Dan’s Furniture Mod

Dan’s Furniture Mod adds 14 furnitures to the game. The core idea is to add furnitures which can be used to decorate your home in Minecraft. There are both modern decorations such as a computer and some ordinary furnitures like a chair, a table and a comfortable couch.

Creator: DanHerePE, Twitter Account

Getting Started

All furnitures can be obtained by using the Toolbox mod and search for “Dan”. In total there are fourteen furnitures and one tool to choose from.

The icons don’t help much to understand what kind of furnitures exist. Perhaps we’ll see some better icons in the future. For now, just tap on either of the icons to see the name of the furniture.


Some of the furnitures include a bird birth and a white (quartz) fence.


The rest of the furnitures are suitable for the interior of a house. Here’s some examples of how you can design your home using the available furnitures.

Use the wrench tool to rotate the wooden couch. In a future update it will be possible to use the same tool to rotate other furnitures as well.

dansfurniture3 dansfurniture2 dansfurniture1download

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75 Responses

4 / 5 (4 votes)
  1. Anonymous says:

    Can i get this on xbox one bedrock edition?

  2. LunaGirl0310 says:

    Hi! Does the furniture replace any mobs? And also, is there any bug issues I should know about? (I’m using iOS, btw)

  3. GG64 says:

    When i install the apk file doesent let me open i downgraded to 0.15.2 with toolbox but idk how to add the mod

  4. random user says:

    is it possible to download this on windows10

  5. GameBoyGuy says:

    I got this mod and it’s great! I love it! if you mind, I’ve got some suggestions for more decoration ideas. I’m currently building the whole world map from The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time, and I was wondering if you could add clay pots? Not the flower pots, just clay pots than can store things. Can you also add curtains that can open and close and choose the color. Also shelves that can store items and show the item being stored on the shelf. I know this a lot I’m asking for, but please make this happen. I really appreciate it. And Mabye make some more decor of you own. Thank :3

  6. Anonymous says:

    I can’t get the mod

  7. dan's friend says:

    thanks for the good feedback -dan

  8. Matt A.K.A Penut says:

    Could somebody please tell me some good furniture mods

  9. Matt A.K.A Penut says:

    Could somebody please tell me some good furniture mods

  10. Matt A.K.A Penut says:

    I don’t what any good furniture mods are. Editor, can you tell me a few

  11. RACHEL says:

    I’m confused

  12. Kirant says:

    This mod isn’t working very smoothly, it’s a bit buggy but overall the textures are good!

  13. Coffee_spiller says:

    This was on my birthday!!

  14. Cool_Slade says:

    Is this ios too. Plz say yes🙃

  15. ZF GAMING321 says:

    Every time I download it it gives me error here is the link on the error

  16. Piper says:

    Will you please make a version for iOS because it looks awesome

  17. I Love Moana says:

    Please make this easier

  18. Anonymous Person says:

    Can you use this for 0.16.0?

  19. irrelevant says:

    how do i get this on ios?

  20. Chase says:

    Can’t you have the mod without toolbox??

  21. Mecha Player says:

    Dan or who ever you are?
    There is problem when I search Dan it only 2 furniture’s the wrench and the quartz thing and a dandelion WHY?

  22. Thtminecraftchick says:

    I love did keep it up

  23. justin40XD says:


  24. ChunYang81717 says:

    Dear Editor,I download install the two apk and they dissepered?! What Happened
    (Sorry,Bad English)

    • Editor says:

      Once you’ve installed the apks you are done. There’s no need to do anything else. Now just go in-game to enjoy the new features.

  25. IDK Man says:

    Does it need a texture???

  26. Miner cratt says:

    Are this for mcpe 0.14.0 ?

  27. john says:

    thanks mr. editor…. the mod work very well with my toolbox mod… what a great help… now i can decorate my house with furnitures….

  28. Sidnee says:

    Do you know how to get the twilight forest mod

  29. Cassidy says:

    Okay nvm

  30. Cassidy says:

    I can’t find the download button! Where is it? Please tell me!

  31. Amanda says:

    Guys do you know how to download this

  32. Bagus2244 says:

    Cool mod

  33. John michael says:

    How to install the mod

    • Editor says:

      Press the download button to download a .APK file. Then find the .apk file by using a file manager app (e.g. ES File Manager) and run the .apk file to install the BlockLauncher addon.

  34. Wonzentjue says:

    Its a really good mod

  35. Jenniya says:

    All I have is the wrench. No actuall furniture

  36. Rhonda says:

    Really easy to understand ! Nice job !

  37. Emily says:

    How do you download this mode

  38. magian51691 says:

    I can’t find the fridge. It doesn’t do anything, as well. Just display.

  39. GammaGold21 says:

    Every time I open a world of crashes and then I uninstalled the apk and it worked fine? Can you help?

    • Editor says:

      Look and see if you have any other mods enabled (look for both .js mods and .apks). If so, then disable all other and try again enabling Dan’s Furniture Mod.

      • shadow says:

        Editor is there is any ways to use add ons without blocklauncher or mcpe master???plz reply that block launcher always crashes

  40. Senpai says:

    Item ID please??

  41. noob says:

    Dear editor,
    I installed the addon correctly but nothing was added in my inventory or toolbox.

  42. Abigail says:

    How do you download the mod

    • Editor says:

      Begin by downloading the file and then use ES File Explorer or a similar file manager app to locate the downloaded file. Then tap on the downloaded .APK file and run it. Make sure you’ve got the BlockLauncher app installed before doing so.

      Then start BlockLauncher and it will be installed.

  43. Abigael robles says:

    What is android???

    • Editor says:

      Android is an operating system for mobile devices owned by Google. iOS is another operating system but is owned by Apple.

  44. Jaime says:

    How can I download it
    It’s not letting me download it on safari!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. diyantanaya says:

    It was so easy

  46. Minecraft doggy says:

    This mod works! It also don’t need a texture pack and great work Dan!!! I loved it and please add more furnitures and bug fixes because its a bit buggy but good!

  47. Aaxelc says:

    How do I get a mod?

  48. Sam says:

    Whenever I try to install the apk it gives me a parsing error 🙁

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