Dark Sea Texture Pack PvP

This texture pack is created to be used on the server or in the survival world, it helps to change the textures that would bother you, since fire can be when you burn yourself.

It is recommended to use in minigames like skywars and pvp

Credits:@Newtoncito and @TInfiniteMinds

The texture has a 256×256 resolution so that they want to have a Minecraft with better resolution is its textures.
This texture has custom skies, which change night and day, this as in Minecraft Java textures,

The items were changed to match the other textures

You like high resolution textures, help us create the content you want, vote in this little poll to find out what type of textures to create

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13 Responses

3.33 / 5 (3 votes)
  1. YTAlansoccer15 says:

    can you make the swords bigger? Because i like it like that.

  2. Guest-4289185572 says:

    Love this pack. I use it on my Windows with the Astral Client and Night Vision. Works perfect and looks amazing. Thank you.

  3. Guest-5465492341 says:

    This is not laggy on my android i win a lot of games and makes me feel like one of those youtubers who play with packs

  4. Guest-2819840997 says:

    The texture pack makes my Skywars laggy and slow!!

  5. Guest-4999917799 says:

    It’s an amazing pack, but why aren’t there new texture for the netherite items

  6. Guest-5047996181 says:

    I Have Question, When I Used Equipments Such As Swords When I Used Them My Screen Was Empty. Can You Help Me Fix This Problem? When I Played Survival It Always Crashed Here’s My Feedback!

  7. Guest-7016496703 says:

    This awesome bro! My friend said it’s not for iPad but.. IT IS bro this isn’t amazing!!!

  8. Guest-6358479405 says:

    it’s kinda broken
    Chunks won’t load in

  9. Guest-8334003294 says:

    Man i wis the shaders works on Xbox ik some do but not as good as before i give you credits anyways 👍

  10. FloppyDolphin57 says:

    This is a nice pack but you should definitely credit the creator of the shader that switches skys for night/day

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