Darkness Mod

The Darkness Mod makes surviving in Minecraft much more difficult. After three days of surviving the night will come upon you and stay there forever. If you die, you will no longer be able to respawn in the same world which means your life is much more precious.

In the future the mod will include more features to add to the mystery of the darkness such as a storyline. More items and ores will also be possible to find as a meaning to go out and explore.

Creator: TDS200

How does it work?

After three days the world will go dark. No more will the sun rise and shine on your face. The only light from here on will be the moonlight.


The night is something every Minecrafter share bad memories about because it’s when the evil creatures like zombies and skeletons come to life. In a world of darkness you will have to do what you can to survive the infinite nights to come.

If you die you can no longer play in the same world again. It’s the primary thing which makes surviving in this mod a hard earned skill.


Upcoming Features

  • Storyline
  • Darkness ore
  • Dark element armor
  • Dark element weapons
  • Reverse darkness
  • And more!


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4 Responses

  1. Airiken says:

    Combine this with the Ultra Hardcore Mobs addon and you have yourself basically Ultra Nightmare difficulty

  2. Caitlin Pon says:


  3. Mia Chavez says:

    Five times I’ve played this

  4. Mia Chavez says:

    I love minecraft

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