Danger Inbound Addon

Danger Inbound is an addon which makes survival mode in Minecraft a much more intense experience. Many of the mobs have had their abilities buffed which make them a much more immediate and alarming danger to the player. It’s really a great addon if you want an extra level of difficulty in Minecraft!

Creator: AlexFirey1411, Twitter Account, Website
Updated: 13 March, 2017 (read changelog)

How does it work?

Some of the mobs, such as zombies, endermen and skeletons, have had their powers and abilities greatly increased to make them more dangerous to the player.

For example, the zombie isn’t affected by sunlight. It is also larger and as a result more powerful.

One commonality among the mobs are that they are larger. But some of them has also had their textures and 3D model redesigned. Here are two good examples for that. The zombie pigman looks as if it is levitating since it no longer has any legs and the iron golem looks like some kind of robot.

The End has got a whole lot more difficult since both the Endermen and Ender Dragon have had their abilities boosted.

The Wither Boss is much larger and also more powerful.



  • Player
    • Underwater breathing
    • Double health
  • Most of the following mobs have also increased health and attack damage
  • Creeper
    • Runs faster
    • Shorter fuse
    • Harmless unless charged
    • If charged – powerful damage
  • All Skeletons
    • Sniping (longer range)
    • Arrows shoot straight (applies for all mobs with a bow)
    • Defends themself against zombies
  • Iron Golem
    • Larger and faster
    • Neutral
    • Attacks are much more dangerous and deadly
  • Ghast
    • Both bigger and more angry
  • Zombie
    • Larger and slightly faster
    • More damage
    • Same things apply for zombie villagers
    • Attacks husks and creepers
  • Husk
    • Fast, larger and very powerful
    • Inflicts blindness
    • Attacks creepers
  • Spider
    • Faster and more powerful
    • Needs less darkness to be hostile
  • Cave Spiders
    • Smaller and as a result more realistically sized
    • Their decreased size make them harder to kill
  • Zombie Pigman
    • Don’t have any legs, appears to be levitating
    • Larger, faster and generally more powerful
  • Enderman
    • Giants compared to before and much more dangerous
    • Faster and stronger
    • Longer attack range
    • Attacks the undead and ocelots as well as each other
  • Wolves
    • Larger, faster and more dangerous
  • Wither Boss
    • More powerful
    • Much larger and retextured, partially transparent
  • Horse
    • Jumps higher and runs faster
    • Larger
    • More health
  • Guardians
    • More powerful
    • Elder guardians much larger
  • Polar Bears
    • More powerful, faster and bigger
  • Shulkers
    • Longer attack range
    • Increased health
    • Projectiles work like time bombs, explode after 10 seconds
  • Husks
    • Incredibly huge
    • Extremely dangerous
    • Very fast
  • Ender Dragon
    • Increased health
    • More powerful
  • Magma Cube
    • Much larger and more dangerous
    • Shoots fireballs
  • Hellbats (Bats)
    • Slightly larger
    • Shoots fire charges
  • Skeleton Horse
    • Spits arrows at players
  • Zombie Horse
    • Faster
    • Melee attacks players and wolves
  • Witch
    • Attacks the undead
  • Slime
    • Much larger and more dangerous
    • Attacks villagers and witches
    • Shoots fireballs
  • Squid
    • Melee attacks players if they are on land
  • Snow Golem
    • Attacks players
  • Shulker
    • Attacks endermen, wolves, ocelots and villagers
  • Blaze
    • Bigger and faster
    • More health
  • Zombie Villager
    • Dark zombie / dark spirit
  • Sheep
    • Drops much more wool when sheered and killed
  • Silverfish
    • Larger and stronger
    • Much faster
    • Custom textures
  • Endermite
    • Stronger and much faster, watch out!

Items / Blocks:

  • Snowballs make more damage to players, ghasts and blazes and they also have an increased accuracy
  • Ender pearls have an increased accuracy
  • TNT is stronger


  • Sheep drop changed
  • New behaviors for silverfish
  • Endermite also got new behaviors
  • Horses are larger
  • Wither boss is much larger and retextured
  • Bug fixes: elytra crashes fixed (flying & jumping)

Upcoming Features

  • Better drops from kills
  • New drops for sheering sheep
  • New sounds for hellbats


  1. Download Resource .McPack
  2. Download Behavior .McPack
  3. Activate the packs for a world in-game

You can get a .ZIP file for this addon here.

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44 Responses

3 / 5 (1 vote)
  1. Anonymous says:

    The Ender pearls are broken… I like that 🙂

  2. it matters? says:

    wat is wit da creepers

  3. Mathew says:

    When I add this add on to my world when I try to open the World it crashes

  4. Poop says:

    I downloaded this behavior pack but every time I tried to open the world it glitches out of minecraft!?

