Danxupe Furniture Mod (Android)

This mod adds more than 10 furniture to the game. It’s a neat feature you want to decorate your worlds. The downside is that it’s a work in progress so there will be bugs and very basic features right now.

For example, the furniture blocks replace some of the original Minecraft blocks. That’s not best practice and hopefully the developer will address this issue in a future update. Also, try not to use the “Back” button to exit the game/menu because it can cause your device to crash (meaning, you have to restart it).

Creator: Danxupe, Twitter Account

How does it work?

To obtain the furniture you need to use the creative inventory, select the building blocks menu button and scroll down to the bottom. The furniture have no good icons at the moment. Currently they use the wooden blocks and pressure plates icons.

danxupe-furniture-1 danxupe-furniture-2


Important: This mod requires the latest version of BlockLauncher!

To install the mod use ES File Explorer to open your Downloads folder and then press the downloaded .apk file to install it.


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64 Responses

4.15 / 5 (13 votes)
  1. Guest-8205516904 says:

    hi can you open the things and put things inside?i really wanna try it out can the version be 1.14.60?
    i agree with other people because it has a 5 star rating it used to be 4/5 but now since i gave it a star its
    5 star rated thanks for making the mod it makes me super happy but i have one of your furniture mods
    on a touchscreen device and it sucks sorry robertgamer but it really does anyways this mod should be way better!

  2. Guest-9231406703 says:

    hi awesome mod totally agree

  3. Guest-8698979023 says:

    If it also works on Bedrock…

  4. Guest-4412666642 says:

    Make an addon for iOS pleas!
    Now and if you say for androids only I’ll report you. And MCPE DL says you can get it for windows 10 iOS android. It should be for all those. Not just android!

  5. person says:

    can you mke a windos 10 mc pack plz

  6. Super dinosaur 26 says:

    Is there a fridge

  7. JoshGkg says:

    Nice mod but I downloaded it and half of the stuff like the piano wasn’t there

  8. Lidya says:

    Is can use in v

  9. DarkMagePlayzYT says:

    Is It Really Working in

  10. Anonymous says:

    Does this work on mcpe1.0.17.0 .3

  11. Sophia says:

    Hi I’m on ios and I’ve downloaded the add-on and when I went on to Minecraft etc all of the furniture except for the bed and the chair and the tv can be put down the rest say, bath (grey food dye) toilet (white food dye) so I can’t place them down and I’m kinda fusterated cuz I feel like I got scammed

  12. Dennis says:

    This is cool

  13. ShaunDelierGaming says:

    Does it work on mcpe without using block launcher?

  14. Anonymous says:

    Is it supports 1.12.2 version

  15. guest says:

    does this work with master

  16. Irwandi uzumaki says:

    Does it work in 1.2.8???

  17. Jamie BT says:

    Can You Make It NOT Replace The Wood??

  18. philip talab says:

    wow i just downloaded mcpe addons and i found it

  19. brooke says:

    Editor can you help me it won’t let me do it HELP ME

  20. Vanessa says:

    Plz make it on ios!!! So many people wants this addon/mod!!!

  21. Anonymous says:

    I want it to be on apple

  22. Anonymous says:

    I cant open it it just says open in how

  23. Alex says:

    I need help please it says can’t open file

  24. Zombie wolf77 says:

    The beast at Minecraft join my reaml

  25. Anonymous says:

    Does it work’s in

  26. Addy says:

    How do you play😤

  27. Claire says:

    It won’t let me download it so add a mcworld please

  28. Alyssa says:

    Dudes I have this!

  29. An says:

    Does it work in the newest version of MCPE?

  30. Winterie says:

    I want it fore iOS 🙁

  31. Brooke_star says:

    I hope it works

  32. Anonymous says:

    Does it work I hope so

  33. Rap god says:

    Does it work on iOS devices

  34. George McKee says:

    I need this mod so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Wiggles says:

    Will this work with iExplorer? (Btw love this website!!)

  36. wefl says:

    it says ” offline on maintenance ” why?
    I’m on iOS, I tried downloading it yesterday, the same thing popped up.

  37. Mateo says:

    Can you use it in 0.15.9 ?

  38. yousef says:

    Plz fix download link

  39. Herobrine says:

    It Can Use In 0.15.6?

  40. Riley says:


  41. yousef says:

    I have a mod idea ! add bronze and emerald apple and stuff like that ?

  42. Henris says:

    Does it work in 0.15.3?

  43. Jamboo says:

    Since MCPE updated to 0.15.3 will it work?

  44. Guest says:

    Does this work with toolbox for mcpe?

  45. Anonymous says:

    It’s awsome

  46. MCPE Gamer13 says:

    Hi, is this mod working on mcpe 0.15.2?

  47. Guest says:

    Does it work in 0.14.0?

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