Danger Inbound: Apocalypse Edition Addon

The end of time is near and the Overworld has been transformed into a hellish nightmare. Some mobs have reached enormous sizes and their powers have been drastically increased as a result. This addon lets you experience Minecraft on an entire new difficulty level and it also changes most of the environment both in terms graphics and mob behaviors.

Creator: AlexFirey1411, Twitter Account, Website
Updated: 23 April, 2017 (read changelog)

Surviving the Apocalypse

It’s the survival of the fittest. The weak ones have been weeded out and it’s only the most powerful creatures who are left standing. Luckily that’s true for the player as well who is much stronger than usual. Bears, golems and endermen are all considered mini bosses and should be regarded with extreme caution.

Villagers are no longer the same. They have blank, white eyes and it’s obvious that something evil has influenced their minds and made them crazy. Don’t be fooled by their apparent harmless behavior, it might cost your life.

There have been several prophecies during the history of time that have said that the end will come when the moon is turned into blood. By the looks of it, this seems to be the case..

It’s not just the Overworld which has been affected by this hellish world, also the Nether and the End have been transformed to even more hellish environments than what they already were.

All Features

  • Animals run away from players
  • The player is much stronger and have three times more health
  • Arrows have greater power
  • Most enemy mobs are bigger and stronger
  • Endermen, Golems and Bears are like mini bosses
  • Skeletons shoot shulker bullets
  • The End and the Overworld are hellish
  • Some mobs have the ability to teleport
  • Witches have the ability to summon lightning with throwable potions (and the player can do the same)
  • Player is no longer affected by fall damage
  • Player has one more health bar
  • Ghasts shoot much faster
  • Chickens spit fire at players
  • Villagers can teleport
  • Blazes shoot more fire
  • Shulker projectiles are fired faster
  • Custom music by Purple-Planet.com
  • Difficulties have new names: Calm, Moderate, Difficult, Hades
  • Mobs have new names
    • Stalkers (Villagers)
    • Hellbats (Bats)
    • Thunder Beast (Ender Dragon)
    • Dark Giants (Husks)
    • Nether Ghosts (Zombie Pigmen)
    • Death Bears (Polar Bears)
    • Snow Soldiers (Snow Golems)
    • Reaper (Wither Boss)
    • Nether Skeletons (Wither Skeletons)
    • Fire Birds (Chickens)
    • Stone Beasts (Silverfish)
  • And almost everything else from the original Danger Inbound Addon.


  • New mob behaviors
  • Game difficulties in-game have new names
  • Mobs have new names
  • New textures for some mobs and user interface


If it crashes then load the resource pack as a Global Resource (Settings > Global Resources) and only activate the behavior pack for worlds. (That worked for me.)

  1. Download Addon (Resource & Behavior) .McAddon (~ 50 MB)
  2. Activate the packs for a world in-game

You can get a .ZIP file for this addon here.

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69 Responses

5 / 5 (8 votes)
  1. Anonymous says:

    Verry good

  2. Anonymous says:

    Yeah it crashed for me too when the witch threw a potion at me

  3. The Thunder Beast’s textures didn’t work, I was most excited about it, but when I spawned one I got a normal Ender Dragon.
    But I love the adition of music

  4. John says:

    This addon is scary it gave me a nightmare

  5. Bad says:

    the game crashes if i play with this add-on

  6. Jocelyn Chick says:

    i cant even start a new world now i have to redownload minecraft and last time it took 48 hours to download

  7. Liton chakma says:

    Today is a bad day

  8. Liton chakma says:

    Plss help me it crashes when i create world. I have imported both resource and behavior pack.Helpp it CRASHES!!!!!!!!!

  9. DoggoSlayz says:

    Crashes everytime and i play on a really good gaming computer :/

  10. OPOLO says:

    I Actully saw this at 3 am xF

  11. Jafar says:

    Now Minecraft constantly crashes.

  12. Jafar says:

    On the download at media fire my safari is stuck.

  13. rex14rifle says:

    is there a way to convert the resource pack to pc?

