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Published on October 15, 2015 (Updated on October 15, 2015)

Dan's Furniture Mod

Dan's Furniture Mod adds 14 furnitures to the game. The core idea is to add furnitures which can be used to decorate your home in Minecraft. There are both modern decorations such as a computer and some ordinary furnitures like a chair, a table and a comfortable couch.

Creator: DanHerePE, Twitter Account

Getting Started

All furnitures can be obtained by using the Toolbox mod and search for "Dan". In total there are fourteen furnitures and one tool to choose from.

The icons don't help much to understand what kind of furnitures exist. Perhaps we'll see some better icons in the future. For now, just tap on either of the icons to see the name of the furniture.

Some of the furnitures include a bird birth and a white (quartz) fence.

The rest of the furnitures are suitable for the interior of a house. Here's some examples of how you can design your home using the available furnitures.

Use the wrench tool to rotate the wooden couch. In a future update it will be possible to use the same tool to rotate other furnitures as well.

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It was a file and it said to install a furniture app so i did, it did not let me open it and i checked and its not in my packs, can someone tell me a tutorial pls?
):) works on edu
Yay i like that cus i am useing it for that
please fix this cuz i can't download it
Do It Yourself
It's not simple for kids who don't know how; Instead of being a brat maybe help them, or do you not know either? If so, why are you acting out about it? And before you reply, I'm not looking to argue with soem stupid 10 year old.
Probably because it either hasn't been reviewed, as in for viruses, yet
it says that the file for mediafire is not safe why?
Can i get this on xbox one bedrock edition?
Hi! Does the furniture replace any mobs? And also, is there any bug issues I should know about? (I’m using iOS, btw)
When i install the apk file doesent let me open i downgraded to 0.15.2 with toolbox but idk how to add the mod
is it possible to download this on windows10
I got this mod and it’s great! I love it! if you mind, I’ve got some suggestions for more decoration ideas. I’m currently building the whole world map from The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time, and I was wondering if you could add clay pots? Not the flower pots, just clay pots than can store things. Can you also add curtains that can open and close and choose the color. Also shelves that can store items and show the item being stored on the shelf. I know this a lot I’m asking for, but please make this happen. I really appreciate it. And Mabye make some more decor of you own. Thank :3
I can't get the mod
thanks for the good feedback -dan
Could somebody please tell me some good furniture mods