Damage Indicator Mod

The Damage Indicator mod adds an RPG styled damage indicator to the screen. It’s only visible while actually interacting with a mob (such as during a battle) and it will display information including the name and the current health of the mob. It is still a work in progress which means there are still some things which are left to be completed, such as GUI optimization for tablets.

Creator: Wartave (Twitter Account), TaQultO_988 (Twitter Account)

How does it work?

To see the damage indicator you must hurt a mob. It works on any type of mob, including hostile and friendly mobs.


Currently it includes two set of data: the name of the mob and the current health.

It’s designed for smaller screens like smartphones. We tested this using a tablet and as you can see, some of the text appears outside the box. Perhaps we’ll be able to get that fixed in a future update. Such an update would definitely upgrade the quality and experience for tablet users.



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14 Responses

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  1. UltimateDespair says:

    Does it work for beta? [ ]

  2. Padd says:

    This is great!

  3. The Creepy Guy Knawing on a Pickle in the Corner says:

    It downloaded a modpkg how do u install it

  4. Diamond squid says:

    Why can it be mediafire

  5. Not Blek says:

    Does dis work for 0.14.3?

  6. carl says:

    does this work for ios? im jailbroken

  7. Acolox says:

    InternalError: Cannot convert -Infinity to java.lang.Integer (Damage Indicator PE v0.1(WIP).js#150)
    LineNumber : 150 What does this mean

  8. shan says:

    just a problem i can’t enable it in my phone,how to solve it???

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