Dark Mode On! V2

The Dark Mode On! Is a pack with which you can change the surface of Minecraft in a pleasant dark gray tone and a bright yellow font. But that can also lead to a little energy saving on the start screen (with some burrs). I recommend the pack especially for PvP and survival!

Questions or mistakes: FinnOneBit#1332 / 
Inspired by

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In the v2 update, the yellow color is now available in all adjustable languages!

new manifest file has been added (there will be no problems with the old version)

all 1.16 items are now displayed in the typeface

the new menus have been added

all other minor bugs were also fixed

controller buttons are now also gray

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+ Missing link added

+ Two manifest bugs have been fixed

+ A UI texture bug has been fixed


Tutorial By: BUSIAW TV  Thanks for the support!


Supported Minecraft versions




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29 Responses

3.4 / 5 (5 votes)
  1. FinnOneBit says:

    I’m sorry, at the moment I can’t fix it, but can you tell me on which device you tried to install this pack?

  2. I think you should search MCB Studios and High Contrast Ui so you can understand why people calling you “Faker” or this pack Isn’t Yours

  3. PVSDood says:

    Hello, Can i use this as my texture pack?, But this is not public resource/texture pack, it just for me and my friend

  4. Thamir TRL says:

    This Pack isn’t yours!

  5. Guest-9609323021 says:

    Overall great pack but when I enchant there’s a bug that cuts the text in half and it isn’t legible fix pls

  6. Zach Marc says:

    The text has no color in my minecraft

  7. Zach Marc says:

    Looks good but i suggests making the buttons blueish and add a cool custom panorama bg. Keep up the good work👍🏻

  8. Guest-2879780619 says:

    how did you get the nether update

  9. Guest-1415623868 says:

    I suggest making it slightly blueish and have a gold outline on some of the buttons and such. Its gonna look premium!

  10. Guest-8749550561 says:

    It says failed to import – unknown pack name and version (I’m on iPad)

  11. LightX says:

    Offroaders’ Dark Mode but added yellow text. Smh.

  12. Guest-3185289197 says:

    Is there a way of getting white font instead of yellow?

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