Dark Wizard Boss Add-on

For a long time i have wanted to fight against a humanoid boss in Minecraft and also have an exciting, long, fun and challenging fight, i did not find anything so then i develope it.

Legend has it that many years ago, a man appeared unconscious on a coast near a village, when he woke up he was confused and had no memory, but after a few minutes. Although he was shorter than the inhabitants of the village, he had great strength and enormous courage, he joined the village, helped it grow and prosper, defended it from zombies and illagers, he was undoubtedly an exceptional warrior.

After a few solar cycles, a woman appeared on the same coast, she was red-haired and showed to have a courage and strength equal to that of that mythical warrior, her arrival was very good for him, he was no longer alone and together they defended the village like the strongest warriors ever.

But one day the warrior began to have memories of his past life and became obsessed with going home. During an assault on a witch’s house, she told them that she knew how to make them return to their dimension, she told them about the portal and that to return home they had to kill the dragon that dominates the end.

Both began a crusade to travel to these dimensions, they opened a portal to a hellish place and found a material more resistant than any other seen, they made weapons and armor full of power and they left to look for the mythical dragon, several seasons passed and one day only the warrior returned to the village, gaunt and sad with a black egg in his hands. His partner had been consumed by magic facing the dragon.

Since then, that warrior dedicated himself to traveling between dimensions, learning the dark arts, he became a legend over time, a dark specter of the forests that everyone knows, but that no one has seen again.

I wanted to invent a story for this add-on I hope you liked it 🙂

  • Health: 2000
  • Damage: 15

This boss can be found at night in the tundra forests, he has enormous resistance and surprising attack speed, has good teleportation skills and attacks with large fireballs.

I do not recommend fighting with him near a house, because he can easily destroy it, in fact if you fight with him too long, he could reduce a good portion of the forest to ashes.

Fighting against him is very fun because you will have to find a way to hurt him according to the distance, attack him with arrows if he is far, return the fireballs if he is at a medium distance and attack him quickly with a sword if he is very close, he will teleport often so you cannot corner him with a single type of attack.

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Now the add-on works on Windows 10 and servers.

The code has been debugged.

Añadido el idioma español de México y España.


Once you have downloaded the behavior and resource mcpack files, open each one with Minecraft and it will do the rest.

If you download Full link, just open the mcaddon file with Minecraft and it will install itself.

The ZIP link is for manual installation by copying and pasting folders.

Remember not to click or touch any of the ads.

Una vez que hayas descargado los mcpack de comportamientos y recursos ábrelos uno por uno con Minecraft y éste hará el resto.

Si descargas el enlace Full sólo abre el archivo mcaddon con Minecraft y se instalará automáticamente.

El enlace ZIP es para instalación manual mediante copiado y pegado de folders.

Recuerda no dar clic ni tocar ninguno de los anuncios.

Do not republish this addon as your own or modify it’s contents without my consent. If you are going to review or publish this add-on elsewhere, don't make your own links, use the link to MCPEDL and always give credit to me, you can find my social media and channels on my profile.


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21 Responses

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  1. Gestober says:

    Please make aw itm so ot is worth it to fight him

    • odarmamx says:

      XP reward is the only reason to fight against him, because in theory when you fight with him it is because you already have materials to spare, fighting with this boss to farm materials, emeralds or diamonds does not make much sense

  2. Iker salinas cabello says:

    So the dark wizard is a warrior that lost his wife probably he developed C.G.S
    (Complex grief syndrome) that is when you become crazy because of the death of a loved one so if you found the dark wizard you have to options:

    A: kill him

    B: send him to the psychologist

    What would you do reply Plz

  3. Hey man just wondering how you made your add-on work with realms. Was it just a case of changing the uuid and the version number of the manifest (as the FAQ suggests) or was it something else?
    I only ask because I don’t have realms to test if my add-on is working. Cheers!

  4. Spyguy10078 says:

    Oh! man the story and boss himself is superb awesome fantastic mind-blowing extraordinary epic I mean everything.. This Addon is (SPEECHLESS) ????????

  5. Hey this pretty good, nice job 🙂

  6. Cuzinhigostosi says:

    What does this motherfucker drop?

  7. Ailhart Taiga says:

    The story was so good and thank you ^_^

  8. This looks cool man. Keep up the good work ?

  9. TheJoshi42 says:

    I like the story behind it. Although I’m afraid to fight this man in my world because of the destruction.

    • odarmamx says:

      It’s good that you liked the story, if your house is not in a taiga do not worry, he is also very rare to find naturally, but sooo rare, if you want to try, make a world apart and use the egg in creative, I hope you have fun ??

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