr Aazir says:

    Please update it so it can work on

  23. Jc says:

    Hi i just found that the game crashes when a gravel fall down my game crash, i don’t have any other pack and have de Windows 10 version

  24. Baldi Basic says:

    Mob indicator mod

  25. Jc says:

    Hahaha i want to play online with my friends and didn’t work, well i will wait for news updates

  26. MiguelTheGamer0 says:

    Please fix the file and turn it into .mcaddon

  27. Sikandar says:

    good work..for more detail check this link

  28. Irise says:

    Much better if the indicator is a Health Bars, than just a number

  29. ImConfusion says:

    How exactly would I be able to use this on Android with BlockLauncher as you said? No resource packs or behavior packs show up for me and all my worlds just don’t show up, they are still there on normal MCBE.

  30. Benny74 says:

    Why this addon isnt work for me (not worked for my minecraft )

  31. GiuYt says:

    It doensnt works in my device

  32. Schneider says:

    Does it work for other addon mobs?

  33. Xander says:

    For me it got rid of everything that I had built on that world but then the next worlds that I tried it didn’t soo….

    I don’t know just watch out.

  34. Xander says:

    For me it got rid of everything that I had built on that world but then the next worlds that I tried it didn’t soo….

    I don’t know just watch out

  35. Daniel says:

    Say thank you
    Now is easy to make xp farm

  36. Anonymous says:

    is it compatible with other addons?

  37. Benny74 says:

    Nice! Used new feature in Minecraft bedrock

  38. Anonymous says:

    The blue is hard to see

  39. Lele says: IS avalible for android users who have the beta.

  40. MCHurt12 says:

    Nice Addon/Mod.

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