  5. Sofia says:

    Hi! My 9-year old found this on youtube and really wants to play it. But when I add the files to minecraft and activate them in a world it’s still not red. Is it so that it takes a while for the ground to get red or have I done something wrong? Thanks a million!!!

  6. Derfus says:

    Really awesome work adding an entire new gamemode with all these epic changes, though the crashing issues with witches in particular need patched before I’ll put this in my worlds.

    Playing a fresh survival world I question whether the size of some of the mobs would cause them to just suffocate in caves and such but this feels like it would make one hell of an adventure map. Somebody get on that!

  7. SAW says:

    There is a problem with the eggs and it’s that the eggs do damage which is bad for automatic chicken farms since they will be killed by the eggs

  8. hanger says:

    Can you make it so that the wither boss makes larger explosive (sorry I have bad English)

  9. It's Jodie Obadja says:


  10. AlexFirey1411 says:

    – After testing, the only bugs found was the Elytra crashing the game, which was fixed, the only cause I could imagine for anything else crashing is a low-end device.

    – 4.0 Will come soon with some small additions, after this, not many features will be added until a new update for MCPE.


    – I have currently finished update 1.0 for Danger Inbound – Apocalypse Edition, and plan to release it soon.
    -I have a second plan for another great AddOn. Stay tuned on Twitter @RealAlexFirey

  11. Bajancanadian$_$ says:

    Can you do attack on titans mod add on ? That would be super hard but i see you making this mod , it’s pretty cool and savage so I trust you can do it . Trust me ! So pls can you make attack on Titans mod , if you don’t know it , you can watch that anime

  12. Foxes are Awsome says:

    ….Nothing at all…I died 100,000,000,000 Times

  13. Mr.Superawesomejackfrost says:

    It keeps crashing my game when ever I spawn a slime

  14. Anonymous says:

    Also there is a bug were being never a creeper spawned crashes the game.

  15. McBlueShark says:

    I’m making a overwatch add-on who wants it

  16. Solar_Flare97 says:

    This is amazing this is just what I needed. I was about to quit MCPE for a while but then I found this and this entitled me to keep on going and now I won’t have to quit until a long time. Thanks and keep up the great work.

  17. Emeraldchestboy 7 says:

    Pls make a how to train your dragon addon

  18. Trevor Dykes says:

    At first this add on looked cool and I’m like I’m getting this so I got it and then when I really saw it is was bad.

  19. NFGamerMC says:

    Hello MCPEDL,
    I am trying to private message you on Skype about my add-on. Can you please accept my Request. I sent the request to *** and the name was ***

    Accept the one with the email of [email protected] and a name of Nathan**l Fr***ric*s

    Edited by admin to hide some privacy information

    • Editor says:

      I do not use Skype much so there is no point adding me there. Sorry. 🙁 Here and Twitter is good for communication.

  20. Toothpaste says:

    Cave spiders: -smaller
    -much larger
    Wuuuuuuut thats SO amazing 😂😂😂

  21. Piggy says:

    In the feautures it says Husk and further down there is another Husks
    I dont know if that is intended…

  22. Justin says:

    I’m gonna make a showcase on youtube for this addon

  23. AlexFirey1411 says:

    Thanks for the feedback and the editors for getting this set up and posted so quickly! This was a blast to make and I surely hope to make an update to it very soon, with something very special planned both in the mods as well as the texture designs themselves.

  24. Endernbrine says:

    Wow. This is amazing. This is my 2nd favorite addon! Great job

  25. Mel says:

    I was planning in making this add-on my self under the name unplayable with was made for my friend and the purpose of making Minecraft harder for him and now this is released and my hard work is gone because it I where to publish it I would most likeye consider “copying” you… It pointless now I’ve completely lost motivation.

    • AlexFirey1411 says:

      Actually, there’s a lot of things that can be changed up, and texture making sites like NovaSkin make it easier to make some of the textures, and you can really turn it into your own mod. Similar, not copied. You have my permission to do it as closely to this as you wish, have fun with it! 🙂

  26. sanic says:

    Who agrees we need a meme addon

  27. Ryan says:

    Don’t like the arrows fly straight thing other than that it’s fine

  28. Rob Logan says:

    I love minecraft so much but it needs shields and need to hold two things

  29. Ethan says:

    You made an error. You said “Ender men will no team up with other endermen.” ❓❓❓

  30. NeverShowingMaName says:

    Editor theres a typo enderman will “no” team up with other endermen

  31. thumpy999 says:

    looks extreme!

  32. SnakedoesMinecraft says:

    Awesome! I have been waiting on an addon like this for a long time.

  33. MaskedHAZIQ23 says:

    Wow cool add on 🙂

  34. TheDarkSlayer293 says:

    This looks so awesome plz can you make a Pokemon addon plz????

    • AlexFirey1411 says:

      Sorry, I don’t know how to make custom models entirely quite yet, and I’m not really into Pokemon, however, I could find someone who could do the job 😀

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