Darkota Addon – New Armor And Tools

Do you need a new armor and new tools?

This addon is for you!

Add a new ore, with which you can make a sword, pickaxe, sword, shovel and more!

This addon is dedicated to add a new set of tools just to go in search of the NETHERITE!!!



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This ore called Darkota, you can find it in all your world from layer 0 to 15

(Almost like diamond)

When cooking the ore will give you the Darkota, with it you can create the Dark Block

It will help you to craft the different tools of the addon:

The shovel and axe to have it in your hand will give you a rush 5, which will help you have a greater

efficiency when using them

Both have 1500 durability

Darkota Sword: Has 1500 durability and +15 attack damage

Darkota Pickaxe: The use of this pick is different from the others, just grab it and walk

it will automatically chop the blocks in front of you, IT IS UNLIMITED!

Darkota Apple: A heavy apple that gives us:

-Speed ​​III

-Regeneration III

-Night Vision III

-Recovery III

-Absorption III

All this for 3 minutes

Armor pieces:

For the armor pieces you will need Darkota, the crafting is the same as

are in minecraft

When you have the 4 pieces you will have to do the following crafting that the Dark Armor will give you,

a crystal that will make you put on the armor.

to put the armor on, just press and hold (as if you were eating) and automatically

you match the armor

This armor will give you Resistance V and you will have an Increase of speed while the

have on!

BUGS: If you use the shovel or ax while you have the armor on, it won’t give you the rush effect,you will have to remove the armor to give you the effects of each tool.

I hope you like it, if you want me to add something else please comment


-Do not leave the direct link

-Do not modify the download link

-Leave the link of this forum if you review it

-Give me credits as a creator of the complement

If you leave this link, would you help me indirectly in my university expenses 😀

Thanks for downloading!

Changelog View more

-New texture of the beak

-The ore appears more easy

Thanks form download my ADDON:3 UPDATE coming soon...

Oh yeah uwu

Thanks form download my ADDON:3 UPDATE coming soon....

Oh yeah uwu


Supported Minecraft versions

1.15 (beta) 1.16 1.6 1.7 1.8 1.9

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  1. Guest-9177562279 says:

    Yeah please make modpack

  2. Guest-4031317528 says:

    Can you make a modpack

  3. Guest-2131674861 says:

    Nice, but you can’t find the ore

  4. Guest-2131674861 says:

    Nice, but u can’t find the ore

  5. Guest-3218845195 says:

    the download link don’t work

  6. Guest-2942313536 says:

    hello I have a little problem with the darkota_armor I may maintain the action key as if I ate my nothing happens however all the mod works except its can you solve this problem

    • MauBasSick says:

      what version are you on and you have the experimental game? Thank you for your contribution, my friend

      • Guest-3650191972 says:

        Same issue. Version 1.16.1. When placed above all addons, the armor will be equipped. Nothing notable to show if it’s working properly can be seen, however, this also breaks some mods below it such as the Skills Mod. Placing it below this mod creates an infinite eat loop.

  7. Guest-3815102744 says:

    Dude this is amazing and it really work can u make a modpsck with all the addons you made or at least a few of them becouse i literally want to use them but it taking a lot more space but becouse its all from you the files would get messed up so PLEASE PLEASE make a modpack with all of the stuff you made your really TALENT keep the great work up

  8. Guest-1518042339 says:

    Thanks Bro 😀

  9. Guest-3737950183 says:

    Very nice!

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