DanTDM’s Old Lab (Revamped Edition)

Welcome to memory lane! Where our old precious memories brought back to life! 

Back around when it was 2010, DanTDM started a series of adventure and experiments in his Minecraft Laboratory!

So many experiences and memories, that i’d like to bring them back!

Welcome.. To the Revamped DanTDM Lab!

IdThis is basically a recreation of DanTDM’s old lab, and I made this as a gift for Dan, but I failed doing so.

So I’d like to distribute my work to the MCPEDL Community! 

All major parts of the Lab were designed except for the Secret Treasure Room which was a feature I didn’t wish to put in because it was a regular flat world.


“The Lab”

“Interior View”

“Trayaurus’ Workplace”

“Observation Deck”

“Testing Chamber”

If you encounter a problem in the map, please report your issue in the comments. Thank you!


Installation Instructions:

1. Click on the link provided.

2. Press the big green button.

3. Open the .mcworld file and launch Minecraft.

4. Enjoy!


Supported Minecraft versions

1.15 (beta) 1.16

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11 Responses

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  1. Guest-5381862590 says:

    Please does not work not working on iOS

  2. PoopooGuy says:

    Yo Dud, where’s the Lab? Just tell me where’s the Coordinates

  3. Guest-7371250088 says:

    I loved DanTDMs old lab it is so nostalgic 😢😔

  4. SirMM2 says:

    yo i got onto the world but there was no lab. help?

  5. Guest-3271549785 says:

    This is great it reminds me of his old mod reviews here. So, I will test addons here 🙂 thx for post

  6. SabakiSabaku says:

    God this is so nostalgic. I feel like i’m young again.

  7. Guest-6530216768 says:

    op where is it

  8. Swagboi7 says:

    If you remember the original, you deserve a veteran discount

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