DaphneElaine’s Let’s Play World (Season 2) [Creation]

DaphneElaine is a popular Minecraft Pocket Edition YouTuber. She has recorded hundreds of Let’s Play videos where she either plays in her own world or tests different maps and mods.


Today is the release of the world which she has now been working on in over 30 episodes. If you have followed her video series you will recognize the builds in the images. If not then let this be a boost of inspiration for your own future creations.

The creativity put into building all this is absolutely amazing

Creator: DaphneElaine

daphneelaine2 daphneelaine3download

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3 Responses

  1. J9nKidz says:

    This map is amazing! So ,much creative thought put into this map. Also in survival the possibilities of growth of this town are endless! Thanks for sharing such a fantastic place.

  2. J9nKidz says:

    Ummmm.. A few questions guys… I have figured out how to get MAPS to my PE finally! Now, I’m searching for well-designed fun Survival Maps. Came to you guys cuz you’re the best and helpful. I found this one and Faidhi’s–However, the Faidhi’s Survival one here http://mcpedl.com/faidhis-survival/ with chest and such that sounds amazing, cannot be downloaded on my iPad (or opened) without be so spammed I cud barely get my SafarI Browser back up! Also, does NOT have a ‘comment’ space. Why not? Also, noticed FaiDhi’s is an author here!? Maybe you could let me know another way to get this file on iPad Safari browser??? The whole things just strange!

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