Dangerous Sunlight Addon

Have you ever gotten bored of a normal Minecraft survival experience, and wanted a challenge! Well, this addon is right for you! Whenever a player is direct sunlight, they start to burn! Use this addon as a fun survival challenge, or just troll your friends!

This addon is great for a unique and fun survival challenge. Whenever the player does not have a solid block above thier head during the day time, they will be immediately set on fire like zombies and skeletons, unless they have a helmet. This addon can create in insane challenge when applied with the Dangerous Water Addon, which hurts you when you enter water! Ask any questions you have on my twitter @AddonsLaser because I don’t check MCPEDL comments very often.


Simply click on the link and it should import the addon automatically to Minecraft.


Supported Minecraft versions


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  1. AliGaming087976 says:

    Good gamemode but should you give credit to skeppy because you prob got the idea from his video because he is the first one to do this

  2. Another_doge says:

    Zombie Mode!

  3. DevastatorX5 says:


  4. Xbox_One_Modder says:

    I would love to see this used to make S.D. Locke’s proposal (When Day Breaks) in Minecraft.

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