  14. Letcharizard2 says:

    Can you change the thumbnail it gives me the creeps. Because it has a red background two white eyes that for some reason have a animation witch is creepy so make it kinda not creepy problay close to the meltdown addon?

  15. ZanyZray says:

    For some reason, my game crashes whenever I try to make a world with this add-on and I can’t ever play with this addon…😢

  16. Mega Charizard a says:

    Make danger inbound Mario edition I wanna see giant goombas note I did that with the original one

  17. Mega charizard x says:

    Next mounts I’ll be using this for a other danger inbound addon let’s play

  18. Christopher says:

    I want that partallpartall

  19. superspider3500 says:

    Not all that much just hellish, but hell itself. But it still is ridiculously evil.

  20. Jack William mcauliffe says:

    I don’t know how to download plz tell me reply and tell me plz I downloaded app but can’t download add-on

  21. SkeletonSans says:

    I tried to download but it kept giving me google verification

  22. Chicken Zeeo says:

    It’s cool this addon is perfect for a lets play

  23. Austin Laurent says:

    Can this run on iPhone 6s

  24. The dark wither 64 says:

    I don’t know what happened to the ender dragon but I like it.

  25. Connor says:

    It is cool

  26. SmokingMCxxxx says:

    How about purple water, orange leave and dark grey stones(bricks)?

  27. SmokingMCxxxx says:

    I think you can make your Addon more colourful: purple water,orange leave and dark black stones. Mob’s eyes should be white and beige.You can also add new ores,what about “blood ore”?

  28. Shadetheking says:

    How to open??

  29. Anonymous says:

    The Wither boss just wanted to play with players.

  30. Thekewldude says:

    It doesn’t want to download

  31. Johan Marxh Bardos says:

    Please help I cant download it It looks like its so much fun and super cool but I cant download it please help 😭😭😭;(

  32. You know says:

    For some reaoson when I try to download it doesn’t work pls pls PLSNhelp cos this looks so call

  33. Albent says:

    I dont have 2 health bar it is a glitch?

  34. Etburke says:

    When i am out of the water it still has the bubbles

  35. OPOLO says:

    The firebird I think who make me crashing

  36. Daniel says:

    Crash when placing a shulker

  37. Daniel says:

    It crashes when I place a Shulker

  38. OPOLO says:

    It’s hard but it’s crashing me! Please edit it ☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️

  39. TBalpha22 says:

    Um…it wont open for me….Anyone willing to help me figure it out? I would very much appreciate it.

  40. Jake says:

    It takes too long to download… idk why

  41. Brian Dickson says:

    My universe is coming to an end cuz I’m dead.
    PS: I need my skin with blood on it, lol!

  42. Zach says:

    It keeps crashing on world loadup on win10

  43. Raymond says:

    How do I trigger the end of the world in this mod? Like it did say that the end will come when the moon turns blood, but how do I make the moon turn blood?

  44. Aaron says:

    If you make everything Star Wars with the Star Wars addon in the main menu and create a (🌎 World emoji) with this pack it will turn into Star Wars danger inbound apocalypse addon (😂 LOL emoji)

  45. Dave says:

    Do you have eny mods/texture packs that run on low devices?

  46. Anonymous says:

    Games guaranteed to crash when interacting with bats. Do they attack? Game immediately crashes when you go near them

  47. Chase says:

    Hope I like it

  48. rod says:

    its like red universe 🙂

  49. ElytraDude says:

    Nice addon for Minecraft.

  50. Endernbrine says:

    Can we trade with if we trap them

  51. Endernbrine says:

    Can you still trade with villagers?

  52. Snowjayjay1642 says:

    Just kidding I like it but it keeps on crashing I’m sorry I said it😢😓😥😪😿and please sub to me on YouTube and thank you

  53. Sans the skeleton says:


  54. I Hate Adfly says:

    I see tomatoes in the background

  55. Twitchy says:

    Awesome!!! Makes survival mode more harder, and more fun!

  56. Awsome Addon says:

    It looks so cool and would be awsome to have.

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